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Chapter 4: Playing Hard To Get

Chapter 4: Playing Hard To Get

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These were Gu Ruxue’s servant girls.

When they received the order, they didn’t hesitate for even one second.

Gu Chaoyan sneered, and allowed them to hold her, not bothering to resist.

It wasn’t until Lu Jiming’s divorce letter was thrown in front of her, that the two servants released her. Gu Chaoyan squatted down with difficulty, trying to pick up the letter.

The moment her hands touched the paper, Lu Jiming sneered. “Repulsive weirdo, don’t think that it wouldn’t count if you tore it!”

Instead of looking at Lu Jiming, Gu Chaoyan threw a look at her so-called father. Her father was pretending as if nothing had happened. He seemed to think that this girl, who was being humiliated at the moment, was not his own daughter. As expected, he did not utter even a single word in protest. No wonder Gu Chaoyan was bullied so dreadfully during these years.

She sneered.

Gu Chaoyan was dressed in a shabby outfit because the Gu Mansion had never provided her with any new clothes. Her ‘good’ sisters in the past had also come to beat her up in a cluster, making her clothes become even worse. Even then, she adjusted her clothes elegantly and put the letter away. Then she levelled a calm look at Lu Jiming. “From this day on, I have nothing to do with you.”

She spoke in such a serene way...

As if...

As if it had been her intention all along to get this letter.

Everyone in the house was surprised, even Lu Jiming felt slightly astonished.

This woman had been flattering him since childhood, and would do anything he asked her to.

He had thought that when this leech would get the letter, she would be heartbroken and start with her usual antics. After all, she had done many stupid things in the past few years. For example, two days ago, when he asked her to jump in the lake, she really did it.

But this time, she seemed to have such a composed reaction after getting the annulment paper.

Lu Jiming felt a bit displeased.

He had intended to leave right away but suddenly he started to act benevolently. With his eyes upon Gu Chaoyan, he said in a commanding tone, “You want to marry me, right?”

Gu Chaoyan stayed silent and privately mocked him for such conceited words.

“Since that is your biggest wish, then I can give you a chance. If you are able to do this one thing, I can marry you as a concubine and allow you to come to Duke Changning’s Mansion. After all, I am a generous person.” Lu Jiming looked really arrogant at this moment.

He was waiting to see Gu Chaoyan make a fool out of herself once again.

Gu Chaoyan sneered inwardly. She did not even care about being his wife, why would she consider becoming a concubine?

So she replied resolutely. “Sorry, I won’t.”


Gu Chaoyan turned her head to find that it was the iceberg Lord Huai who had reacted in this manner.

The laughter didn’t last for long. Soon, he regained his indifferent look.

But Lu Jiming was thoroughly annoyed. How dare she turn him down? Lu Jiming could do nothing about Lord Huai, who had just mocked him, despite feeling humiliated.

So, he pointed his index finger at Gu Chaoyan and uttered a few incoherent words... before giving up.

Gu Xiuying, on the other hand, could not stand it. She asked in a disdainful yet pretentiously innocent tone. “Sister, you are playing hard to get, right? ”

Displaying a pitiful look, she continued. “But the engagement is already broken, so nothing would work now.”

Lu Jiming liked what Gu Xiuying said and felt less annoyed.

Seeing this, Gu Ruxue played along as well. “True, a repulsive nutcase like her wants to behave coyly! Where did she pick up this skill from? The Prince will not recall the letter even if you use such a ploy. Keep dreaming!”

Gu Chaoyan scoffed – playing hard to get?

This scumbag was not worth her coming up with any tricks!

Gu Chaoyan looked at Gu Ruxue with a half-smile and said, “Sister Xiuying, you are indeed clever. You were able to immediately figure out that I am playing hard to get. You must have used a lot of such tricks frequently, right? That is why you recognised it in the first go, no!”

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