Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1443 - 1443 My Home Is Wherever Dad Is

Chapter 1443 - 1443 My Home Is Wherever Dad Is

1443 My Home Is Wherever Dad Is

Kang Qingzhi’s body suddenly stiffened, and she looked flustered. “I… I’m not…”

“Looks like your condition is very serious. You should get yourself checked after dinner. What do you think, Young Master Kang?” Qiao Xi said casually, “I don’t want Young Master Kang to think that I’m making things difficult for you.”

Kang Jichuan looked at Qiao Xi, then at Kang Qingzhi. Had he misunderstood Xi Xi? Xi Xi came back late because of the car accident. She did not deliberately make things difficult for Qingzhi. She was even worried about Qingzhi’s health and advised Qingzhi to see a doctor as soon as possible.

At this moment, when he recalled what he had just said, Kang Jichuan felt a little guilty. He had let Xi Xi down. Now that Xi Xi was not dead, he should be happy. How could he malign her like this?


His eyes were filled with guilt. “Xi Xi, it was my fault just now. I… I’ll bring Qingzhi to the hospital later.”

Qiao Xi nodded. “Let’s hurry up and eat. The food will get cold soon.”

The more understanding she was, the guiltier Kang Jichuan felt. He owed Xi Xi enough. Before he came, he had decided to make it up to Xi Xi. Why did he reprimand Xi Xi the first time they met?

Kang Qingzhi’s eyes were filled with viciousness. Five years ago, Qiao Xi was clearly not like this. She had a proud character. Qiao Xi would’ve exposed her in public the moment she found out she was pretending to be sick. Even if their brother reprimanded her, she would not give in. Instead, she would mock their brother. However, Qiao Xi only said a few gentle-sounding words this time, and her eyes were filled with disappointment. Their brother was at a loss and felt that he owed Qiao Xi.

At this moment, the butler served the food. Gu Zheng picked up a piece of fish and carefully removed the bones before giving it to Qiao Xi. Then, he raised his eyes and glanced at Kang Qingzhi. “Looks like Miss Kang is really fine now.”

Kang Qingzhi was in an uncomfortable situation and could only answer with a smile, “My illness has always been like this. It comes and goes quickly. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Gu.”

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart. After so many years, Kang Qingzhi was still the same. How boring!

Kang Ru was simple-minded and could not understand what was going on. He only felt that since Xi Xi was willing to let them stay for dinner, she had probably accepted them. It seemed that it would not be long before she would go home with them.

Kang Ru’s life had been extremely smooth-sailing. He was too arbitrary and had even forgotten how Xia Yunqiu left him. Seeing that Qiao Xi had gotten closer to him, Kang Ru was so proud that he forgot about everything else. He said impatiently, “Xi Xi, since you’re willing to let us stay for dinner, have you already accepted your brother and me? I still hope that you can return to Y Nation with us. As long as you’re willing to go back, I’ll support you in whatever you want to do.”

The moment that was said, the few of them paused, and the surroundings fell silent.

Kang Qingzhi bit her lip. The delicacies on the table were tasteless.

Kang Jichuan subconsciously glanced at Kang Qingzhi, then raised his eyes to look at Qiao Xi with an extremely complicated gaze.

Everyone was waiting for Qiao Xi’s answer. Just as Kang Ru thought that Qiao Xi would still refuse him, Qiao Xi suddenly smiled. “Sure!”

The surroundings fell into a dead silence.

She… She actually agreed?

Qiao Xi said unhurriedly, “But… Dad, I still have a lot of work to do in Li City. I can’t return to Y Nation with you for the time being. After I’m done dealing with things here, I can go home with you for a while.”

Kang Ru originally thought that he would return in disappointment this time, but he did not expect Qiao Xi to agree readily. Although she only agreed to a temporary stay in Y Nation, it was enough to make him excited. “Alright! You can stay as long as you want. Since you’ll be staying in Li City for the time being, I’ll stay here too. After you’re done with your matters, I’ll go back with you.

“Xi Xi, I’ve also bought a villa in Li City. It’s already been tidied up. Do you want to stay at home with me?”

Song Shijing and Song Shiyu looked at each other, and their hearts trembled. They wanted to kidnap Young Madam and leave the president alone in the house?

Qiao Xi smiled sweetly. “Alright! Although I’m married, my home is wherever Dad is. We haven’t seen each other for so many years, so I should go home and stay with you.”

‘My home is wherever Dad is!’

These words touched Kang Ru’s heart. He was so excited that he was at a loss for what to do. The fatherly love in his heart was about to surge out. When Kang Jichuan heard Qiao Xi’s words, the trace of fear and uneasiness in his heart earlier dissipated.

Since Xi Xi had agreed to go home, it meant that she had not recalled what had happened back then. In that case, he still had a chance to make it up to her. When Xi Xi and Qingzhi became good friends, Xi Xi would be willing to help Qingzhi with a blood transfusion.

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