Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 16: A Bit Different

Chapter 16: A Bit Different

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Gu Chaoyan looked at Qing as if she were staring at an idiot. She sighed softly. This girl was nice in every way, except that she was a little slow.

How to get out of the mansion?

She knocked at Qing’s head lightly. “Of course, we are walking out of the front gate!”

Qing was confused and looked at her mistress like a fool. “Front gate? But the Old Master set the rule that we are not allowed to step out. The guards would definitely stop us.”

But what Qing received, was not a proper answer, but another knock on the head.

Qing touched her head and followed her in confusion.

Gu Chaoyan felt quite happy and started to walk out with a bright smile on the face.

They stepped out of the Qiong Pavilion and no one stopped them.

Qing ignored the pain on her head and was totally surprised. Why was no one stopping them? What happened?

They were always questioned whenever they walked out of the Qiong Pavilion in the past.

What Qing did not know was that everyone in the Gu Mansion was busy taking care of the Second Miss right now, because something had happened to her!

But, this good luck didn’t last for long. They were finally stopped as they reached the front gate.

The guards looked at the chubby miss and her maid with disdain on their faces. There was not even a hint of respect or friendliness in their expressions. They bellowed as if they were talking to beggars. “What are the two of you doing here? Are you going outside to bring more shame to the mansion? The Old Master has given the order that you are not allowed to step outside the mansion!”

During the past decade, Gu Chaoyan had only been outside the mansion twice. One was when she went to the temple as a little girl to pray. She gained the title as the most hideous person at that time. She understood later that the reason why she was maligned like this was because of her stepmother. The second time happened a couple of days ago, when the original Gu Chaoyan rushed out to Duke Changning’s Mansion after receiving the news regarding the divorce paper. That was also when the original Gu Chaoyan died.

Since Gu Chaoyan was not allowed to leave the mansion after her first visit, how did she manage to go out last time when she went to meet the Prince?

Gu Chaoyan was reminded of this by the guard’s words.

“Miss...” Qing tugged at Gu Chaoyan’s sleeves.

Gu Chaoyan came back to herself and said, “I am allowed to go out of the mansion.”

The guards sneered as if they had just heard the biggest joke. “How could that be possible?”

“You can ask the Old Master if you don’t believe me.” Gu Chaoyan said with determination.

Guards looked at the confident girl in confusion. Not long ago, the Second Miss got a bad allergy and developed rashes all over her face. Within a quarter of an hour, numerous doctors went in and out of the mansion. The guards did not dare bother the Old Master for such a small matter.

And this trashy miss did not look like someone who would dare to lie in front of anyone.

While the guards were still hesitating, Gu Chaoyan had already walked out with Qing.

Since the guards had not figured out if she was telling a lie or not, they could neither stop her nor leave her alone. Gu Chaoyan and Qing took advantage of this confusion and hastened their steps. They disappeared from the guards’ line of sight before the latter could make up their minds.

The guards consoled themselves that this coward miss would never dare to lie to them and became complacent.

One of the guards jabbed the other. “Hey, did you notice? Miss Ugly seemed a bit different today.”

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