Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 22: Apology (Part 2)

Chapter 22: Apology (Part 2)

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Wang Zhiyuan entered the hall wearing a bright smile on his face because he had heard that the Gu Family were here.

But when he came into the hall, he saw Gu Chaoyan surrounded by the guards in the middle of the hall.

He stopped smiling.

Wang Zhiyuan had never met Gu Chaoyan, but he had heard a bit about this girl. His wife had also described her to him. As a result, he could tell that she was the one his wife had talked about.

“What is going on?” Wang Zhiyuan asked as he looked at Gu Chaoyan.

His face was impassive and it was impossible to tell whether he was happy or not. But he did look intimidating.

Fearing that he would annoy this man, Gu Zhenkang immediately said, “Sir, my name is Gu Zhenkang, and this is my disobedient daughter. We are here to apologize. I heard that she crashed into Madame’s wagon and hurt the little boy.”

Wang Zhiyuan took the central seat and looked profoundly around him.

Only now did he realize that Officer Gu had erroneously assumed that his daughter hit his wife’s wagon.

Is that why he was treating her like this?

That was understandable.

Wang Zhiyuan looked slightly relieved.

Seeing the expression, Gu Zhenkang mistakenly assumed that his words were correct. As long as this senior person was satisfied, the Gu Family would not have to get involved with this affair. Also, the Prince was here to help them. So he continued to speak in an ingratiating manner.

“Officer Wang, I have brought this girl to you all. You are welcome to do anything to punish her, even kill her. We won’t interfere in the matter!” Gu Zhenkang remained pleasant and polite, showing his sincerity.

“Nonsense!” A furious voice arose in the hall.

Gu Zhenkang shivered as if he had said something wrong. He turned to look at the Prince, seeking his help.

Lu Jiming smiled. “Greetings, Madame Wang.”

Seeing Lu Jiming here, Madame Wang said politely, “How do you do, Prince of Duke Changning.”

Then, she took the seat next to Wang Zhiyuan.

When she heard from the butler that the Old Master of the Gu Family was here instead of Madame Gu, she had decided not to show up. After all, she was a woman and did not think it was proper to discuss affairs with the Old Master of the Gu Family.

But now she was glad that she came to take a look at the proceedings. Otherwise she would not have not gotten to know that the Gu Family wanted their daughter to die so callously.

She looked at Gu Zhenkang with a dark expression on her face. “What did you just say, Officer Gu? I did not catch that!”

Gu Zhenkang did not know how to respond to her question and gave a helpless look to the Prince, who was standing next to him.

Lu Jiming nodded slightly, assuring Gu Zhenkang. Hence, Gu Zhenkang repeated his earlier words calmly. “I just got to know that my daughter bumped into your wagon and hurt the little boy today. Hence, I have brought her here to offer apologies. You are welcome to punish her as you deem fit.”


“This ugly girl’s mother passed away when she was young. No one could groom her and that is why she grew up to be a crazy person. Since she is the one who made a mistake, you can do anything you want as a way of compensation. We won’t complain even if you want her dead.”

Having said the words, Gu Zhenkang looked at Officer Wang and Madame Wang with slight unease. It seemed that something was amiss.

But Lu Jiming was oblivious to the atmosphere in the hall.

He said arrogantly, “Officer Wang, Madame Wang, the Gu Family has told me what happened today. This stupid woman caused an accident, almost harming your family. So, she is at your mercy. The Gu Family has nothing to do with her. Hopefully, you will not blame the Gu Family for this girl’s actions.”

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