Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 26 - An Incident

Chapter 26: An Incident

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Bzz Bzz.

“A beautiful girl is giving me a treat. Hehe.”

After staying in the dormitory room for an hour plus, Wang Xian received a message from Guan Shuqing saying that she definitely had to give him a treat today.

Wang Xian agreed to it. After the outdoor cooking the previous day, the relationship between the two of them was clearly no longer just about friendship.

Wang Xian changed into a set of fine clothing. The pair of white casual shorts and black short sleeve t-shirts cost $10k each.

However, these weren’t the most extravagant pieces. Wang Xian also took out the Nike shoes that cost $800k.

This pair of Nike shoes was the Nike MAG; Back to the Future 2, a limited release worldwide.

He got these shoes from the young man riding the heavy-duty motorcycle, who had bought them overseas to show off to others.

In the end, the shoes fell into Wang Xian’s hands. Wang Xian had initially wanted to sell them. However, since he had the money currently, he no longer had to sell them and could wear them himself.

This pair of shoes was not just filled with technology. Moreover, the design was great and extremely comfortable.

It was also a great match for Wang Xian’s clothes.

After changing into the new clothes and being modified by dragon energy, Wang Xian had a unique aura around him.

After parking his Harley at one side of the road, Wang Xian waited by the school gate.

Guan Shuqing found a translation job and was about to knock off from work right now. She had asked him to wait for her at the school gate for a moment.

“Huh?” At this moment, Wang Xian heard screams of shock. He turned his head over and his attention landed on a girl in front of him.

The girl was wearing a white dress and carrying a LV bag. She had makeup on her face, had a great figure and could be considered very beautiful.

As compared to before, her dressing was more fashionable. She was none other than the girl who Wang Xian was once fond of, Qi Chuchu.

Qi Chuchu also noticed Wang Xian and looked at him with astonishment.

As compared to the quiet and ordinarily dressed guy, in her opinion, the current Wang Xian was better dressed.

Moreover, he was emitting a unique aura.

“He’s just wearing some $10 new clothing.” Qi Chuchu thought to herself reluctantly.

“What are you doing here? You don’t have to work?”

Qi Chuchu adjusted her LV bag and beautiful dress while speaking plainly to Wang Xian.

“I’m waiting for someone.” Wang Xian smiled at here and was clearly no longer interested in her.

As compared to Guan Shuqing, Qi Chuchu was a far distance behind.

“Oh, what a coincidence. I’m also waiting for someone.” Qi Chuchu glanced at Wang Xian and a smile appeared gradually on her face. “I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come and fetch me.”

Seeing that Wang Xian wasn’t replying to him, she got a little angered. “Don’t you have work today?”

“Nope, I already have enough money to spend.” Wang Xian smiled.

“Enough?” When Qi Chuchu heard his words, her face was filled with belittling and deprecating vibes. “Didn’t you say that your sister would be attending the same school and you will let her lead a comfortable university life? Do you know how expensive this bag is? How expensive the makeup cosmetic products are? Just the bag in my hand will cost more than $10 thousand.”

As she spoke, she flicked her hair with a strong sense of superiority.

When she was talking, three to four young men were also waiting for others at the same location.

They took a glance at Qi Chuchu before looking at Wang Xian.

“As long as I have sufficient money to spend, it will be fine for me. As for the bag, as long as it can be used, I’m fine with it.” After hearing the deprecating words of Qi Chuchu, Wang Xian just smiled faintly.

“Every girl would hope to be able to buy bags they like and makeup cosmetics.” Qi Chuchu laughed. “You aren’t really a qualified brother!”

“Hehe.” Wang Xian smiled and didn’t bother to entertain the materialistic Qi Chuchu. Looking at a materialistic girl like her now, she looked more like a clown.

When the group of young men heard what Qi Chuchu said, they were slightly shocked. A young man pointed at Wang Xian’s shoes and mumbled to his companions.

His other two companions looked over and were shocked. After which, they took a closer look at Wang Xian’s clothes.

“That’s a Harley Heavy-duty motorcycle. It’s a Harley! So cool.”

At this moment, the group of young men saw the Harley motorcycles behind Wang Xian. They couldn’t help but reveal their fondness for the vehicle.

“It’s too cool. This Harley probably costs at least a few hundred thousand.”

“Eh, nope nope. This Harley has been specially modified and should be a custom made version. Custom made Harley is even more expensive. Harley Electra Glide is sold at over $400k on the official website. A special custom version would definitely be more expensive. I’ve got a friend who had one custom made and it cost over $800k. However, that is still a far cry from this.”

“In that case, wouldn’t this be over a million?”

The group of young men walked over in awe and were exclaiming as they looked.

Qi Chuchu heard what they said and turned her head over in astonishment. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Wang Xian noticed that there were a few people crowding around his ride. A smile appeared on his face.

“A heavy-duty motorcycle is cool but still couldn’t be compared with a car,” he said faintly.

“Tsk, what do you know about these?” Qi Chuchu heard what he said and looked at him with disdain. “You will never be able to afford a car like this.”

Wang Xian chuckled upon hearing what she said. The group of young men also looked over with surprise.

“My boyfriend is here. Where are you going, do you need a ride?” Qi Chuchu saw a BMW 5 Series car driving towards her and spoke in a deprecating manner at Wang Xian.

“It’s alright.”

“Chuchu.” At this moment, the BMW stopped by the side. A young man that looked just slightly over 20 years old stepped out. He looked a little skinny and weak and his complexion was a little pale. What’s more prominent was that he had a protruded mouth and an ape-like chin. To sum it up, he looked a little ugly.

The young man walked over and opened his arms slightly for an embrace.

“Brother Qing.” Qi Chuchu walked over and hugged the young man directly. At the same time, she gave him a kiss.

“Who are you talking to?” the young man wrapped his arms around Qi Chuchu’s waist and asked with a smile.

“Just a guy who tried to woo me in the past. Tsk. Aiming for someone completely out of his league.” Qi Chuchu pouted slightly and giggled.

“Oh?” That young man looked at Wang Xian and took out a cigarette. He looked at Wang Xian with disdain and said, “Hey brother, do you have the capability to go after Chuchu?”

Wang Xian saw the young man talking to him and was slightly shocked. A cold smirk appeared on his face. He looked at the BMW 5 Series before looking at his shoes.

A faint mocking expression surfaced on his face.

When the group of young men heard the conversation, they were shocked too. When they heard what the girl said previously, they were already a little surprised. Right now, they were completely stunned.

They looked at that BMW before looking at the shoes of Wang Xian.

“I recalled a scene suddenly.”

A young man saw his other two companions pointing to the BMW suddenly before pointing to Wang Xian’s shoes.

“Can you remember the day I asked you out to play? I was wearing Nikes. When you appeared, you turned around and left with a guy with trendy clothes and driving a BMW 5 series. What you might not know is that his car is worth $600k but my Nikes are worth $810k.”

The voice of the young man was loud and clear and everyone could hear it. It was especially so as the young man was pointing his finger.

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