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Chapter 8: Lord Huai

Chapter 8: Lord Huai

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Qing helped Gu Chaoyan walk out of the front yard, step by step.

It was not very hot on this spring day, but it was warm enough. The begonias were blooming vividly. But if she had not been the leading role of this show, she would not have been able to step into this front yard.

Some servants who passed them by, muttered expletives at Gu Chaoyan under their breaths.

But, she didn’t care about any of these insulting things. She was still wearing a slight smile on her face, holding the annulment letter in her hand. She had managed to cancel the engagement, and thrown away the hot potato right after she was reborn. She had achieved something, after all.


She was totally free!

Gu Zhenkang had told her to stay at the Qiong Pavilion and never come out of it. That was indeed what she intended to do. The original host was not physically strong. Plus, she had just been rescued out of the lake and was beaten up. As a result, she was not feeling very well. In the days to follow, she was going to recover her health, lose some weight and regain her snowy white skin.

She was going to be very busy.

She was not frivolous but she did care about her looks which could come in handy. Also, she intended to earn some money with her medical skills.

She intended to move out of the Gu Mansion and buy a large house where she was going to have a nice time.

Thinking about the future, her smile became brighter.

“Miss, what is wrong?” Qing got very frightened seeing her mistress grinning widely.

She was very worried now. Her miss had been dumped by the Prince today. This was the person whom she used to like a lot. She was scared that her miss might lose her mind due to sadness. After Madam was gone, her miss’s life had turned really difficult. Qing had been looking forward to seeing her marry the Prince when she grew up. After all, Madam had saved his life and the Prince and his parents should have treated her well. The promise of engagement was what kept Gu Chaoyan going during all these bleak years.

But all of it went up in smoke today.

Qing started to cry when she thought of this.

Seeing Qing’s tears, Gu Chaoyan immediately understood what this girl was thinking about.

She patted her head and said with a sincere look on her face, “Stop crying! I am seriously happy!”

Gu Chaoyan suddenly realized that she should not act too strangely else Qing would not be able to digest it. So, she added as an afterthought. “After the lake incident, I suddenly realized that I would never have a great life with the Prince if I married him. He even asked me to jump in the lake! Moreover, he disliked me greatly.”


“From this day onwards, we are not going to rely on others. We are going to carve a good life for ourselves.” Gu Chaoyan said resolutely.

Qing could see the determination in the eyes of her mistress.

She did not seem to be joking and what she said did not sound wrong, either.

Qing finally smiled and decided to put faith in Gu Chaoyan’s promise.

As Gu Chaoyan returned to the old and shabby Qiong Pavilion, she realised that the house looked completely barren. Thankfully, it was at least clean.

Qing was a diligent and hardworking girl.

Although Gu Chaoyan often messed up in the past, Qing had always tidied up after her.

Hmph! Gu Xiuying’s claim about her being stinky was wrong. As she thought about this, she realized that her image must have been ruined through such rumors in the past.

She shook her head and tried to leave those unnecessary thoughts alone. She had better things to do at the moment.

“Qing, do you know anything about Lord Huai?” Gu Chaoyan still could not fathom why Lord Huai had smiled at her earlier.

There had been nothing on her face to elicit such a reaction from him!

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