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Chapter 1179 - 1179 The Exit

Chapter 1179 - 1179 The Exit

1179 The Exit

Fang Heng shifted his gaze to the few boxes in the center of the cave.

Apart from the box that contained the enlightenment stone, the powder in the other boxes was one of the materials needed to set up an alchemy magic array. It was called star powder, and it was also one of the rarest materials. The refining process was very complicated.

Ed couldn’t help but ask when he saw Fang Heng recovering from his deep thoughts, “Fang Heng, are you alright?”

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking about building a mage tower.”


Ed’s mouth opened as he recalled.

Fang Heng had already signed a contract with the various feudal lords of the Empire to build the Empire’s mage tower defense line together.

Could he…

Ed stared at Fang Heng, a terrifying thought rising in his mind.

Could it be that Lord Fang Heng had already started to plan in advance from the very beginning?

Tang Mingyue also came to her senses and turned her head to look at Fang Heng.

It couldn’t be, right? Was that true?

Didn’t Fang Heng tell her that he was building the mage tower to cheat them of their money?

Good Lord, looking back now, it seemed that everything had been part of his plan!

He even lied to his own teammates?

Tang Mingyue was still in a daze when Sandy shouted from the side.

“Hey, everyone, come and take a look! It’s a teleportation magic array!”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

A clear and distinct alchemy teleportation magic array was drawn on the floor behind the stone tablet.

Fang Heng squatted down and tried to press his hand on the magic array.


A gentle white light appeared on the alchemy magic array after it was stimulated by his spiritual power.

The good news was that the alchemy magic array was intact, and there was still some energy left inside, enough for them to complete several teleportations.

Apart from that, it was also an encrypted two-way teleportation passage.

This meant that the teleportation passage’s exit was not the same as the previous one which was at the Alchemy Society!

Fang Heng tried to pour his spiritual power into the magic array to activate it.

A dark-red eye of teleportation appeared in the center of the teleportation magic array.

Fang Heng turned to Ed and the others and said, “Her Highness Mingyue’s identity is special. I can’t guarantee the situation on the other side of the passage. You guys stay here first. I’ll come back to pick you up after I’ve confirmed that the outside world is safe.”

In the underground world, the Mage Association was conducting research on a large-scale ancient magic array that had failed.

Even though it was almost midnight, the members of the Mage Association were still in high spirits and gathered together to discuss in low voices.

“What we thought of earlier should be correct. This magic array should be one of the main magic arrays that connect to the many teleportation arrays in the underground world.”

“Indeed, its structure is also different from other magic arrays, and it is the largest one. I also find it strange that it’s well-preserved, and it doesn’t seem to be unusable because of years of disrepair. There seems to be some other reason.”

“Has it been locked on?”

The people from the Mage Association were discussing and expressing their opinions.

“Unfortunately, there are still a large number of alchemy runes that can’t be deciphered. Otherwise, we could have obtained more important information.”

Randolf shook his head and felt a little tired. He stood up and said, “Everyone, it’s getting late. You should go back and rest. Tomorrow, I’ll personally consult Lord Fang Heng’s opinion and see if it’s possible to let the Alchemy Society participate in the research.”

“Well, the Alchemy Society should have done some research on a few runes…”

Everyone agreed.

Although they were tired, they had already gained a lot of inspiration from the ancient magic arrays. They needed to go back and take some time to digest it.

Just as they were about to leave, a weak light suddenly flashed on the magic array.

The mages immediately noticed the energy fluctuations released by the alchemy magic array.

What was going on?

The teleportation array had been activated!

“Back off!”

Randolf’s expression turned serious, and he immediately beckoned the mages to retreat.

The alchemy magic array started to work slowly, and ripples appeared.

Then, a dazzling red light flashed.

The eye of teleportation appeared in the center of the alchemy magic array.

Everyone was surprised.

The eye of teleportation!

Just as they had guessed, the magic array had not been abandoned!

Everyone stood where they were, staring at the eye of teleportation with a vigilant look.

The eye of teleportation was triggered from the other side.

Who could it be?

Then, a masked figure walked out of the portal.

“Lord Fang Heng?”

Randolf was pleasantly surprised when he saw the person in front of him. The mages around him also put down their scepters.

“I was wondering who it was that gave us such a fright. It turns out that Lord Fang Heng already knew how to activate the teleportation array.”


Fang Heng saw Randolf after he left the eye of teleportation. He was also a little surprised. He had been prepared for a fight, thinking that if he was unlucky enough to encounter the royal guards, he would have to fight.

He didn’t expect to meet the members of the Mage Association who were investigating the teleportation magic array in the underground world.

Fang Heng immediately understood. It turned out that the other exit was set up in the underground world.

What a coincidence.

Now that he had triggered the mission related to the Saint’s inheritance, he would most likely have to fight the sealed abyssal demons in the end.

In order to avoid trouble, he had to be prepared.

On one hand, he had to seize the time to build Tier 2 mage towers in every corner of the Empire. On the other hand, he had to focus on the sacred tree, Abe Akaya.

The enlightenment stone replica could be mass-produced.

No matter which one it was, he would need the help of the Mage Association.

“Mr. Randolf, I’m here to look for you. There’s something I need the help of the Mage Association.”

Randolf had a good impression of Fang Heng, he nodded and said, “Lord Fang Heng, you don’t have to be so formal. If you need our help, just tell us. I’ll help you think of a way.”

“I would like to borrow a group of mages from the Mage Association to conduct alchemy research. Of course, I will give compensation, which will definitely satisfy the mages.”

“Of course, we, the Mage Association, will do our best.”

Randolf agreed.

He knew that Lord Fang Heng was not short of money.

Most of the mages who had just entered the sect were rather tight-lipped, so it was naturally good to have another means to make money.

Randolf pulled Fang Heng to the side and whispered, “Lord Fang Heng, when we were studying the teleportation array, we found something strange. We think that the alchemy array still hides some secrets. I’m afraid that it’s not as simple as the teleportation array. I think we can ask the Alchemy Association to come over and help us analyze it.”

“Are you talking about the alchemy rune that suppresses the abyssal demons?”


Randolf’s face turned serious when he heard this word, “Lord Fang Heng, I’ve also seen some descriptions related to demons in some written records. Do you know what demons are?”

Fang Heng pondered quickly in his heart.

Judging from the game’s current hints, the abyssal demons were extremely powerful, and the royal family was likely to stand against the mission.

It would be best if he could think of a way to get the help of the Mage Association. After all, the royal family did not have full control over the Mage Association.

However, the risk was still too high.

Randolf could not represent the entire Mage Association, and once his identity as the heir of the Saint was exposed, it would be troublesome if the royal family targeted him.

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