I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 658 - 658 Demon Slayer (Part 1)

Chapter 658 - 658 Demon Slayer (Part 1)

658 Demon Slayer (Part 1)

At this moment, Chu’s world manifested and transformed into a sword.

This was the first time Chu had revealed his abilities.

Before that, even if he attacked, and even if he was in danger, he had not gone all out.

At this moment, he had reached a point where he could not retreat and where no schemes would help.


He could only give it his all.

He swung his sword.

Mo Bao’s expression changed.

This sword seemed to be restraining his Dao path.

Chu’s world had extremely strong defensive and restraining powers.

After it turned into a sword, it gained an incredible amount of offensive power.

In front of Shui Lian, a wave of light rippled. Her expression was firm, and she had no intention of retreating.

The nine tails behind Mei spread out into space like nine Dao paths.

She sighed and said, “Where else can I go? I can only follow you.”

The experts all released their auras and locked onto Chu’s group, slowly surrounding them.

Tai was anxious, and the jade talisman appeared in his hand.

Qiong looked at him and said, “Tai, think carefully. If you interfere, even the old ancestor won’t be able to handle the consequences!”

Tai gritted his teeth. “I can’t hide. I’ll look for Daoist Brother!”

He was anxious. It was very likely that Daoist Brother was a legendary chaos supreme realm expert.

However, he was unable to make contact.

The jade talisman exuded a terrifying aura, suppressing the tense atmosphere.

All the experts looked at Tai, and at the jade talisman in his hand.

“Tai, don’t interfere,” Chu sighed.

Tai sneered.

“There’s more than one chaos supreme realm expert. Daoist Brother is also chaos supreme realm expert. With him as my backing, what do I have to fear?”

Chu was stunned.

All of the experts were stunned.

“Daoist Brother is a chaos supreme realm expert?” Chu asked in disbelief.

“Of course,” Tai said with certainty.

At this time, even if Daoist Brother was not, he had to be.

He silently apologized to Daoist Brother in his heart.

“Tai, why are you deceiving yourself?”

Mo Bao snorted coldly.

“Do you think anyone will believe you? That jade talisman is powerful, but it doesn’t have the slightest trace of supreme power. How could it be a gift from a chaos supreme realm expert?”

The rest of the experts nodded silently.

What right did Tai have to call this Daoist Brother person a chaos supreme realm expert?

“He just didn’t want to be too ostentatious, that’s why it doesn’t contain any supreme power.”

Tai was a little anxious.

However, who would believe that?

Chu looked at him and said, “Tai, don’t interfere. You’ve helped me too much already. I owe you too much.”

“Take Tai away,” he said to Qiong.

Qiong sighed.

He raised his hand and tried to grab Tai.

Tai was furious.

“You all think I’m trash, right? Today, I’ll kill you experts who have transcended the World Creator realm and show you who’s boss.”

The jade talisman began to pulsate.

A faint ripple appeared, locking onto Mo Bao.

“Mo Bao, I’m going to kill you!”

Mo Bao’s expression changed drastically. The power within that jade talisman was not something he could resist.

Immediately, a huge black boulder appeared in his hand.

The huge boulder was placed in front of him to shield him, and he infused his demonic power into it. It started to emit terrifying power.

The experts’ expressions changed.

The power of the demon ancestor?

Mo Bao’s expression was extremely gloomy.

This boulder was infused with his master’s power and could only be used once.

It could be considered his life-saving trump card.

Even when Mo Yao was in a life and death situation, he was unwilling to use it. However, the power contained within the jade talisman was too dangerous.

Suddenly, a powerful aura burst forth from the nine zones, and a large halberd flew toward Mo Bao.

The sudden turn of events caused many experts’ expressions to change.

A halberd?

Qin’s weapon?

Mo Bao roared and punched the incoming halberd.


His fist shattered, and he was sent flying back. His aura was thrown into disarray.

The shattered fist soon recovered as it was infused with the power of his Dao path.

With a gloomy and grave expression, he looked toward the direction where the halberd had come from.

A figure exuding extraordinary martial prowess flew over slowly.

He was wearing golden armor and looked majestic. His strength was terrifying, and the power of the laws surrounded him.

However, it did not seem to be the power of the laws of the Great Dao.


All of the experts were shocked.

Qin did not die?

How was that possible?

He had been attacked by a chaos supreme realm expert!

Qin’s aura was completely different from before.

It made him look even more majestic and overbearing.

His golden armor made him look even more mighty.

Could it be that this was Qin’s true body?

However, there was no way that the chaos supreme expert had only killed a clone. Qin held the halberd in his hand and charged over.

“Mo Bao, I’ll kill you today!”

He glanced at his surroundings and sneered, “Do you really think that chaos supreme realm experts are omnipotent?” Do you really think that there’s only one chaos supreme realm expert?”

“To those who want to destroy the human race and curry favor with that expert, be prepared to seek the permission of me and my halberd!”

At this moment, Qin was incomparably domineering, and his aura shook the surroundings.

Even Qiong seemed weak in comparison.

At this moment, Qin sighed in his heart.

The power of the Heavenly Dao was extremely powerful and overbearing.

Even though there were restrictions, this was still a good result for him.

He looked at Huang Long and Yi Yuejun, and his heart trembled.

This dragon and that strange bird actually came from the Heavenly Dao.

In terms of status, they were above him.

After all, Huang Long and Yi Yuejun were once creatures of the Great Dao. They were born from the Great Dao and their origin was related to the supreme laws of the chaos. Their transformation into creatures of the Heavenly Dao further enhanced their strength and capabilities.

Moreover, their relationship with Chu Xuan was much closer than Qin’s.

It was inevitable that they would have a higher status.

Qin had returned.

The experts who had wanted to exterminate the human race and kill Chu and the others all retreated at this moment.

Qin was not dead, and the information he revealed was a little too shocking.

Since that chaos supreme realm expert had failed to kill Qin, it was very likely that another chaos supreme realm expert had made a move and saved Qin.

They thought of Qian, who after sacrificing himself, still had traces of his existence present in the river of time.

All these signs indicated that a chaos supreme realm expert was looking out for the human race.

If they were to participate in the battle between two chaos supreme experts, they would definitely die.

In an instant, the auras that had locked onto Chu and the others dissipated.

All of the experts returned to their camps.

It was as if nothing had happened just now.

Kun Gu, who was condensing his Dao path and world again, decisively dispersed them again.

He was playing dead!

Mo Bao’s expression changed.

However, Qin was already in front of him.

“Today is the day I slay you!”

As Qin’s halberd came crashing down at Mo Bao, a golden light blossomed as the power of the Heavenly Dao destroyed everything in its path.

Even the space around them started to crack and shatter.

Mo Bao was shocked!

How did Qin suddenly become so powerful?

Also, this did not seem to be the power of the Great Dao.

He roared furiously as his body increased in size. The huge boulder was still shielding him.

At this critical moment, Mo Bao decisively used his life-saving trump card.

The demon ancestor’s power burst forth, and the black boulder transformed into a terrifying demonic claw that tried to grab and crush Qin.

The surrounding experts all had stern expressions.

The power of the demon ancestor!

Qiong’s expression was solemn.

As expected of the demon ancestor. His power was brutal and had the capability to destroy and plunder everything.

Qin roared.

His body grew to the size of a mountain, and his golden armor shone blindingly as the power of the laws surrounded him.

The halberd and the demonic claw collided.


Golden light shot out in all directions.

Then, the halberd shook and released the power of laws. Its power suddenly increased.


The halberd instantly crushed the demonic claw.

Qin did not stop as he struck with his halberd again.

“How is that possible?”

Mo Bao’s face turned pale.

That was a portion of his master’s power.

Of course, it only contained his master’s power from a distant past, which was equivalent to an attack from an expert who had reached the 70-million mark!

However, that power was actually no match for Qin?

“Demon Slayer!” Qin roared.

At that moment, Mo Bao was shocked to find that it was bound by a powerful and strange force that suppressed his demonic power and immobilized him.


Mo Bao instantly turned into dust.

His world collapsed and his Dao path shattered.

The chaotic space trembled.

The spectators were all shocked.

Mo Bao!

Another disciple of the demon ancestor had fallen!

What kind of power had Qin used? It even seemed to be stronger than the power of the Great Dao?

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