Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 29: Bai Qing’s Talent

AGM 0029 – Bai Qing’s Talent

The hand that Qin Yao extended to Qin Wentian froze in mid-air as she looked at the demonic ape carrying Qin Wentian. She had a sense of surrealism, almost like she was in a dream.

This demonic ape doesn’t seem to be a true demonic beast; if it was, there would have been no way for Qin Wentian to merge his body with it. However, the expression that it was currently exhibiting through its eyes was so human, so real.

“Roar.” The demonic ape howled as it turned its back and galloped away. Every step it took shook the ground and caused a thunderous sound to ring out. Its body leaped into the air, and as it landed on to the ground once more, there were cracks within a 100 meters of its landing. The momentum of that gigantic body was not delayed even slightly, and it continued leaping into the air. Swiftly, its figure blurred into a show while the thunderous sounds of its landing continued to echo throughout Sky Harmony City

“How is this possible? Summoning a War Beast? How is it possible that it would appear at Qin Wentian’s side? If that was not a summoning, then what was it?” Murin had seen many things and had extraordinary experiences, but even he had no idea about the origins of that demonic ape from earlier.

Qin Yao’s figure dashed behind the demonic ape, but she was stopped by Qin Ye. Currently, the Ye Clan was in full retreat, but Sky Harmony City was still under their control. If Qin Yao were to chase after Qin Wentian, it would be too dangerous.

However, their crisis was averted, albeit only temporarily.

Qin Ye cast a side glance at Murin, as he coldly stated, “My Qin Clan will remember today’s actions clearly in our hearts.”

Murin indifferently swept his gaze over to Qin Ye without even giving a damn; the haughty look in his eyes clearly expressed disdain. Putting Qin Ye beneath his notice, he replied, “Lady Luck seems to be smiling on you today. If you ever want to find me, come to the Star River Association in the Royal Capital.”

After he finished speaking, Murin and the rest returned to the Star River Association without waiting for Qin Ye’s reply. In the eyes of a revered weaponsmith such as himself, the Qin Clan was merely a clan that has fallen to ruins and was about to fade away.

Qin Ye brought the members of the Qin Clan along as they opted to leave together with the members of the Emperor Star Academy. The spectators, who had been viewing from afar, still had a dazed look on their faces. Very quickly, rumors started to spread to all corners of the Sky Harmony City—Qin Wentian transformed into a monstrous demonic ape and killed Ye Mo, whose cultivation was at the Yuanfu Realm. Currently, Qin Wentian was an extremely hot topic amongst the citizens of Sky Harmony City, as his exploits were discussed by countless people.

At the very same day, another shocking event of the same magnitude occured: from Chu Country’s northwestern direction, there was a legion of troops who arrived and destroyed the seal from the Sky Harmony City before rushing towards the Qin Residence. Rumor had it that these troops were the guards stationed at the northwestern region of Chu Country. In the past, their general was a battle commander under Qin Wu. After hearing the news of the Ye Clan leading their troops over to seal Sky Harmony City, they had rushed throughout the night in order to reach the city in time

The situation and power balance of the Sky Harmony City once again underwent a drastic change. The Qin Clan regained their former authority, Asura Wu fled in defeat, and the Bai Clan decided to relocate, preparing to move to the Royal Capital.

Bai Clan…Bai Qingsong seemed to have aged drastically from the time Autumn Snow condensed her Astral Soul, which caused him to be in high spirits, to the encounter with Qin Wentian, who suddenly revealed his power. Now, even his little daughter refused to heed his words.

“I will not leave with you.” Bai Qing calmly looked at her father as she spoke, However her words were now much colder, lacking their previous affection. During the past few days, she had been imprisoned by Bai Qingsong.

“Impudent! what happened to your filial piety?” Bai Qingsong was outraged.

“Filial piety? Daddy, you still remembered that it was you who had taught me filial piety. You were the one who also taught me benevolence and righteousness, but look at what you’ve done! Hypocrite! Repaying gratitude with enmity, almost causing the death of Wentian gege.” Bai Qing’s eyes were slightly wet; she hated her father immensely, realizing that every thought she had of her father was a facade. Bai Qingsong truly was a hypocrite.”

(TL: “gege” means older brother)

The psychological impact of personally witnessing her father betray his own beliefs was extremely cruel for a 15 year-old girl who had always thought of her father as her idol and had firmly believed in his kindness.

“Wentian gege? I’m your father! As for benevolence and righteousness, it is only possible if there are benefits to pave the way. Everything I do, I do it for the Bai Clan, for both of you sisters.” The look in Bai Qingsong’s eyes went cold. “Why can’t you be more like your elder sister.”

“Be like sister and keep a false pretence? She was so good that even I was fooled. I never thought she would be so evil, even when Wentian gege was so good to her.” Bai Qing coldly laughed.

“Stop being unreasonable. It seems like after all these years, I have raised and fed you for nothing. No wonder your sister is so talented and yet you can’t even cultivate.” Bai Qingsong was immensely disappointed.

“Talent, do you mean this?” Bai Qing continue laughing coldly, and abruptly, resplendent astral light shone brilliantly, lighting up the darkness and causing Bai Qingsong to freeze.

A faint shadow of an Astral Soul appeared atop Bai Qing’s forehead. This Astral Soul emitted extreme Yin energy and seemed to be a spirit from the netherworld, while the halo around it shined with a pure golden color.

A pure gold Astral Soul. Its origin was definitely the 4th Heavenly Layer or higher.

“Rumble.” Bai Qingsong felt that his brain was shaken, suffering from a concussion as he gaped. The 4th Heavenly Layer, Bai Qing’s first Astral Soul was condensed from the 4th Heavenly Layer! This discovery caused Bai Qingsong to be thunderstruck.

He saw the Astral Soul being slowly retracted back into Bai Qing’s body, and instantly, Bai Qing seemed to transform into a nether spirit, emitting an exceedingly chilling Yin energy that made Bai Qingsong shiver involuntarily.

“Excellent! you are my daughter indeed, but the Astral Soul you condensed, why did you pick a Yin constellation?” Bai Qingsong continued to shiver.

“I’m not unable to cultivate. I just listened to Wentian gege, who instructed me not to absorb the Yuan Qi from Heavens and Earth so that I could increase my affinity to sense the Astral Constellations. Not only that, he taught me the art of meditation, so I was able to do what Elder Sister did and sensed the Constellations originating from the 3rd Heavenly Layer. Because of my disappointment towards you, I continued pushing my senses upwards. I had already stopped caring about life and death, and even if I died, I still had to continue upwards. My intention and will were supported by my emotions, and when I finally managed to sense the constellations in the 4th Heavenly Layer, I was no longer conscious. It was not I who selected this Constellation, but rather, it was the Constellation that had chosen me.”

“Although Wentian gege and I have no blood relations, his kindness taught me how to be happy and maintain a positive outlook. His smile was so clean and pure. But you, as my father, taught me hypocrisy, betrayal, emotionless, and cold-bloodedness. What qualifications do you have to be a father? You are not worthy!”

After saying what she had to say, Bai Qing turned her back and walked out, leaving Bai Qingsong to stand there dumbly like an idiot as a sentence repeatedly played over and over again in his mind: You are not worthy!

Closing his eyes, Bai Qingsong felt a trace of regret in the innermost corner of his heart. He was thinking what could have been if he had not betray the Qin Clan by breaking the marriage proposal. Both of his daughter had such shocking talent, especially Bai Qing, who had condensed an Astral Soul from the 4th Heavenly Layer. This was a miracle even when compared to the entirety of Chu Country. However, she did not wanted to acknowledge him as her father.

Three days later……

There was a forest region in the west of Sky Harmony City. In that region, a puppy with snow-white fur was chasing its tail, running in circles. Beside it, the body of a handsome looking youth laid on the ground.

The snowy puppy blinked its eyes, and it speedily dashed forward, leaving the area. Several moments later, it returned, and not only that, two young ladies were following its lead.

“Little fellow, why did you bring me here?” One of the young ladies was clad in a white robe. With beauty that could be comparable to fairies, it was as if she was not from the human world. She ran behind the snowy puppy, as she abruptly paused. There was actually a human lying on the ground.

The snowy puppy crouched beside the body of the youth, its puppy eyes staring adorably at the white-robed young lady with a look so cute that it could kill.

“Qingcheng, we have been chasing this little fellow all the way from the Royal Capital to here. And now, because of a corpse, it voluntarily came to look for us.” Beside the white-robed young lady, there was another lady clad in green. She glared at the little snowy puppy as if she were extremely displeased.

“This little fellow seems to be teasing us. With its speed, it could obviously evade us if it doesn’t want to be found. What a naughty fellow.” Mo Qingcheng shook her head as she laughed bitterly. After doing so, she walked to the side of the youth and checked his injuries before stating, “He is unconscious because he suffered grievous injuries. Not only that, he has expended all his spirit, energy and qi.”

After her diagnosis, Mo Qingcheng withdrew a medicinal pill from inside her robes and placed it inside the mouth of the youth. Soon after, the medicinal pill melted, and the mystical healing energies started to flow into the youth’s body.

“Are you mad? That was a top graded 2nd-level medicinal pill!” The lady clad in green was dumbstruck. Medicinal pills could be classified the same way as Divine Weapons. A top graded 2nd-level medicinal pill was enough to cause cultivators at the Arterial Circulation Realm to go crazy over it. It was exceedingly precious.

“This must be fate; if not, we wouldn’t have met him. Nolan, there’s a straw house not far from here. Let us take a rest over there.” Mo Qingcheng carried the youth on her back as she spoke to the lady clad in green.

“Crazy, you have really gone crazy.” Nolan shook her head. If the people from the Chu Capital knew that Mo Qingcheng was actually carrying a male on her back, no one knew how great a commotion it would have caused.

And what was even more despicable was that during the trip, the hands of the youth were actually resting on the area in front of Mo Qingcheng’s chest. Occasionally, they would come into contact with Mo Qingcheng’s twin peaks, causing her face to redden, making her look even more alluring.

“What are you looking at?” The girl clad in green glared at the snowy puppy, who was following them by the side, before adding in a low tone, “This brat had the luck of the devil, enjoying such advantages even when he is unconcious.”

“Nolan, he doesn’t know anything yet, and this little snowy puppy seems to have spiritual intelligence. Now that we have saved him, as I said before, this could be considered a form of fate.” Mo Qingcheng bitterly smiled. She had never thought that she be in such close proximity with someone of the opposite s*x.

“If the ten prodigies of the Royal Capital were to find out about this, I reckon that even if this kid has a few more lives, that would still not be enough for him.” Nolan shook her head; she was very clear about the status of the suitors who wanted to marry the white-robed lady. However, Mo Qingcheng’s heart had never once been moved by their attempts to woo her.

The two ladies arrived at the straw house, which was situated in an open area inside the forest region. It was a picturesque location, and there was even a creek beside it. Nolan was nursing the burning anger in her heart, but her anger soon turned into astonishment as she witnessed the snowy puppy holding a few stalks of medicinal herbs in it’s mouth, walking back together with Mo Qingcheng. “This little fellow is actually able to find spiritual herbs?”

The snowy puppy increased its speed as it shot forward, quickly arriving at Nolan’s side and tilting its head. Nolan rolled her eyes upon seeing hints of provocation in its eyes.

“Arrogant bastard.” Nolan scolded in a low tone, but she was secretly amazed. Mo Qingcheng walked by and smiled. “I told you that it had spiritual intelligence, but I don’t know what type of demonic beast it is. No matter how hard I try to persuade it, it refuses to follow me. It even led us to such a place.”

“Let me boil the spiritual herbs.” Mo Qingcheng moved towards Nolan, who moved aside, relinquishing her position. The snowy puppy pranced about the straw house before lying down on the body of Qin Wentian. It only awoke after the spiritual herbs were fully boiled. Mo Qingcheng fed the medicinal extract to Qin Wentian.

Nolan deeply glanced at Qin Wentian, feeling bewildered in her heart. How could this fellow be so lucky that the most beautiful woman in the entirety of Chu Country would carry him on her back and feed him medicine?

TL Note:

Mo is a surname, Qingcheng means a women so gorgeous that she could topple kingdoms.

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