Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 2124: Kill

Chapter 2124: Kill


Lu Yun’s hand missed the young man, instead landing on the void beside him and shattering it. A massive black hole appeared and sucked the young man through. Lu Yun grabbed Qing Yu’s hand and stepped through the black hole.

The unbounded nothing was found outside the black hole. Compared to the nihil of their home, this was true nihil. It wasn’t an empty void—it was truly empty.

There was no space, time, or any other concepts. Nothing existed.

The nothing wasn’t simply black—there was no concept of color. It really was the absence of everything.

Lu Yun was briefly disoriented when he arrived in the nothing, like he’d been thrown into an unknown circumstance. Everything here should be part of him, but also not part of him. It was a very paradoxical feeling that made him feel infinitely big, so big that the entire nothing and world was him. But he was also interminably small, so small that he shouldn’t exist.

The feeling lasted for a fleeting moment before he returned to normal—the external circulation of heaven and earth rumbled into motion. Monumental power burst from his body, forcefully creating “something” within the “nothing”.

A lost Qing Yu was jarred back to her senses. She clung tightly to her dao partner, fear and shock warring over her face.

“This is the true nothing!” she exclaimed. “Ordinary beings are immediately assimilated when they enter this area and turn into nothing.”

That was what Lu Yun had felt moments ago. He’d been infinitely big, yet also undefinably small. The whole world had been him and also not him. That was the feeling of being assimilated by the nothing.

If he hadn’t been protecting Qing Yu, she would’ve already become one with the nothing.

“Don’t worry, you’ve got me.” He squeezed her hand with a smile before turning his sights to the young man in front of them.

Their enemy was overlaid with the shadow of a city. He grew larger than life and postured like a tyrant of the nothing. Imposing and untouchable, he looked down at the couple from on high.

“You’re a smart one. You sent me out here because you know that brick can’t withstand my strength, didn’t you?” The young man was one with the city and the full strength of a zombie emperor erupted from him. A terrifying aura roiled in all directions.

Of course, there was no such thing as “all directions” in the true nothing. But there was “something” in this nothing now—Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the young man created the definitions of “something” and “existence” in this nothing.

Thus was space and time also born at the same time, but that was all there was to these concepts. They would vanish if the trio disappeared; they would not linger afterward unless a mighty subjective existence that affected the objective appeared. That existence would need to use their subjective will to redefine this nothing before “something” could eternally “exist” in the true nihil.

Whether it was Lu Yun or the young man who’d become one with the zombie emperor, neither of them had reached the level of creating an eternal “something” within “nothing.” Even though Lu Yun was but a step away from that level, that one step was an insurmountable distance.

The young man made his move. Standing tall over the city, he balled up his fists and brought a punch down on Lu Yun’s head. There was nothing he could make use of in the nothing since it was the absence of everything. He could only rely on his own strength, but his own strength had become one with the zombie emperor.

A zombie emperor at Supreme Immortal of Original Order possessed unbounded power and could inflict indelible injuries on the new world of immortals with a single blow!

Lu Yun watched the punch approach him and floated away, still holding Qing Yu’s hand. They backed an unknown distance away before he returned the blow.


The void shook and the young man’s attack instantly shattered. The momentum of wind and thunder crashed into the young man like they were tangible forces. He opened his mouth and spewed out fresh blood.

“The power of wind and thunder! How is this possible?!” His eyes went wide open.

These two powers came from the strength of heaven and earth, but that didn’t exist in the nothing! Even he and the ghost zombie emperor could only use their innate strength—pure force.

“Nothing is impossible.” Lu Yun shook off his right hand. His left still held Qing Yu’s, the ripples from the collision hadn’t affected her. He walked forward with her and calmly pushed his palm out.

The power of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth flowed into each other and formed a multi-colored handprint. It crashed into the young man and elicited a large mouthful of blood from him. The zombie emperor that’d become one with him nearly disintegrated from the blow.

Both of them howled with pain and indignity, their combined states nearly falling apart.

“Thank goodness we’re in the nothing.” Lu Yun’s heart palpitated with fear. That palm strike had been so strong that even its ripples would overwhelm the new world. His strength was beyond the limits of what it could endure.

He hadn’t been willing to fight the hidden ghost zombie emperors not because he was worried they would hurt the world throughout the course of their fight, but that he was too strong. If he erupted at full strength, it wouldn’t take too much before he destroyed everything that was the new world of immortals.

“How can you be so strong?!” the young man shrieked and tried to retreat.

Lu Yun bounded in front of him with one step and grabbed his head, sending power of the soul into the depths of the young man’s soul and reading his memories. Lu Yun’s external circulation of heaven and earth fully flared at the same time, isolating the young man from everything around him. Even a powerhouse standing behind the young man wouldn’t be able to peek into Lu Yun’s domain.

The young man quickly quieted down and died. The zombie emperor city shattered at the same time. Their lives were tied together. Both fell if one perished.


In a massive city floating in the husk of a desolate world.

The world outside was dead without any signs of life, but vitality brimmed in the enormous city. An elder in black robes suddenly opened his eyes, the look in them so cold that those around him shuddered without choice.

“Luo’er just died,” he rasped. “Investigate!”

“Understood.” A man dressed in black armor bowed to the old man.

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