Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 27: Magical Water

Chapter 27: Magical Water

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Gu Chaoyan exerted some force and the very next second, the rock cracked. She had been a hitman in her previous life, so she was definitely not weak. It was not too tough for her to crack open a stone.

She observed the broken rock carefully and noticed that there seemed to be a white light twinkling in it. This was indeed a different rock.

She was just about to study the pieces even more carefully, when she felt a sting arising in her finger. It seemed that she had ripped open her finger while exerting pressure and a drop of blood leaked onto the broken rock.

Suddenly, the white light disappeared in her hands, and the wound was cured. On close observation, she could see a tiny, faint light in the middle of her wounded finger. Gu Chaoyan’s eyes widened. She was completely befuddled about what had taken place just now.

What was that?

She, who had been in precarious situations in the previous life and witnessed many peculiar things, was shell-shocked at this moment. This incident seemed to be nothing short of magic.

The cracked rock had fallen on the floor, looking like an ordinary stone now.

And her hands...

Gu Chaoyan paid attention to her palms and found that there was a drop of water on one of the fingertips.

That made Gu Chaoyan panic and exclaim loudly.

Qing, who had been outside the room, heard the noise and hurried in. “Miss, what is wrong?”

“Nothing! I just bumped into something. Go and rest.” Gu Chaoyan answered with fake calmness.

After thinking over it for a while, she came up with an idea to test this water. Before going to bed, she took the water drop from her finger and put it into her tea. She drank it and fell asleep.

It was a peaceful night.

When she woke up, Gu Chaoyan felt completely refreshed.

Gu Chaoyan realized that her medical knowledge had grown overnight. Was it due to the water drop that her medical abilities had arisen by one level? She seemed to have stumbled onto something wonderful. This was fantastic!

Could this be the so-called Golden Finger?

Gu Chaoyan was smiling cheerfully when Qing said in a surprised voice, “Miss, you look a bit different today...”

“Different?” Gu Chaoyan raised her eyebrows.

Qing nodded seriously.

Since she did not like to see her current reflection, she hardly ever checked herself in the mirror. She hadn’t done so this morning as well. But now that Qing mentioned a change in her appearance, Gu Chaoyan immediately thought of the water drop.

In the meanwhile, Qing was peering at her face seriously. “Miss, your skin has turned lighter and your face has a dewy freshness to it.”

“Is that so?” Gu Chaoyan sounded cheerful.

She had planned to use a few herbs to lighten her skin. Combined with acupuncture and yoga to lose the weight, this was the future beauty regime that she had come up with.

But now that this waterdrop had unexpectedly landed in her hand, she was thrilled. It seemed to work better and faster than any medicine or herb. Didn’t everyone like being pretty?

When Auntie Song, Madame Wang’s servant, came there, she found the two of them to be in a good mood.

Auntie Song was an old employee of the Wang Family and had served as Madame Wang’s servant for decades.

Since Gu Chaoyan was Tong’s savior, she was extremely polite and respectful towards her. “Miss Chaoyan, Madame Wang has asked me to take you to breakfast.”

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