Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3801 Seven Stars Fully Activated

Chapter 3801 Seven Stars Fully Activated


Yet again, the two of them clashed simply with their fists. This time, their punches were even stronger than the last.

The two once more parted, and Shi Yang’s aura grew to another level, as if he had endless power to draw on.

“Alioth Star!”

Long Chen stamped on the air and directly charged back at his opponent, his aura rising as well.

“Life Fate Star!”

“Enlightenment Palace Star!”

“Divine Gate Star!”

“Nethergate Star!”

With every exchange, Long Chen’s aura grew wildly. At this moment, his power caused the sky to rumble and the earth to crack. When endless violet qi flowed amongst his starry sea, the world shuddered and the sun and moon lost their light.

At first, Shi Yang hadn’t placed Long Chen in his eyes because as Long Chen’s aura rose, so did his. However, once the Nethergate Star activated, an unstoppable force blasted him away.

“Shi Yang was forced back! Could it be that Long Chen’s physical body is even stronger than an immemorial devil corpse?!” Some people amongst the devil race couldn’t help crying out in disbelief.

With six punches, Long Chen activated six stars. Fortunately, he had an expert like Shi Yang helping him unleash his power, or just by relying on himself and having no target to attack, it would be difficult for him to activate them all in one go.

At this moment, both of Shi Yang’s heads roared furiously, and his green fur lit up. The countless eyes within his manifestation also began to shine.

After that, blood-colored rays of light shot out of those eyes, illuminating his body. Through the layers of green fur, it was possible to see the corpse spots on his body.

Moreover, every corpse spot contained a rune that emitted terrifying auras.


A shocked cry rang out. People suddenly found that the ground beneath their feet was moving. The yellow soil was becoming black, and black mist floated out of it.

There were a lot of corpses lying on the ground after being slain by Xia Chen and Guo Ran. Amongst them were many Supreme heavenly geniuses.

When the black soil spread, those corpses instantly corroded and merged into the black soil. It was like a strange energy devoured them into the earth.

This entire world directly became a cemetery, and the aura of death and rot filled the air. It was a terrifying aura that made others flee.

Everyone retreated except for Xia Chen, Guo Ran, and Yue Xiaoqian. This aura of decay was blocked by Long Chen’s astral energy, so they weren’t afraid of

“Long Chen, is it? Good. You are a bit interesting. But do you really think you can contend with my corpse devil race with just this? You are too naive.”

Shi Yang then let out a punch, and a large mass of space collapsed. As the entire world twisted, the terrifying pressure made everyone jump.

This punch actually suppressed the laws. When the corpse spot runes on Shi Yang’s body began to move, violent auras with an ancient desolate flavor came from them. It was as if people could see a piece of just how terrifying this ancient corpse was back when it was alive.

“The Grand Dao has declined; the laws are incomplete. With just you alone, you think you can challenge me?! You will pay the price for your foolishness. This corpse that I obtained is that of a Yin Yang Blood Devil from the immemorial era. It was a legendary expert with the purest blood devil bloodline. Although it’s been a trillion years, its core blood has yet to dry up. I grew up with it by my side, constantly nourishing it with my blood and soul until I ultimately merged with it. Now that I’ve reached the Immortal King realm, I can finally activate that blood. Today, I will show everyone just how terrifying the experts of the immemorial era are!” Shi Yang’s two heads spoke at the same time, and all four eyes were locked onto Long Chen. The corpse qi swirled around him like wailing ghouls.

Suddenly, Shi Yang made his move. Countless corpse spots on one of his arms lit up like stars. After that, he raised his arm and unleashed a punch that tore through heaven and earth, turning the space that Long Chen was in into nothingness.


Everyone was stunned. This attack was sudden and terrifying, turning the space that Long Chen was in into a black vortex. It then devoured heaven and earth, and the intense rumbling shook people’s ears. This was an apocalyptic power.

Seeing this scene, people felt like their souls would be sucked into that black vortex. Even Guo Ran and Xia Chen were shocked. They had not expected Shi Yang to be this powerful.

However, while this terrifying attack tore through space, it missed. Long Chen seemed to teleport, appearing to the right of the vortex.

He was only a few meters from the vortex, like just one step would draw him inside. But that vortex was like a chained dog, and no matter how it howled and raged, it could not bite Long Chen.

Countless people stared in shock at the two of them. That attack was like lightning, giving people no chance to react, but Long Chen was like a phantom. No one even saw how he had dodged.

Just one attack and one dodge displayed their shocking reaction speed. This was a fighting skill refined through countless brushes against death.

“So that’s the case. The immemorial era’s experts have primal chaos qi in their bloodline, which allows them to give birth to such rune and this kind of physical body.” Long Chen eyed the runes on Shi Yang’s body.

Those runes contained the aura of the immemorial era. Within this aura, Long Chen could also sense the aura of primal chaos.

In the immemorial era, the primal chaos qi was still abundant. Only such an environment could produce such terrifying lifeforms.

Xia Guhong had said that the current era’s lifeform could not compare to those from the archaic era, and the archaic era could not compare to the immemorial era. In the same case, the immemorial era was also a far cry from the primal chaos era.

It was because the environment of the nine heavens and ten lands had changed. By this era, primal chaos qi was not the only thing that was gone. Even the spiritual qi was no longer as dense, and the Heavenly Daos were incomplete.

Thus, Xia Guhong said that it was very difficult for the current era’s people to surpass their predecessors. It wasn’t because they had regressed, but because the world had. People could not defy the heavens.

“The immemorial era isn’t something that you can imagine. That era’s devil race was the master of this world. Although this devil corpse contains only a trace of primal chaos qi, as long as its source is not destroyed, I will absorb the flood of primal chaos qi that will come when the heavenly wall of the three thousand worlds is torn open. After that, my core will be fully activated, and no one will be a match for me. But unfortunately, you will not be able to see that because you will be dying today. This trace of primal chaos qi is enough to kill you many times over.”

Countless eyes stared at Long Chen from Shi Yang’s manifestation. This time, he was smart and used his manifestation to lock down Long Chen, not giving him a chance to dodge.


Shi Yang shouted and the corpse spots on his body once more lit up. Another fist then tore through heaven and earth.

“Violet Tower Star!”

The Violet Tower Star beneath Long Chen’s Dantian suddenly shook. After that, a violet sun lit up within his starry sea.


When the Violet Tower Star lit up, the complete Seven Star Battle Armor was activated and the violet qi within Long Chen’s body ignited. The next moment, the violet qi wave erupted and struck Shi Yang. He could only let out a grunt and was blown back.


This time, people’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. They didn’t dare to believe what they were seeing.

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