Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1346

1346 Time Freeze, Save Them! (2)

Wang Teng was stunned. He quickly reacted and used his spiritual power to check the item’s content.

It was indeed a spatial equipment!

There were three pitch-black robots stored within. They were close to four meters tall and had a metallic sheen.

An ice-cold killing intent was radiated by their bodies too. They weren’t ordinary robots.


Wang Teng instantly understood Bai Shanhou’s plan.

No wonder he wasn’t worried.

Those three robots had universe stage power.

Universe stage power!

Oh my god, this is unbelievable.

They were rarities. A normal person wouldn’t have access to those powerful robots.

However, his senior was quite sneaky!

He couldn’t take action, so he covertly passed him the robots so he could use them. Well, it didn’t seem to be a problem.

The possibility of that plan working was quite high.

Wang Teng felt enlightened. He gave Bai Shanhou a ‘gotcha’ look.

“Cough.” Bai Shanhou coughed awkwardly.

Our young hero snapped out of his pondering and quickly took out the three robots. He probed them with his spiritual power and the eyes of all three lit up; emotionless, of an ice-blue color.

The sharp killing intent became stronger.

They were mere robots. They weren’t alive like the members of the Mecha Race. They were basically inert if no one controlled them.

All the popular puppet robots in the universe were controlled using spiritual power. Wang Teng was familiar with the process.

The robots entering the stage immediately attracted Devil Emperor Bare Brain and General Cameron’s attention.

The killing intent was too obvious. It was impossible not to notice.

Bare Brain’s expression changed, feeling agitated upon seeing the newcomers.

The three robots weren’t an issue to him, but there was still a human universe-stage martial warrior in the mix.

His face turned black.

Damn it!

These humans gang up on me when their champion couldn’t win. Shameless!

On the other hand, General Cameron was elated. He glanced at Bai Shanhou and Wang Teng, wondering who had made the move.

Bai Shanhou can’t meddle easily. So, was it Wang Teng?

But, those are universe stage robots. They were expensive and rare; it would be astonishing if a celestial stage martial warrior like that young man had had them.

The only thing that irks me is, why didn’t Wang Teng take them out earlier? Why do that right when I was about to lose? How stingy!

Didn’t he see me being chased around just now?

General Cameron felt resentful.

Wang Teng saw the bitterness in the official’s eyes and felt confused.

Is he misunderstanding something?

He would feel wronged if he knew what the other was thinking.

Bai Shanhou was the stingy one. It had nothing to do with him.

Bare Brain’s gaze turned sharp. Before the three robots made a move—he dashed towards General Cameron again, in an attempt to get rid of him first.


General Cameron wasn’t afraid. He snorted and received the attack.

Their battle continued.

Wang Teng understood the need for speed in this situation. He controlled the three robots’ limbs with his spiritual power to quickly become familiar with the process.

The feeling of controlling them was strange, since they felt like extensions of his body. He had more limbs now.

He didn’t feel any stiffness when he was moving them. It felt extremely natural, like a human’s hands and legs.

He quickly became familiar to this.


An explosion was heard, and the three robots charged towards Bare Brain.

They slashed with force-glowing battle blades.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three blade glows infiltrated the ongoing battle circle. Bare Brain frowned as he was forced to retreat.

He would not dare receive those attacks.

The three robots arrived in the blink of an eye. They surrounded Bare Brain along with General Cameron.

The powerful apparition glanced around him with an ugly expression. Then, he zoomed towards one of the robots.

Wang Teng immediately controlled the targeted robot to retreat and pulled the other two robots over. The trio worked to resist the incoming attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Force explosions kept blasting. The three robots exchanged blows with the creature and were thrown back.

They had universe stage abilities, but they couldn’t be compared to live warriors at the same stage. Furthermore, Bare Brain was an extremely powerful apparition.

This left the mechanic helpers at a disadvantage from the moment they attacked.

Wang Teng’s expression changed somewhat. He gave a concerned look to the robots; their bodies were deformed by the blast. Fortunately, the metal used to create them was extraordinary; they quickly recovered their original shapes.

The robots had powerful attacking abilities, and the materials used to make them could resist universe-level attacks. How could they have universe ranking if they were destroyed after just a few blows?

Bare Brain knew how hard those robots were to deal with, so he wanted to take care of General Cameron first before dealing with them.

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