Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1929 - 1929 All of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss!

Chapter 1929 - 1929 All of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss!

1929 All of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss!

The Peaceful Calm Air Moss could link itself with nourishment from spirit qi.

Any Creation Master would be able to tell if a fey was complete.

Thus, there was no way that Su Han could be lying to him.

Lin Yuan remembered that the Su family was in great need of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss.


Now, Su Han was willing to give him all of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss and was only asking for 200 square meters of the regular Peaceful Calm Air Moss and 170 square meters of the tri-colored Peaceful Calm Air Moss.

Apparently, this was enough of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss for the Su family to carry out their plan.

There was no way that Lin Yuan was going to turn away a blessing that had turned up on his doorstep.

Lin Yuan was very happy with the Su family’s attitude.

Since he wanted to find a faction in Sacred Forest City to work with, he had to find one that knew where the line was and understood when costs had to be paid.

Additionally, the Su family had enormous ambitions.

By working with the Su family, Lin Yuan could use them as the eye of the hurricane he was brewing in the Divine Wood Federation to throw the federation into chaos.

Thus, after the Su family had presented themselves in such a way to him, Lin Yuan decided to give something back to the Su family.

“I am grateful for the Su family’s gift. Since you are so sincere, Sky Creation must repay the gesture. Why don’t you keep all of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss inside the bamboo basket? When you come to collect the Peaceful Calm Air Moss tomorrow afternoon, you will be able to receive 370 square meters of it.”

Lin Yuan’s words stunned Su Han. There was a mixture of shock and surprise on his face.

He had never interacted with a Class 5 Creation Master before and could only rely on his imagination to estimate the strength of such a figure.

He never expected a Class 5 Creation Master to be able to produce so many Creation Master resources in the span of a single night.

Besides the Su family’s order, Sky Creation had also accepted 24 other orders that were all set to be collected tomorrow afternoon.

There was no way that Sky Creation was going to fail the other 24 orders for the sake of the Su family’s order.

Su Han had no idea that a Class 5 Creation Master did not have such capabilities. Not even a Class 6 Creation Master could complete so much work within such a short time. The person standing in front of him had extraordinary means.

Su Han thought that he would be able to become more certain of his decision to establish a solid working relationship with Sky Creation once he understood the capabilities of a Class 5 Creation Master.

Lin Yuan’s previous prediction had been right. The Su family indeed only needed 270 square meters of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss because they only had around 500 spirit qi professionals who needed armor made from the Peaceful Calm Air Moss. Even if they had more of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss, they did not have more experts who could make use of it.

The Su family had placed this plan on the backburner all this time because of the quantity of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss they possessed.

Su Han intended to call his First Brother and Second Brother over once he reached home to discuss the Su family’s plan.

One had to know that the Yang family had been weakening with every subsequent generation.

Although the Yang family still possessed far more Creation Master resources than the Su family, the Yang family only had one pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master.

If not for the Yang family, Su Han’s aunt and younger sister would not have died.

Su Han’s two older brothers had been stuck at pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master for almost a decade. He wondered if they would have an easier time becoming Class 5 Creation Masters if they received aid from the Class 5 Creation Master behind Sky Creation.

A chill ran up Su Han’s back when the idea formed in his head.

A Creation Master’s experience was their most precious treasure.

If he dared to make such a request, Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master would likely be offended.

Yet, asking Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master for help was the only plan he and the Su family could devise.

Thus, Su Han decided to take a gamble.

But before he made his bet, he had to do all he could to leave a good impression on Sky Creation so that their Class 5 Creation Master would not be insulted and refuse to accept his later orders even if he made such an unreasonable request.

Su Han hurriedly tossed the two Item-Storing Walnuts to the ground, and many precious resources appeared in front of Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan had considerable experience, he still could not help but raise his eyebrows in shock when he saw the treasures littered on the ground.

As strong as the Radiance Federation was, all the resources available in the Radiance Federation were found in the Radiance Federation.

The Startling Lines Continent might only be about half the size of the Radiance Federation, but the Divine Wood Federation was the largest federation in the Startling Lines Continent.

Additionally, as a result of the societal structure in the Divine Wood Federation, the elite families in the Divine Wood Federation controlled basically all of the precious resources in the federation.

After a century of accumulation and a lack of Creation Masters who could utilize these precious resources, their store of precious resources had only climbed.

In order to attain Sky Creation’s support, Su Han had taken out 20% of the inactive resources from storage.

A large portion of the precious resources could not be found in the Radiance Federation.

The resources that Su Han had just taken out would be enough for Lin Yuan to turn three of the Bug-Consuming Thearch Emperor Lizards into forts.

Su Han pointed at the resources on the ground and said with a fawning tone, “This batch of resources is a gift from the Su family. We hope to be friends with Sky Creation.”

Su Han had mentioned gifts twice, and his intention of gaining Sky Creation’s approval was worth much more than his words.

Additionally, Lin Yuan knew that the Su family would not try to be friends with and give such a large amount to Sky Creation for no reason.

Su Han had to have another motive or request.

Lin Yuan did not want to waste time with Su Han anymore.

The sky outside the tree castle had started to darken.

Lin Yuan was going to use the Merciful Star Peony to trigger constellations to temper himself and improve his body’s quality tonight.

“Speak, what request does the Su family have? Although you have given Sky Creation numerous resources, Sky Creation has no obligation to agree to all of your requests,” said Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan’s words sounded calm and objective, but Su Han knew that Lin Yuan was warning him not to be greedy.

But he had already revealed the resources, and the matter concerned the Su family’s future. As such, Su Han was going to make his request no matter what.

He coughed and fixed his eyes on Lin Yuan as he said with wary nervousness, “I’m sure you already know that the Su family has two pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters. They are my First Brother and Second Brother. My First Brother has already been a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master for 19 years, while my Second Brother has been one for almost seven years. But once they reached pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master, their Creation Master abilities stopped advancing.”

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