Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 15: Out Of The Mansion

Chapter 15: Out Of The Mansion

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Gu Ruxue looked at Gu Chaoyan with cruel intentions.

She was well aware that this mental girl had nothing to hold onto apart from that marriage contract of hers. Gu Chaoyan had put all her hopes on the engagement for her survival. She had been pestering Brother Jiming during the past few years.

But Gu Ruxue was in for a disappointment!

When Gu Chaoyan heard the news, she did not cry or get furious.

Instead, she remained seated in the chair and looked at Gu Chaoyan coldly. Then, she spoke with a bright smile, showing two rows of bright teeth. “Do you think that it is something worth showing off, Second Sister? You are simply getting what I discarded.”

Her gaze was filled with mirth. Gu Ruxue’s pretty face turned pale and she flushed in embarrassment. She had never expected that this girl would dare to say something like this about the Prince.

A fiery look flashed across her eyes.

She raised her hand and was about to slap Gu Chaoyan when the latter said with a smile, “Second Sister, are you sure that you want to try this again? Have you forgotten what just happened?”

Gu Ruxue looked at Gu Chaoyan with naked hatred in her eyes.

She truly was unable to do anything at this moment.

“Gu Chaoyan, just wait and watch!”

“Let’s go!”

The lady and the maid looked perfect together, one with swelling on the left cheek and the other with a swollen right cheek. They walked away in fury.

Gu Chaoyan massaged her wrist. She felt the ache in it because of all that hitting. She needed to find time to train Qing, so that she did not have to do the heavy lifting herself the next time.

She stretched languidly and felt like indulging in a good sunbath right here.

But the corner of her eye caught sight of Qing, who was shivering in fear. “Miss... you have just hit Second Miss. The Old Master is not going to spare you. What are we... supposed to do? Maybe someone will come to our yard later...”

After spending so many years in this mansion, Qing knew clearly what this would result in.

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes.

Well, it was understandable. Qing and the original host had been bullied too many times.

She patted Qing’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, no one is going to come here. Just stay here with me and relax. Later, we can go out of the mansion for some fun.”

Qing was confused. “No one will come? How do you know?”

Gu Chaoyan smiled brightly.

Of course she knew.

No one would have the time to cause her any trouble in the near future. It would be days before they remembered her again.

It was a good thing that she had cancelled the engagement. That had at least got her the freedom.

But she was in a terrible situation otherwise.

Her mother passed away when she was young, and no one apart from Qing in this mansion treated her well. She had to find some way to financially support herself in this era.

She needed to leave the mansion to see what the capital was like, so that she could make proper plans for the future.

She rested for two hours.

Qing noticed that no one had actually come to beat them up till now.

She looked at her miss in admiration, thinking that she was indeed a skilled predictor! Normally, they would get beaten badly as long as they made even a small mistake, but now two hours had passed and no one came. Qing’s faith in her miss increased multifold.

“Alright, stop looking at me like this. Get ready to go out.” Gu Chaoyan said and adjusted her clothes.

“But, we are not supposed to leave the mansion. The Old Master set this rule!”

“As long as you follow my instructions, I guarantee that you will be going out of the mansion today!” Gu Chaoyan said confidently.

“Miss, how are we going to do that?”

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