Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1703 - 1703 Ji Nan Might Be My Cousin

Chapter 1703 - 1703 Ji Nan Might Be My Cousin

1703 Ji Nan Might Be My Cousin

Qiao Nian was dumbfounded. She was stunned for a few seconds before looking at him and asking, “You just told me so much. In the end, you wanted to ask me about my relationship with Ji Nan?”

He had just called her God Qiao at the entrance of the hotel and wanted to return to her room to talk.

In the end, he just wanted to ask about Ji Nan?

Qiao Nian couldn’t keep up with him.


After all, at first, she thought that he would ask her why she came to the Independent Continent and what she was doing there.

But it didn’t happen!

All he cared about was Ji Nan!

“Because I want to know this more.” He pinched her pinky and raised his eyebrows, not hiding the emotions in his eyes. “Because I’m jealous.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

She didn’t react for a second.

When she realized what he had said, her ears suddenly felt hot, and she looked away.

“There’s nothing much to say about that. Didn’t Ji Nan say it already? We’ve been online friends for years.”

He lowered his head and played with her fingers. Qiao Nian’s nails were neatly trimmed, and her fair fingers were slender and beautiful.

He tilted his head back lazily with a gentle expression and did not say anything.

However, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Qiao Nian looked at him for a second before losing. She avoided his gaze and explained gloomily, “Ah, maybe not just online friends. I’m not sure about the details yet. It’s all speculation for now.”

She tried to grab her hair. She often did this small action when she was frustrated. In the end, Qiao Nian realized that her hand was still in the other party’s grasp.

She pursed her lips again and gave up struggling, then looked into the man’s eyes. “You know my mother’s name, right?”

“I know, Auntie Ji.” A hint of seriousness and respect appeared in his tone when Ye Wangchuan mentioned Ji Qing.

Qiao Nian continued, “I found something she left behind through the black box you gave me.

“I brought that thing. It’s in my bag.”

He let go.

Qiao Nian didn’t waste any time. She found the bag and took out the Ji family emblem for him to see.

She felt much more at ease after regaining her freedom. She picked up the bottle of water on the table and unscrewed the cap again.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t drink it immediately. Instead, she looked at the family emblem in Ye Wangchuan’s hand and said in a calm tone, “This is the Ji family emblem. I asked a friend, and she told me that the Ji family has been looking for it for more than twenty years. In the end, it was placed in an ordinary locker in the Luohe Library! It had been there for twenty years.”

Ye Wangchuan had more or less guessed something, but he still fell into deep thought when everything was confirmed.

Qiao Nian took a small sip of water and put down the bottle. She looked at the family emblem in his hand again. This time, her tone was more relaxed and casual. “So, Ji Nan and I might be cousins.”

He returned the family emblem to her. His eyes were dark as he asked her, “Nian Nian, did you tell anyone else about this other than me?”

Qiao Nian’s background involved the Ji family of the Independent Continent. It was too complex and involved too many parties.

He had to nip all danger in the bud!

He would do his best to protect her.

“No.” Qiao Nian roughly knew what he was trying to do upon seeing his reaction. She said concisely, “I only told you.”

His brows relaxed. He put the family emblem back into her bag and returned it to her. Then, he reminded her in a gentle voice, “Keep this well. Don’t let anyone see it.”

He paused again and looked at the girl again. “Also… I’ll help you investigate the Ji family!”

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