Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 26: Just Luck

Chapter 26: Just Luck

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Seeing Gu Zhenkang’s expression, Madame Gu became worried instantly. She assumed that things had turned for the worse. Everyone knew that the Wang Family only had one son and if anything happened to him, the Gu Family would have to take full responsibility.

Thinking about this, she said with an annoyed expression on the face, “Your father should never have let you marry that businesswoman for the sake of her money. Our family has not experienced anything good since then. This girl should have died with that cheap mother of hers!”

Madame Gu looked rather furious, so she snapped harshly.

Hearing these words, Mrs. Gu would have burst into laughter but for the weird occasion. She was just about to add something when Gu Zhenkang shook his head. “Mom, that isn’t the case.”

“We did not offend the Wang Family. Instead, Officer Wang said that the hideous girl cured the little boy! He said that she was his child’s savior!”

“They have kept her now at the mansion because Madame Wang likes her and wants her to stay with her for some time.”

Gu Zhenkang continued with confusion in his voice. “I have no idea how that girl learned to cure people. She has always been stupid. How could she have developed such an ability?”

Mrs. Gu stiffened and her face turned pale in shock.

But Madame Gu saw the development in a different way. The fury on her face was gone in an instant. A bright smile lit her wrinkled face. “The Lin Family are merchants, but they have been involved in drugs and medicines. So, they are sure to have some medical knowledge. Her ancestors must have passed on some legacy to your late wife. I guess that she must have taught the girl something.”


“How lucky for us to be involved in something so wonderful.”


“If the Wang Family thinks that she is their savior, we should treat her better in the future.”

Madame Gu announced with a smile.

She did not notice the weird expression on Gu Zhenkang’s face.

Logically, he should have been happy about it, but he just felt that something was not right about the situation. Much to his frustration, he could not identify the problem. Had any of his other daughters done this, it would have made him feel very happy and honored. But not this one!

“She was just plain lucky!” Mrs. Gu mumbled, looking displeased.

“What did you say?” Gu Zhenkang stared at Mrs. Gu.

“Nothing...” Mrs. Gu mumbled. She did not dare to say it loudly.

“Repeat what you just said.” Gu Zhenkang looked intimidating.

Mrs. Gu spoke in a soft voice. “I mean, she was just, Old Master, what I mean is...”

Mrs. Gu was just about to explain herself when Gu Zhenkang smiled evilly.

He said with satisfaction in his eyes, “You are right, she was simply lucky this time around. Her mother knew almost nothing about medicine. Hence, she could not have given birth to a divine doctor!”

Mrs. Gu smiled in relief.

She still had some lingering fear about what just happened.

Gu Chaoyan had no idea what was going on in the Gu Mansion. She was wholly focussed on the unopened rock that she got from the store the other day.

The rock looked exactly the same as any other ordinary ones.

But Gu Chaoyan had a hunch that this one was somehow different.

Otherwise she would not have refused to open it at the store.

Gu Chaoyan was really curious to see what was inside.

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