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Chapter 12: Qing Was Injured

Chapter 12: Qing Was Injured

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Qing pulled her sleeves down in panic, refusing to let Gu Chaoyan see her wounds any longer.

“It is okay, Miss. I will be fine in a couple of days.”

“Tell me, who hurt you?” Gu Chaoyan asked her with her teeth clenched, looking furious.

She knew that Qing did not want her to take revenge for her and get injured in the process. That was why she wanted to hide her injury. But Gu Chaoyan was no longer the same timid girl. She was going to extract payback from all those who dared bully her girl!

Seeing her miss’s resolute look, Qing said weakly, “It was the Second Miss.”

Looking at Gu Chaoyan’s angry face, she got worried that Gu Chaoyan would be as impulsive as she used to be. She quickly said, “Miss, I am okay, let’s just forget about it. Both the Old Master and the Old Madam like the Second Miss a lot. Now that she is marrying the Prince, we can’t afford to irritate her. Let’s just wait until she gets married, then we will be fine.”

They had become used to being bullied. So, every time they tried to forget about the whole thing after it happened.

But that did not work and had made the situation worse over the years!

Gu Chaoyan thought that she needed to change Qing’s mindset of forgiving and tolerating. But first, she needed to get some herbs to treat Qing’s wounds. Earlier, she had spotted some herbs amongst the weed that were growing in their yard. Those were becoming handy now.

“Hang on.” Gu Chaoyan rushed out of the house like a blast.

She found some wormwood in the cluster and smiled. Wormwood was helpful in stopping the blood. It was good that the yard had such wild plants, otherwise she would not have managed to find another medicinal herb to stop the bleeding at such a short notice.

Back in the house, she ground the leaves and put them over Qing’s wounds.

“What is this, Miss?” Qing asked curiously.

“Herbs that can stop the bleeding.” Gu Chaoyan answered.

To stop Qing from asking her further details regarding the plant, she changed the topic. “You just said that Gu Ruxue is marrying the Prince?”

Qing turned pale again.

Why did she mention that?!

She had just blurted it out thoughtlessly a minute ago.

Her miss would feel very sad now.

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes. “I have lost interest in the Prince already, so don’t worry, I am not sad. Don’t hold back your words. Tell me everything you know!”

Qing smiled embarrassedly and withdrew her arm.

The next second, tears leaked out of her eyes.

“Oh man! What are you crying for again?” Gu Chaoyan looked helplessly at the foolish girl in front of her.

Qing said between sobs, “I am feeling sorry for you. You are such a nice person and a lineal daughter. You were the perfect match for the Prince. But now you have been replaced. But this was an engagement made by the Madam when she was alive. What are you going to do, Miss? The Old Master would not help you with your marriage.”

It seemed as if God could also feel Qing’s sadness. It started to rain suddenly.

Taking Qing’s hands in hers, Gu Chaoyan said, “Silly girl, don’t cry due to these stupid matters any more. My mom died, and no one from this family ever treated me as one of them. What we need to do is to think and make plans for ourselves!”

Qing pondered over Gu Chaoyan’s words for a long time after.

On the other side, Gu Chaoyan was thinking about how to get even with Gu Ruxue. She was definitely going to take revenge for what that woman did to Qing.

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