Holding On to My Man

Chapter 110

Chapter 110

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Ye Cang never thought that he would fall in love.

It was because he was too cold-blooded. From the time he chose the path of demonic cultivation in the mortal world, he had become like this.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen others as pure, genuine, and with a perfect appearance like Yin Baigu in the thousands of years after he had ascended from the cultivation world as a war god from the demon realm.

It was only when he saw Gu Bai did his heart move.

“Are you Ye Cang, the war god?”

He still remembered that the sudden sound was sharp and clear.

He turned his head, his pupils constricted. The youth hidden behind the large rock had a childish mentality, his smile giving him a glow that seemed to radiate from his entire body. Ye Cang’s heartstrings pulled for a split second, shaking his soul.


He couldn’t bear to shift his line of sight, telling the tempting figure which had come out of nowhere to leave. If he kept looking, he might sink into oblivion. He didn’t know the origins of the alluring figure.

As fate would decree, however, he couldn’t escape the allure.

The other crouched before him, looked up at him, smiled, and said childishly, “My name is Baigu, Yin Baigu. Can you get to know me?” When he spoke, he knew that he had fallen.

His heart that hadn’t fluctuated for thousands of years was disturbed by the sudden appearance of the youth.

He had guessed the reason why the youth had run over to this restricted area. The other’s occasionally drifting gaze, which finally fixed onto the eternal flower, betrayed him. Even though the youth was intelligent, his eyes were too clear. They were so clear that they were incapable of concealing his heart’s desires.

He didn’t break contact, however, because the way the youth circled around him, trying to gain favor, was too interesting. It had somehow attracted his gaze.

The youth had a lot of patience. He remained at the edge of the shore, crowding around him and chattering when he opened his eyes each day. When he was tired and slept, he simply lay down on the ground beside him, giving off meows that sounded like a docile kitten’s.

He laughed internally. This was a person who was already an immortal who practiced asceticism but still slept?

The youth seemed to have no sense of danger. He held his arms, curled his legs, and furrowed his brows. Ye Cang felt that there was a slightly uncomfortable feeling in his heart. He didn’t like the youth looking like this.

So, he couldn’t help but hold the other in his arms. The taotie beside him saw his movements, and there was a shocked expression on its fierce face. It almost shouted.

He covered the youth’s ears and quickly stopped it. “Shh, don’t disturb him……”

He couldn’t believe his own actions and gentle tone.

Truthfully though, he liked it very much. Holding the youth, it seemed as if he was holding the entire world. The cold depths of his heart quickly warmed.

Then, he pressed a kiss to the sleeping youth’s forehead.

The next day, the boy woke up in his arms, blinked and stared at him for a while as if to ask ‘How did I end up next to you?’

He was somewhat nervous, though his expression was blank as he explained, “It was windy last night, so you forced yourself into this emperor’s arms……”


The youth seemed very surprised. He was shocked that he would be so close to people other than his master. Soon, however, he had a smile on his face and his dark eyes were bright. He spoke happily.

“Really, really? I really took the initiative to get closer to you?”

He was a puppet. Aside from being close to the master of his life line, he wouldn’t have good feelings for any other person, let alone take the initiative to get closer to them, since puppets had no feelings.

Since he had been intimate with this person, did it mean that he had already started to develop a person’s seven emotions and six desires?

That was right, it had to be like this. The eternal flower really was incredible. He hadn’t eaten it yet, but was affected. He was a person. In the future, no one could say that he was an empty puppet!

He didn’t doubt the other party at all, because even if he had fallen asleep, as a man whose cultivation had reached the Immortal Ruler stage, there was no way he wouldn’t be alerted if someone approached him, unless he was the willing one.

There was a look of joy in the youth’s eyes, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but curl slightly.

Ye Cang was about to let go of him, but the youth was one step ahead. He put his arms around his neck and twisted his body, looking towards the road.

“God Ye Cang, I’m comfortable on top of you. Can you hold me again tomorrow?”


He was reluctant to let go and naturally agreed. After that day, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, the youth slept in his arms every night.

When he fell asleep, he no longer wrapped his arms around himself and no longer furrowed his brows. With his head resting against Ye Cang’s body and his arms around Ye Cang’s neck, he slept very sweetly.

Fawning during the day and intimacy at night, the youth was becoming more and and more familiar with him.

He didn’t know if it was unintentional or not, but the youth had started to stare at him with a blank and mullish gaze. For a while, he seemed as if he wanted to speak but hesitated. Even his ears drooped down as if he was an abandoned dog, leaving him unable to speak.

“Do not dawdle in front of this emperor. Tell me, what are you running around in front of me for?”

His tone was a little harsh this time, and the youth had truly been scared. With round eyes, he said in a small voice, “God Ye Cang, can y-you give me a petal from the eternal flower?”

As he expected, the youth’s goal really was the immortal flower.

The immortal flower was the demon realm’s life gate. How could he give it away so easily? He was the demon realm’s war god, and it was his duty to protect the immortal flower.

However, it wasn’t that he couldn’t give it away. The withered petals were easy to negotiate for, but why would the youth want a withered petal? There was an imposing feeling over his body as he waited for the other to speak.

“I only want one petal; it won’t hurt the immortal flower itself. I heard that it will wither and bloom every ten thousand years. I don’t want a fresh one. Just give me a withered petal. I can trade for it… If that isn’t okay, then it’s fine. I don’t want it.”

Even though he was a high-level cultivator, he seemed to be very timid. He looked at Ye Cang, then at the taotie demonic beast beside him. As he stammered, there wasn’t a hint of concealment, and it was all out in the open.

Ye Cang looked at the other, who was sitting rigidly with great effort and not letting anything show as his expression was aggrieved. Ye Cang’s heart trembled slightly, and his gaze fell on the other’s red lips. In the end, his heart moved.

He tightened his grip on the other’s waist, bowed his head, and kissed the lips that seduced him.

The feeling was as good as he had imagined. He sucked on the other’s lip, tenderly yet forcefully plundering the other’s mouth, and struggled to control himself.

Even though he had lived for thousands of years, his heart had always been that of a youth’s.

His body went stiff, either because he didn’t know how to react or because he was stunned. Distracted, it was only when he started to be pulled closer did he finally react. He panicked and fled.

Yin Baigu……

Ye Cang stood in place, watching the nimble figure rush away from him. He chewed over the name in his mouth and could no longer forget it. His heart was burning like it had been set on fire.

Even if it turned out later that the youth was an immortal or an immortal’s puppet assigned to entice him, he could not control the inferno in his heart.

When he went to the conference of the six realms, he saw him again.

When the youth saw him, he seemed very surprised. Then, he covered his face in a panic and hid behind the Immortal Emperor. However, when trying to bury his head in the sand, the perfectly round bottom stuck out.

He couldn’t help but laugh, especially when he sensed the other taking careful peeks at him. There was incomparable joy in his heart.

Though the boy was frightened, he didn’t hate him at all. Perhaps the other also had feelings for him, so he decided to test it.

On the side of the six realms’ seashore, he pulled him into a strong embrace and gave him the unrefusable wild and heated kiss he had been thinking of for days and nights.

No matter how many times it would happen, he was very glad he had done what he did back then.

The pure youth was unable to resist the blazing emotion. Ye Cang grabbed the opportunity to capture the youth’s heart.

Yin Baigu leaned against the other’s body, hesitant. Finally, he took the initiative to reach up to the other’s neck and get even closer. There was an exhaled moan, as if to say that he also liked him……

The battle between the immortal and demon realms ceased temporarily. They started to agree to meet often. The youth’s initial hesitation and evasiveness turned into his later initiative.

He was afraid of missing the time when the youth would come looking for him. He handed the task of watching over the immortal flower over to others, then stood at the seashore all day and night, waiting.

It didn’t matter how cold the seashore’s winds were. Aside from the sound of the ocean spray on the shore, it was all desolate.

Yet, he heard movement coming from behind him. He couldn’t suppress his happiness with the smiling youth throwing himself at him. He reached out to help the youth who had unsteadily staggered into his arms.

“How could you be so careless each time?”

“Missed you, ah……”

The youth never hid his emotions. His feelings were very direct and simple. Bright eyes and an attractive smile were directed at Ye Cang, making his heart tremble.

He said that he missed me…… It was just a few words, but he was so happy that his mouth almost split with his smile.

The taotie couldn’t bear to look and used its paws to cover its eyes. It howled, as if to ask when his heroic master had become such a damn fool.

On the banks of the seashore, their love was finally settled.

He took off his clothes, gazing at the nervous and shy youth. He kissed the other’s body, pressing a final soft kiss onto his trembling eyelashes and crimson cheeks, and lovingly possessed him.

Even a hero would fall against a tender beauty. Heroes had struggled against this since ancient times.


When the youth gripped his back tightly, he dazedly called his name.

In that moment, Ye Cang knew that even if this person was actually sent by the immortals to entice him to his downfall and perhaps cause him to lose everything in the future, he would be happy to do so.

Later, the facts proved that he had fallen for him, had lost everything for him, had lost the war that led to the destruction of the demon realm for him, and had become a sinner hated by the entire demonic race for him.

But he didn’t care. In this life, Ye Cang would never give Yin Baigu up, even if he was responsible for all the people in the world!

To others, this would be madness, but to him, the offering he had hoped for had failed. The lords of the five realms joined together to grievously injure him and seal him in Jiuyou abyss.

No matter how much bitter pain and suffering the burning of the depths of the fire brought, it wasn’t as painful as Yin Baigu’s death.

What was the purpose of cultivating for immortality in the six realms?

In the thousand years he had lived his endless life, his most profound memories were when he had known the youth. Days without the youth were all lonely and desolate.

He hadn’t given up, nor did he want to. As long as he didn’t die, no one could stop him. No matter how long he needed to persevere, there would be a day when that person would once again smile and fall into his embrace……

He never would have thought that they would accidentally meet again.

Because the youth had changed his appearance and aura, he hadn’t immediately recognized the other. He only thought that this appearance was delicate and lovely. This cold youth really was fit to be one of his taskers.

However, when the other returned after completing his first task, there was an increased sense that something was off. He had noticed that his persona had fallen in love with this youth in the task world.

It was inconceivable and unacceptable. How could he fall in love with someone other than Yin Baigu?

That’s right, he couldn’t fall in love with anyone but Yin Baigu. So later on, he was sure that the one called Gu Bai, was once the youth.

Because they were similar, even if his appearance and aura had changed, his innate character couldn’t be changed.

The most obvious thing was that once the youth had identified him throughout the worlds, the pure and direct expression of passion was exactly the same.

When the entire truth was revealed, he saw that the once naive and innocent youth’s reincarnation gained confidence and boldness, so he didn’t say a word. It didn’t matter if he was the old Yin Baigu or Gu Bai. He was the same person all along.


The youth laughed, choking on emotion, and took the initiative to reach out to grab his hand, tightly intertwining them together.

He smiled and held the other’s hand even more tightly. If madness was enough to keep him forever, he would gladly become a madman.

The grudge and resentment had finally come to an end. They left the immortal realm together.

Lu Yaoji had once again been imprisoned in the heavenly palace, laughing and crying maniacally all day.

If she could clear her head a little, she might be able to free herself, but she couldn’t leave her own distorted feelings and heart.

Yin Li had chosen seclusion, but Yin Baigu had already become his eternal heart demon. He regretted that in his escape, he had missed his most important thing.

In his obsession, his vision started to blur. He looked at the youth who had been transformed by the heart demon in front of him and couldn’t help but laugh.

He reached out his trembling hand and pulled the youth into his arms. He laughed dazedly and said, “Give me a chance, give me a chance, okay? Baigu……”


When the youth looked at him and nodded with a bright smile, he closed his eyes in contentment and slept in this fantasy forever.

The seventh realm that Ye Cang created for Gu Bai had already been finished. It was a boundless realm that held all the creatures that had traveled the six realms.

However, Gu Bai didn’t want to go. He took the other’s hand and took him to the shores of the sea where they had exchanged words of love. He placed his head on the other’s chest and wrapped his arms around his waist for a long time.

It didn’t matter if it was a world that tolerated him or not. As long as this man was here, this was his world.

They had agreed to meet each other here, exchanged emotions here, and saw each other for the last time here. This location was full of their deepest emotions and love.

This time, Gu Bai kissed Ye Cang first, and the man laid down an array to block out outside disturbances. He held the person who had taken enthusiastic initiative in his arms, dominating them.

Their love was passionate and open, and there was never any hesitation.

He watched the other sob under him, grasping at him through tears and sighs. Ten fingers dug into his strong back, begging for mercy.

He watched the other suddenly straddle his waist, taking the initiative with blazing heat and passion. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes were wet, and his smile was amorously enticing.

They looked at each other, seeing themselves reflected in the other’s eyes, and hoped that time could stop.

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