Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 16: Unusual Disposition

AGM 0016 – Unusual Disposition

The reaction of the Qin Clan’s members were all observed and monitored by Ye Mo and Icehawk. However, the expression of Ye Mo was incomparably indifferent, before he stated again, “The kindness and grace of his Majesty has been bestowed upon Qin Yao, Qin Shang, and Qin Zhi. The three of you will be given leave to withdraw from your various academies, and join the Godly General Military Palace instead.”

“What?” Qin Shang’s countenance turned pale, while Qin Yao’s beautiful eyes flashed mysteriously. Were they planning to catch all in one net? Currently, within the Qin Clan, Qin Yao, Qin Shang, and Qin Zhi were the only three that were cultivating in the capital of Chu.

“For this, Seifer can prove my words.” Ye Mo indifferently said, as the gaze of the crowd, including Talon, landed on Seifer from the Royal Academy. Apparently Talon had no foreknowledge of this news.

“As per what he said, his Majesty has already sent people to inform all the academies about the withdrawal of the Qin scions.” Seifer stated. After which, the hearts of the members of the Qin Clan had all sunk into a valley. What a ruthless emperor, he was really intending to wipe out all future hope of the Qin Clan in one fell swoop.

“Coincidently, today, everyone in the Qin Clan is here at this place, including Qin Yao and the rest, and Qin Wentian. All of them shall come with me to the Godly General Military Palace. Since it was ordered by his Majesty himself, the Godly General Military Palace will be sure to nurture their talents well.” The gaze of Icehawk was still as sharp as a sword, his purpose for coming to the Sky Harmony City today, indeed had nothing to do with Autumn Snow — his true purpose was to target the Qin Clan.

“The graces of his Majesty, we deeply appreciate it. However, the Qin Clan has not concerned themselves with the matters of the country for many years, and has no wish to do so now, or in the future as well. We can only thank his Majesty for his kindness.” Qin Chuan replied with a heavy tone of voice, while staring at Ye Mo.

“Are you defying the imperial edict?” Icehawk brandished his spear, while emitting killing intent, pointing it straight at Qin Chuan.

“Icehawk.” Ye Mo shouted, while Icehawk lowered his spear. Ye Mo, with his hands behind his back, stated, “Qin Chuan, since his Majesty has entrusted this mission to me and Icehawk, I have to make sure it succeeds. If you really defy the imperial edict, with the kindly disposition of his Majesty, he might not do anything to you. But as for me, I would truly be put in a tough position. And hence, I urge you to accept the edict.”

“And if I say no?” Qin Chuan countered with another question.

Despite hearing the blunt sentence made by Qin Chuan, Ye Mo still indifferently stared at Qin Chuan. After a short instance, traces of a cold laughter appeared in his eyes as he said, “You can try it and see what would happen.”

“The men of Qin Clan.” Qin Chuan hollered, and instantly, surges of killing intent permeated the air. The troops of the Qin Clan were all ready, and had mounted their warhorses at a moment’s notice, as they directed their gazes, which were as sharp as swords, onto Ye Mo who was standing atop the grandstand, before roaring a single word, collectively together. “Here!”

The chilly atmosphere seemed to be affecting the temperature of the air. There were many in the crowd who were unable to bear it, as their expressions tightened. They had only one thought in mind – were it not for the Ye Clan acting in the shadows, even if Qin Wentian didn’t display his talents today, if the Bai Clan dared to humiliate the Qin Clan, they’d surely suffer a disaster.

“Return.” Qin Chuan coldly commanded, only saying a single sentence, as he pulled Qin Wentian atop his horse, before departing the training grounds.

The Qin Clan had tolerated the humiliation for too long. Today, their enemies had gone overboard, actually wanting the youths of the Qin Clan to be sent to their deaths.

Even if the Qin Clan were to be deemed traitors, there was no way that they could comply with the imperial edict.

Ye Mo watched the members of the Qin Clan depart, as he coldly smiled. “Icehawk, the Qin Clan has defied the imperial edict. You are hereby commanded to lead the Silver Feather Legion and surround the Qin Clan.”

“Right.” Icehawk nodded his head.

“And, with the imperial edict in hand, get the military command center in the Sky Harmony City to notify the Chu Dragon Guards to lockdown the Sky Harmony City. Use them to monitor the movements of the Qin Clan. Under no circumstances is any member of the Qin Clan allowed to take a step outside of Sky Harmony City.” Ye Mo continued, causing the hearts of the crowd to tremble. The Chu Dragon Guards were under the direct command of the Chu Emperor. Usually, they wouldn’t interfere in any matters, only those with the imperial edict would be able to mobilise them.

It was very obvious why the Chu Emperor had sent Ye Mo to the Sky Harmony City — it was to make sure that the Qin Clan would be finished for good.

Bai Qingsong, who was standing nearby, couldn’t help trembling silently as he witnessed how ruthless Ye Mo was. The Ye Clan was undoubtedly the clan with the most terrifying strength amongst those who resided in the Royal Capital. Their methods were many time more ruthless when compared to the Qin Clan. However, Bai Qingsong couldn’t help but to breath a sigh of relief as well. At the very least, the Bai Clan had no more need to worry about the revenge of the Qin Clan.

As for the marriage engagement between Ye WuQue and Autumn Snow, although he was concerned about it, he wasn’t overly bothered. As long as the Qin Clan was destroyed, even if there was no Ye WuQue, just based on Autumn Snow’s talent, there was no need for her to be dependent on any man in order to transform into a phoenix among humans.

The representatives of the four great academies hadn’t yet departed — each of them were lost in their own thoughts. While the expressions of both Seifer and Talon faintly had a hint of determination. Previously, when the emperor was drilling the soldiers, he’d discovered that the heart of the armies were not as one, and upon further analysation, he realised that despite Qin Wu’s lack of presence, he still possessed an unignorable amount of influence. This matter was the final straw for the emperor, and thus, he decided to act against the Qin Clan.

Qin Wentian was from the Qin Clan, thus there was no way the Ye Clan would let him off that easily. Yet, their Royal Academy, had Autumn Snow. It was already sufficient. It seemed like they were the only ones who’d walked away with a good harvest.

Mustang had an unfathomable expression on his face. The relationship between the Emperor Star Academy and the Chu Country was extremely complicated. And today, using the fact that Qin Wentian had no officially joined the Emperor Star Academy yet, Ye Mo moved against the Qin Clan, severely limiting the actions Mustang could take. And more importantly, this was the Sky Harmony City, which wasn’t his base of power. There was no way he could clash directly against the Ye Clan and the rest — and if he went back to the Emperor Star Academy to request for reinforcements, it’d already be too late.

Today, was a day of shock for many in the Sky Harmony City. Autumn Snow, as the number one genius in the city, was someone that caused the representatives of the four prestigious academy to come for her, and at the same time, was prepared to use the name of her immense talent to humiliate the Qin Clan, as well as to break the previous marriage engagement.

Yet who would’ve thought, a youth that was unable to cultivate, the fiancee of Autumn Snow, Qin Wentian, had an even more monstrous talent, causing the representatives of the four great academies to fight over him, and eventually causing the Emperor Star Academy to reject Autumn Snow for him. After this, the name of the number one genius in the Sky Harmony City, belonged to none other but Qin Wentian. But now Ye Mo wanted to take action against the Qin Clan. The fate of this number one genius was thus, unknown.

Of course, this piece of shocking news only spreaded around within the Sky Harmony City. Because of the Chu Dragon Guards’ interference, the city was locked, with no way for the news to be disseminated out – with the exception of those clans with great power that came from the Royal City. They were prepared to return with this news back to the Royal capital.

As for members of the Qin Clan, they had safely arrived back at the Qin Residence, yet, there was a heavy sense of pressure that hung about in the air. The important members of the Qin Clan had gathered around with knitted brows. The entirety of the Qin Clan was already surrounded by the Silver Feather Legion. As of now, the army of the Qin Clan was now in confrontation with the Silver Feather Legion.

“How could the Emperor be so ruthless, the Wu King bled and sacrificed himself for the Chu Country and in the end, our ending is as such.

“As long as the Qin Clan still survives, I’m afraid that his Majesty would never rest easy. How regretful, our ancestors actually sold their lives for such a emperor.”

Within the Qin Residence, an aura of rage permeated the air, only to see Qin Chuan still remaining calm. He knew more compared to the others. The current emperor was frail of health, and to ensure that there’d be no unexpected circumstances when it came to abdicating the throne and choosing a new successor, there was no way such a dangerous element as the Qin Clan would be allowed to survive. The terrifying influence of Qin Wu was treated as such – a living time bomb.

“Now that things have reached such an impasse, rage and frustration won’t do any good. The only good thing about this situation, is that our Qin Clan actually produced such a genius.” Qin Chuan glanced at Qin Wentian, who was standing to the side, and patted him on the shoulder. “Wentian, today, you have fully unleashed all the negative emotions that were bottled up before.”

“You little brat, no wonder you were so full of confidence that day. You must’ve “forgotten” the important fact that you condensed an Astral Soul right? Not only did you hide it from me, you still secretly underwent two days of cultivation practice, to the point of forgetting food and drink.” Qin Yao rolled her eyes at Qin Wentian, as her eyes glittered with a radiant splendour.

Traces of laughter flashed past Qin Wentian’s eyes, but yet, his heart was heavy. After all these years, he had long treated himself as part of the Qin Clan.

The eyes of the members of Qin Clan, all landed on the body of Qin Wentian. Today, Qin Wentian had displayed his talent, which without a doubt, brought great joy and surprise to them. However, there were many among them who felt slightly awkward.

Only to see the Qin Clan’s second in command, Qin He, open his mouth and apologised. “Wentian, I once wanted to kick you out of the Qin Clan. Lucky for us, I didn’t succeed. If not, I certainly would be labeled as a criminal of our Qin Clan. Will you forgive me?”

As he concluded to represent his sincerity, Qin He actually bent his waist slightly in a bow towards Qin Wentian.

“And me, Qin Ye. Wentian, if you’re unhappy about me, you can let big brother punish me in whatever ways you deem fit. If a single cry of protest escapes from my lips, I’m not fit to be a man of the Qin Clan.” The brash voice of Qin Ye sounded out, emitting masculinity, the attitude of a real man.

“2nd uncle, 3rd uncle, your actions were only as such, because you took the Qin Clan into consideration — how could I ever blame you all? After all, it was true that I had wasted plenty of cultivation resources of the Qin Clan.” Qin Wentian smiled, shaking his head, as if he didn’t mind their earlier treatment of him from before.

“You still dare to say that? The Yuan Meteor Stones father gave you, didn’t you sneakily pass them all to me?” Qin Yao, unable to bear it any longer, interjected, causing astonishment and gasps of shock among the members of the Qin Clan. Didn’t this mean that Qin Wentian had cultivated to his current level, without the aid of the Yuan Meteor Stones provided?

“Father, 2nd uncle, 3rd uncle, you all don’t know that Wentian has a deeply insightful and unique understanding regarding Astral Constellations. It was he that helped me condense my Astral Soul, and he was also the one that had passed me all the Yuan Meteor Stones that father gave him.” Qin Yao blurted out the truth, once again causing the gazes of the members of the Qin Clan to land onto Qin Wentian, as he smiled awkwardly.

“I couldn’t use them, so I gave them all to elder sis.” Qin Wentian rubbed the back of his head as he replied.

Qin He and Qin Ye, stared blankly at Qin Wentian, as they silently sighed in their hearts. The youth in front of their eyes, had such a degree of forbearance. What an unusual disposition. The ridiculous one was them, acting as children, wanting to drive him away, causing them to be extremely embarrassed.

The two of them silently vowed in their hearts, that, from now on, they would do everything in their power to protect this youth standing in front of them.

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