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Chapter 1178 - 1178 Sinful

Chapter 1178 - 1178 Sinful

1178 Sinful

[Hint: You have received the inheritance of the Saint of Alchemy.]

[Hint: You have acquired the skill-inheritance of the Saint of Alchemy (passive effect).]

[Hint: You have selected reward 1. When your current elementary alchemy reaches the maximum level, it will automatically be upgraded to intermediate alchemy. When intermediate alchemy reaches the maximum level, it will automatically be upgraded to advanced alchemy.]

[Hint: You have mastered the ancient Manlela language.]


[Hint: The player has triggered the mission-eliminate the evil.]

Mission title: Eliminate evil.

Mission difficulty: SSS

Mission description: Please eliminate the abyssal demons before they cause even greater damage to the world.

Mission reward: ???

Penalty for mission failure: ???

As expected, the mission was triggered after he accepted the inheritance.

When he opened his eyes again, Fang Heng realized that the words carved on the stone tablet could be automatically recognized in his brain.

Tang Mingyue looked at Fang Heng and asked, “Fang Heng, how do you feel?”

Fang Heng nodded to Tang Mingyue, “Not bad. There are still eight spots left. You can consider whether you want to accept it.”

Of course!

Seeing that Fang Heng had accepted the inheritance, Tang Mingyue’s face was filled with determination. She immediately stepped forward and chose to accept the inheritance.

Fang Heng had already accepted it, so what was she afraid of?

Why would she give up on sucking up to someone powerful?

Tang Mingyue didn’t have much confidence in herself, but she had great confidence in Fang Heng.

He must have a way!

“Lord Fang Heng, Your Highness Mingyue, I am also willing to accept the inheritance.”

Ed made a decision after a moment of hesitation.


Didn’t he spend so much money, time, and energy just on the mission?

Now that the mission was in front of him, why was he hesitating?

After making his decision, Ed no longer hesitated and impatiently pressed his hand on the stone tablet. The light enveloped both Ed and Tang Mingyue.

A moment later, after receiving the new inheritance skill, Ed’s face was filled with joy. With this skill, he could consider cultivating alchemy and other spells at the same time.

Tang Mingyue looked at the skill description, but she had no intention of cultivating alchemy. She didn’t know alchemy, but the passive skills she had learned had a small enhancement effect on magic.

Furthermore, she had also obtained the Saint’s mission. It was a profitable investment.

Fang Heng looked at the words carved on the stone tablet and pondered for a while. Then, he gently tapped on several words on the stone tablet according to the game’s prompts on his retina.

“Ka ka ka ka ka…”

The three stone steles slowly turned and revealed their backs.


A dark yellow light flashed, and the moss on the back of the stone tablet quickly melted away, revealing seven different alchemy magic array patterns.

Fang Heng carefully observed the magic array, and lines of game prompt appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player’s current perception has reached 50, the player has obtained the Saint’s inheritance, and the player has mastered elementary alchemy… The player has met the requirements. Alchemy magic array-demon-killing array (1-7).]

The seven alchemy magic arrays were imprinted in his mind.

At that moment, Fang Heng understood everything.

It was no wonder why the Saints had built mage towers and teleportation magic arrays all over the world, even in the underground world.

The mage tower was just a cover.

It was actually prepared for the demon-killing formation.

The demon-killing alchemy array required a large amount of mental power to activate, and the number of powerhouses in the entire Empire who could activate the magic array could be counted on one hand.

At the same time, in order to avoid raising the Empire’s suspicion, the Saints modified the magic array and integrated it with the mage tower and the underground teleportation portal. It could use the power of many people to activate the mage tower at the same time, which would drive the operation of the alchemy magic array.

Tang Mingyue’s heart sank when she saw the game notification.

She realized the difficulty of this mission.

How powerful could a monster that could only be destroyed by the power of a large number of magic arrays be?

And the Empire!

The Empire had always been at odds with the Saints, and it was very likely that they would be on the opposite side of the mission this time.

What about the other demons?

They had no idea where the sinister demon was sealed.

Tang Mingyue raised her head and looked at Fang Heng.

Contrary to her expectations, she saw a touch of joy in Fang Heng’s eyes. He seemed to be very happy.

Ed had the same thought. When he saw the mission notification, he felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him.

He could only hope for the best and rely on others.

Ed looked up and noticed Fang Heng’s gaze. He was baffled for a moment and couldn’t help but take a look at Tang Mingyue.

Fang Heng observed the lines of the alchemy magic array with excitement on his face.

He had a completely different opinion from Tang Mingyue and Ed.

Was the sinister demon so powerful?

That would be great!

It was very likely that the abyssal demon was more powerful than the Vampire King, and could even be the final BOSS of this intermediate-game world!

He didn’t expect that the bloodline of this world’s final BOSS was of the same origin as the Hila virus undying body in his body!

The Hila virus was obviously more optimized, and it would not cause any backlash at all.

Meanwhile, the virus in the demon’s body had greatly enhanced its offensive power.

Could it be that there was a stronger potential in his blood that had not been triggered?

If he could find a way to get a blood sample of the abyssal demon, and then go through Qiu Yaokang’s operation, what if he could improve the effect of the undead body skill again?

Now that they had the alchemy magic array, it meant that they had found a way to eliminate the abyssal demon. If they could successfully eliminate it, the rewards they could get would be…

A big profit?

He might even trigger a follow-up mission.

Fang Heng’s thoughts started to wander and he couldn’t help but think further.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, “Don’t think too much, just steady yourself and take one step at a time.”

To annihilate the demons, he needed to use a demon-vanquishing alchemy array. This required the help of a large number of Tier 2 mage towers and underground teleportation arrays.

In theory, the more mage towers and teleportation arrays there were, the better the effect of the demon-killing array.


Fang Heng suddenly thought of something.

Originally, the matter of building a large number of mage towers was just a casual excuse to deceive the Empire’s feudal lords.

Did he really have to help them build a mage tower in this situation?

Fang Heng felt a bit of a headache.

With the funding from the underground world’s cave-dwelling beasts and the various feudal lords, the materials needed to build the mage tower were still manageable.

The key was that he had just launched a sneak attack on the Empire’s royal family and taken Tang Mingyue away. Would the Empire’s royal family bring trouble to him in the construction of the mage tower in the future?

Forget it, there’s no point in thinking too much. He would just do things step by step and find a way to gather the construction resources and start building.

In addition, it was not clear where the so-called abyssal demons were sealed, which still needed to be investigated.


The dim yellow light rose from the stone tablet again and enveloped Fang Heng.

The yellow light quickly merged with the mark on the back of Fang Heng’s hand.

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