Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 18 - Call Me Daddy!

Chapter 18: Call Me Daddy!

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Bzz Bzz!

The young girl controlled her sports car and made a skilled drift movement that stopped the car right beside Wang Xian’s heavy-duty motorcycle. She lifted her head in a taunting manner as she glanced at the heavy-duty motorcycle below him.

“Don’t they call those who ride heavy-duty motorcycles “knights”? Come on Uncle Knight!”

As the young girl spoke, she stepped on the accelerator and revved the engine.

Wang Xian looked at the young girl, feeling speechless. He revved his engine too as a reply.

“Hah, come on. If you lose, you’re going to call me mum.”

The young girl laughed in a loud and boisterous manner before moving her car beside the other two sports cars, forming a neat row.

Wang Xian’s lips arched up slightly as he moved his heavy-duty motorcycle beside the three vehicles and lined up in a row.

Vroom vroom vroom!

The sports cars revved their engines and Wang Xian followed by throttling his engine.

“Three, two, one. Start.”

The young girl shouted loudly. Three sports car burst out in a straight line.

Wang Xian kept a brief smile but wasn’t inferior at all. The performance of his heavy-duty motorcycle was much better than those sports cars.

As the race started, the advantage of the heavy-duty motorcycle was translated to a huge lead. Wang Xian increased the speed of his car to approximately 180 km/hr.

Bzz, bzz, bzz!

However, those three sports cars all cost no less than three million dollars. Their performances were still very outstanding.

Moreover, the three of them increased their speed greatly to at least 230 km/hr or even higher.

Wang Xian frowned. He glanced at the Maserati beside him and saw a young girl showing a derogatory hand signal at him.

“If you want to play, I’ll play.”

Wang Xian lowered his body slightly. When riding a heavy-duty motorcycle, one would typically lower his body and lean on the motorcycle when one was moving at extreme speed. This was to reduce air resistance and also to gain better control.

“The moment I lowered my head, you guys lose.”

Wang Xian was smiling in his helmet as he throttled the accelerator to the maximum. The needle of the speedometer was increasing at a frantic pace.

200, 210, 220.

In just a short span of ten seconds, he had increased the speed to 280 km/hour.

Bzz Bzz!

A thunderous sound erupted from the Harley heavy-duty motorcycle. Wang Xian lowered his head and overtook the three sports cars rapidly and accelerated away at an even greater speed.

“Oh damn, he’s fast. Mommy’s coming for you.”

Within the Maserati, the young girl stepped on the accelerator fully in anger as she saw Wang Xian’s figure disappearing at a fast pace.

“Xiao Wan, you are a crazy brat. Lower the speed immediately,” the beautiful girl sitting in the car said with a pale face.

“Sister Lingling, don’t be afraid. Just look at how I’m going to overtake him.” The young girl didn’t pay attention to her as she stared at the heavy-duty motorcycle in front of her.

“Trying to compete with me? Little brat!” Seeing that he was almost at the road juncture, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Huh? This is bad!”

At this moment, Wang Xian saw a large truck turning in from the road juncture. His expression changed slightly.

He immediately pressed the brakes as he focused all his intention attentively on the large truck while being ready to jump off the ride at any time.

Screech! ”

The bike isn’t stopping in time!”

Wang Xian held his breath, squinted his eyes slightly and saw a two-meter opening on his left.


Wang Xian got through the opening and avoided the largest by the slimmest margin before stopping.


Bang, bang, bang!

Just as he heaved a sigh of relief, he heard three collisions.

Wang Xian’s expression changed slightly. He stopped his heavy-duty motorcycle immediately and looked ahead.

Three sports cars had all collided with the large truck.

“Oh damn. Please don’t tell me anyone’s dead.”

Wang Xian frowned and ran towards the three sports cars immediately.

There were a total of six people sitting in the three sports cars. Among them, the Maserati, which was at the forefront, had the worst collision. On the other hand, the collision of the Lamborghini and Ferrari weren’t that serious.

Nonetheless, the strong impact from the collision knocked everyone in the vehicles unconscious.

Wang Xian immediately ran to the Maserati at the front position.

The front of the Maserati had been turned into complete scrap. The airbags of the car had popped opened, but the young girl and the beautiful girl in the car were lying there and not moving at all.

The Maserati was driving the fastest. The large truck turned all of a sudden and they couldn’t stop their car in time.

Seeing that the car door was damaged from the collision, he reached out and tried to pull the door open.

Crack crack!

Wang Xian’s strength ripped the car door apart directly. He saw the beautiful girl on the seat beside the driver and carried her out carefully.

Huh? The legs of the young girl are almost deformed.

Wang Xian looked at the young girl in the driver seat. Her legs were hit by the metal plate in front of her seat and had been deformed. She probably had a few fractures.

He immediately carried her out carefully.

“I shall call the police first.”

After placing the two girls on the floor, Wang Xian immediately called for the police and ambulance.

After which, he ran to the other two sports cars. The people inside the other two sports cars didn’t seem to have suffered serious injuries. Therefore, he didn’t attempt to move them rashly.

“So painful, so painful.”

At this moment, Wang Xian heard a weak wail. He immediately walked over and saw the young girl wailing in pain with tears in her eyes.

Wang Xian frowned at the sight of the girl’s completely deformed legs.

“Save me, save me. I don’t want to die.” The young girl looked at Wang Xian and begged. She was no longer the same as the naughty girl from before.

Wang Xian had a heavy look. “Let’s see if dragon energy could be used to treat them.”

With just a thought, he placed his hand on the legs of the girl, regulated his dragon energy into the legs of the young girl and nourished her injuries.

As the dragon energy entered her legs, he could sense the internal situation of the legs of the young girl.

“Bone fractures that will require adjustment.”

He hesitated for a while before holding the right leg of the young girl.

This brat has a rather good figure. Wang Xian couldn’t help but compliment in his heart after he looked at the girl’s long legs and her well-endowed chest while adjusting the bones of her legs slightly.

Hmm, it’s indeed effective. Under the nourishment of dragon energy, the injuries on her legs should be able to recover quickly. However, I have just advanced to level Two and don’t have additional dragon energy left remaining in my body. Therefore, I can only use this method to nourish.

Wang Xian thought to himself.

“It hurts. It hurts.” The young girl wailed softly as tears streamed down constantly.

“Hehe, little brat. If it wasn’t for me, your legs would be crippled. How dare you to have asked me to call you ‘mum’ before?”

Wang Xian looked at the young girl and raised his eyebrows. He wore a cunning smile on his face and continued, “Your injuries are serious and I can save you now.”

“Save me, save me.” The young girl shouted in pain without consciousness.

“I can save you but you have to call me daddy. Otherwise, I won’t save you.” Wang Xian said to the young girl while staring at her teasingly.

“Save me. Waaa!” When the young girl heard his words, she immediately broke down and cried out loud.

“Call me daddy.” Wang Xian pinched her leg and the girl shuddered.

“Daddy. Waaaa. Daddy save me. Waaaa~”



Daddy could be considered an insult

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