Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 30 - A Massacre Triggered by a Bun (3)

Chapter 30: A Massacre Triggered by a Bun (3)

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“Sign the contract?”

Wang Xian, who was at the bottom of the sea, revealed a tinge of coldness, upon hearing their conversation.

His turned his vision to the densely packed yellow croaker fish, sea bass, grouper and puffer fish around him and showed a faint smile.

“The massacre triggered by a bun is just about to start. This should let you know the consequences of offending me and also not to be so arrogant in your actions.”

Wang Xian shifted his body and activated his Dragon Power. Different types of fish gathered tightly around him. Shifting his body again, all the fish were gathering towards him.

This place was different from the sea as the fish were all packed in a small area. Close to three hundred tons of fish were being bred in this confined area and they were free for him to devour.

The extractable dragon energy from bred fish are a little lower than those from the other fish. However, their strength lies in their large numbers.

Wang Xian got agitated and opened his mouth widely to devour fish after fish in a frenzied manner.

There were several hundreds of fish around him. Even if he was devouring one with each mouthful, it would still take a long time under normal circumstances.

Wang Xian’s dragon energy was increasing at a terrifying pace. His body size was also growing rapidly from one meter at the beginning to approximately one and a half meters.

As for the fish in the fish farm, they were decreasing at a rapid pace.

“Great, this feels really great.”

His strength was increasing rapidly. After an hour, Wang Xian’s body size had reached close to two meters. His devouring speed had increased by ten times and was able to devour a dozen fish per mouthful.

And at this moment, Director Li, who was on shore, still had no idea what was happening within his fish farm.

There were six to seven men standing beside him beside the shore. These people were clearly not Chinese and Director Li was accompanying them with a cheerful grin.

“Hello everyone! This is my fish farm. It is the largest and the best fish farm in the entire Rivertown. We are different from those fish farms who do seine fish by the sea. Our farm is five meters deep and the fish we breed have qualities similar to those from the wild.”

“We have yellow croaker fish, puffer fish, grouper and sea bass being reared right here. We have some of them right here and you are free to come and take a look at the quality.”

Director Li spoke confidently to the group of people.

Among this group of people, two old men walked over. They squatted down, took a look at the fish in the sea and nodded their heads slightly. “The quality looks great from the exterior. However, if we are going to sign a long term cooperation agreement, we’ve got to understand more and in more detail,” one of the old men said to Director Li.

“Naturally.” Director Li nodded his head. “We can catch some fish from this place and ask the chef to cook them right away.

Since we are going to work together, we should help each other. There would definitely not be any problem.”

“Great. I appreciate Director Li’s honesty. If the fish are of top grade, we are willing to sign the contract with you,” a middle-aged foreigner replied with a smile.

“In that case, please follow me. I believe that the fish from our farm will not disappoint you guys.”

Director Li made an invitational pose to the group and the group of people boarded the fishing boat by the sea.

“Go to the center and catch a dozen fish to show our clients,” Director Li walked forward and said to the worker at the fish farm.

“Alright, boss.” The worker nodded his head, operated the fishing boat and headed towards the center of the fish farm.

“This fish farm is pretty big and could possibly produce quite a number of types of fish each year.”

“If their fish meet our requirement, we could work with them. After all, their offer price and quantity are pretty attractive.”

On the fishing board, the group of foreigners conversed softly in their own language.

Director Li noticed their expressions. He continued, “My fish farm could breed four to five hundred tons of fish. For this year, this number is about three hundred tons. The number would be even greater next year.”

“Director Li, your fish farm is great. Let’s hope that we can work together,” a foreigner replied.

“It is also my wish to work with you guys.” A burst of excitement flashed past Director Li’s eyes. “I have a restaurant just some distance away. Let me be a good host and treat you guys to a sumptuous meal during the afternoon.”

“Definitely, definitely.” The crowd smiled and nodded their heads.

The fishing boat arrived at the center of the fish farm. Director Li signalled to the worker and instructed, “Get some fish for us.”

“Alright, boss.”

That worker nodded his head, took out a huge net and threw it ahead of him.

The crowd moved to the front of the boat to take a closer look.


The net fell quickly into the water and the worker quickly pulled it back. However, he was shocked when he noticed that the net was empty.

“I didn’t catch any?” The worker was a little embarrassed. He smiled at Director Li and explained, “Director Li, let me do it again. The fish are not concentrated here.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Director Li shook his head and wasn’t too concerned. He looked to the crowd and explained, “In order to let the fish have a better environment for growth, the fish in our fish farm aren’t very concentrated.”

The crowd smiled and weren’t too concerned either.

The fishing boat moved ahead by several dozens of meters. The worker took out the net and threw it ahead of him once again.


As the fishing net fell into the water, the worker started pulling the net back immediately. However, to his astonishment, he still hadn’t caught a single fish.

“Eh? What’s happening?” The worker mumbled to himself in shock. When Director Li saw what had happened, he also frowned.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t we easily catch a dozen fish just this morning?”

“Boss, I’m not too sure. Let me give it another try.

The worker frowned, sorted out the fishing net and threw it to the surroundings once again.

The fish net scattered perfectly on the water. The worker smiled and remarked, “There should be fish this time.”

However, when he pulled the net up, there still wasn’t a single fish.

This time, the worker was even more shocked. Director Li also frowned and said, “What’s the matter? Why isn’t there a single fish in this area?”

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t there any fish despite scattering the net several times? This shouldn’t be happening? What’s wrong?”

Doubt surfaced on the foreigners’ faces. They took a glance at Director Li before looking at the fish farm.

“Perhaps the fish are all gathered at another location. Xiao Hua, let’s get closer to the edge.”

The worker was confused as he spoke to the young man operating the boat.

The fishing boat approached the edge and that worker threw out the fishing net immediately.


The fishing net fell into the sea. After pulling the net up, there was still not a single fish.

“How could it be? How could it be?” The worker was full of shock and surprise. He scattered the net to the surrounding area several more times but still came up empty handed.

Director Lee was stunned. He frowned, looked at the surroundings and was clearly embarrassed.

“How can there be no fish? There were still a lot of them in the morning. Why isn’t there any now?” Director Lee asked with a ghastly expression.

“Boss, I have no idea either. Logically speaking, we should be getting a lot of fish by just pulling up our net. This type of thing shouldn’t be happening.” The worker looked like he was wronged and was clearly displeased.

“What just happened? How can there be no fish in such a large fish farm?”

“Director Li, where are your fish?”

The group of foreigners frowned as they asked Director Li.

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