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Chapter 25: A Different Result

Chapter 25: A Different Result

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“You have seen what happened today, Madame Wang. My father has always treated me in this manner.” Gu Chaoyan said as she took a sip of the tea. It was fragrant and delicious, making Gu Chaoyan feel refreshed.

She loved tea, but had not been given any good ones during this period. Luckily, she got to drink good tea at Madame Wang’s.

Madame Wang was fairly experienced and had witnessed almost all kinds of things.

Hearing what Gu Chaoyan said, she was certain that she had not had a peaceful time at the Gu Family. Also, her marriage had just been cancelled, so she was probably experiencing an even worse time now.

“What is your plan? We can help you deal with your father. He won’t give you any more trouble at least for our sake.” Madame Wang suggested. It was the best idea she could come up with.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head with a smile.

Seeing her behavior, Madame Wang was confused.

“He is not my father.” Gu Chaoyan sounded cold, showing no emotions in her words.

Madame Wang was taken aback at her words.

She patted Gu Chaoyan’s hands and tried to console her. “He might not be a good one, but he is your father. We are women, and should listen to the father before marriage and the husband when married. You are disappointed with him, but you will have to depend on him in the future.”

Gu Chaoyan took another sip of the tea.

She could tell that Madame Wang was trying to be kind to her.

Madame Wang was a woman of the ancient era but Gu Chaoyan was not.

She was a ruthless mercenary from the 21st century.

Moreover, she was confident enough that she would be able to change her fate with her own abilities.

But she could not share those thoughts with Madame Wang, fearing that she would get even more concerned.

“Don’t worry, Madame. I am well aware of what is happening.” Gu Chaoyan said happily.

“No matter what happens, come to us if you find yourself in any trouble. Zhiyuan might not be high-ranking in the court, but he holds higher authority than your father.” Madame Wang said confidently.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Gu Zhenkang was back at the Gu Family by this point.

The moment he walked back into the mansion, Chen Fu guided him to the hall of the front yard.

Madame Gu, Mrs. Gu, Gu Ruxue, Gu Xiuying and several other people were waiting for him there, impatiently. The entire Gu Family had learned the news that Gu Chaoyan offended the Wang Family and they were worried of being pulled into trouble due to this.

The moment Gu Zhenkang walked in, Madame Gu felt assured when she did not see Gu Chaoyan.

Mrs. Gu smiled as well.

Her daughter, Ruxue, was getting married soon.

The ugly girl had held the position of the eldest daughter of the legal wife all this while. But now that Ruxue was getting married, she wished that she would disappear, so Ruxue could become the eldest daughter, instead.

“Old Master, what happened? Did the Wang Family blame us?” Mrs. Gu asked him.

Madame Gu frowned at her impertinence. She was not pleased with Mrs. Gu’s behavior. She was still around and this woman dared to mention something inauspicious in front of her.

With her eyes trained at her son, Madame Gu asked him. “What is it going on, Zhenkang?”

Gu Zhenkang’s face was pale. He struggled to come up with the right words to describe what actually transpired at the Wang Mansion.

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