Absolute Resonance

Chapter 0836: Lightning Twister Plantain Fan

Chapter 0836: Lightning Twister Plantain Fan

As Li Luo was pondering over how to continue fighting against Qin Yi, she had taken the initiative to strike back against him. Clearly, she did not want to drag this fight any longer.

A tremendous amount of light-blue resonant power surged in her body, and waves of it rose high into the air.

With a simple gesture from her jade-like fingers, the resonant power transformed into countless fish that were as piercingly sharp as blades. No, perhaps rather than calling them fish, they were more like countless swords ready to engage the enemy.

The fish pierced through the air and went directly over to Li Luo. As they made their way forward, faint traces of cuts were left trailing in the air.

At this moment, Li Luo summoned up the lightning flashes under his feet and retreated thousands of feet in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, the countless fish followed closely behind.

Without a change in his expression, he waved the Onyx-Elephant Blade and slashed down. A bright knife wheel materialized in front of him and started rotating at high speed, threatening to cut anything in its wake.

In fact, the void was starting to warp in the presence of the knife wheel. At that point, it whizzed out, and all of the fish that passed by were utterly crushed.

However, the fish continued to spawn as if there was no end to them. Eventually, the knife wheel dimmed out when it was engulfed by a school of them.

After which, the school of fish continued on towards Li Luo.

Li Luo continued to retreat. Indeed, there was a noticeable difference between the strength of an upper first-grade Duke like Qin Yi and a lower first-grade Duke like him. If not for the third realm of his dual resonances power, he would have been eliminated immediately when their attacks clashed. The mysterious effect of the dual resonance's third realm power had mitigated the devastating effects of his opponent's ninth-grade resonant power earlier.

However, Li Luo was still on the losing edge here.

In the past, he was able to overcome his opponents in a battle of attrition thanks to his water resonance, but this particular foe possessed a ninth-grade water resonance. It would be crazy to attempt such a tactic against her.

With this thought in mind, he retreated repeatedly and prepared for his ultimate move next.

This would be the decisive move in this battle. If even this failed, the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf would be his final option. Meanwhile, Qin Yi launched a series of domineering strikes whilst she stood upon the crystal square. The sound of rumbling water echoed throughout the palace when countless pillars of water filled full of penetrating power shot towards Li Luo. Facing such dense attacks, Li Luo was forced close to death as he continued to escape frantically.

Signs of wounds were starting to show on his body.

Luckily, he possessed the water, light, and wood resonances, which provided him with a considerable amount of healing when used jointly. They helped reduce the injuries dealt by the raging offensive thrown out by Qin Yi.

Nonetheless, anyone watching could tell that she had the upper hand here.

Li Luo would be exhausted in a few moments, and an easy victory would be in sight for Qin Yi.

As the time continued to tick by, Qin Yi started to feel like something was not quite right. Although Li Luo had been dodging her attacks in such a pathetic manner, the energy around him had started to gather up wildly instead of diminishing.

"You still haven't given up yet?"

Qin Yi immediately grasped Li Luo's plan as she watched him dash about. He had sustained multiple wounds so far. Although he had been recovering, his blood continued to seep out and wet his clothes, making it a truly miserable sight to behold.

His perseverance had truly exceeded her expectations.

However, there was no way she was going to give him any chance in today's battle.

With that, she did not hesitate any further, and her slender, jade fingers started to form hand seals rapidly, making it look like mirages of butterflies were left dancing in her palms. At the same time, torrents of resonant power started wildly churning into countless energy vortexes behind her.

Within each vortex, a line of water shot out into the air and left a faint trace piercing across the void. These lines of water possessed unparalleled penetrating and slicing power. It was the most common offensive method for a water resonant user.

However, things were naturally different with Qin Yi.

With the hand seals from her jade hands, the countless lines of water condensed together into a dark-blue water stream that was about the width of a hand.

Although the condensed stream of water appeared seemingly calm like an idyllic stream on a mountain, Li Luo could sense danger coming from it.

He swept his gaze past the dark-blue stream of water. If this thing shot past him, his body would surely be pierced instantly.

Clearly, Qin Yi did not want to drag the battle on any longer.

Looking at her charming face, her eyes sparkled radiantly. Her cold intent was hidden within her light-blue pupils.

"Duke Art: Ten Thousand Water Streams Slaughter!" she calmly said, her voice echoing in the air.


As soon as she finished calling out the name of the art, a stream of dark-blue water suddenly burst out and stabbed through the void, creating an ear-piercing sonic boom with its extreme speed.

However, she was not done yet. Qin Yi raised her jade finger into the air, and water mirrors started to materialize in midair. When the dark-blue water stream passed through a water mirror, light was refracted. In the blink of an eye, there was suddenly an extra illusory stream of dark-blue water. This repeated on and on.

Just like this, the water threads were refracted dozens of times, and the whole crystal square was filled with endless dark-blue water streams that were pierced through the void, charging towards Li Luo.

Faced with such an attack, Li Luo's eyes shrank a little. He knew that there was only one real water stream among the hundreds present. The others were all illusions conjured up to confuse him.

However, it was very effective.

This was something that Li Luo loved to do with his water resonant power when he was fighting against others too.

He raised his head and stared at the incoming water streams that had filled the sky, each of them filled with deadly murderous intent.


He took a deep breath and formed the final hand seal with his hands. It was finally time for this ultimate move that he had been preparing for.

Boom! Rumble!

Wild energy roared around him and worldly natural energy gathered in his vicinity.

With the accumulation of more and more energy, a shadow about a hundred feet tall gradually appeared in front of Li Luo. Upon closer look, it was like a plantain fan.

However, this plantain fan was filled with the light of wind and thunder.

At this moment, a strong killing intent soared into the sky.

Li Luo stretched out his arm and grabbed the plantain fan. This was the third Nine Revolutions Art that he had obtained from the Dragon Stele.

The Lightning Twister Plantain Fan.

This was a purely offensive resonance art.

Li Luo focused his eyes and tightly clutched the fan. He could feel the wild and raging energy surging inside it. However, he knew that the Lightning Twister Plantain Fan alone might not be enough to seriously injure Qin Yi.

When he thought about it, the sword intent that had been stored in one of his resonant palaces was activated.

It was not very strong on its own. However, when the sword intent was activated, the abstruse fiend lights around the resonant palace started to move away as if they were afraid to come into contact with it.

When the sword intent flowed out, Li Luo channeled it into the Lightning Twister Plantain Fan in his hand.

At this moment, the rain of dark-blue water streams had come forth for the kill too.

Using all the strength he could possibly muster, Li Luo grabbed the handle of the plantain fan tightly and swept it horizontally, aimed at Qin Yi.

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