One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4627 - 4627 Never Too Late to Love (34)

Chapter 4627 - 4627 Never Too Late to Love (34)

4627 Never Too Late to Love (34)

All the male colleagues believed it.

It was understandable that students who had just graduated had not had their first awakening of love. Furthermore, Bai Sheng looked like a very innocent young girl. Everyone secretly expressed their goodwill and waited for Bai Sheng to change her mind.

And now… The news that had spread in the morning meeting shocked many of the male colleagues who had a crush on Bai Sheng! They all went to look for her to verify the rumors.

Finally, Bai Sheng could no longer deflect the questions that came one after another and said to her colleagues, “I’m married.”



The exclamations of doubt were like a stormy sea! The male colleagues could not believe it!

The female colleagues expressed their disdain.

A female colleague sitting next to her said disapprovingly, “Weren’t you single a while ago?”

“Uh huh… We had a flash marriage! We’ve only just registered.”

“Flash marriage!!!”

Everyone was shocked.

Many of the colleagues who had gathered at the entrance and seen Gu Chengze with their own eyes began to gossip. “I saw them this morning. Bai Sheng’s husband is really handsome! He’s even better looking than many celebrities on television!”

“Not only is he handsome, most importantly, he is so gentle towards Bai Sheng!”

These were all words of envy without any malice.

However, gradually, discordant voices of doubt emerged.

“Bai Sheng, you’ve just graduated and you’re already in such a hurry to marry yourself off?! A flash marriage?! Do you have a good understanding of your marriage partner?”

Bai Sheng answered patiently, “He is a good person and takes good care of me. Furthermore, he dotes on me a lot.”

“You’ve just gotten married, so you won’t be able to tell. Into a relationship there’s a phase of passionate love and then a phase of adjustment. In a marriage, there is also the three-year itch and seven-year itch! In the beginning, you’ll be full of enthusiasm, but later on, without a relationship foundation, it’s very difficult to maintain a marriage.”

“That’s right! Bai Sheng, you are too impulsive! Aiya, I see that your hand is bare, where is your wedding ring?”

Bai Sheng looked at her bare hands and replied, “Oh, we have yet to hold a wedding ceremony.”

“No wedding ceremony?”

“So you only have a marriage certificate?”

Bai Sheng nodded.

Another person asked, “What about the engagement banquet? Has the engagement banquet been held?”

“No… We just registered our marriage first. We’re living together now. As for the wedding… we still have to plan it.”

As soon as Bai Sheng finished speaking, a female colleague immediately started to ridicule her.

Among them, a beautifully dressed woman named Su Xiaoxiao, who was sitting in the back row, smiled coldly. “A flash marriage is very dangerous. Bai Sheng, you have to think carefully. Whether you can afford to hold a wedding or not and whether you are willing to hold a wedding are two different things. However, whether a man is rich but is unwilling to hold a wedding, or not rich enough although willing to hold a wedding, I’d reject either category!” In other words, she was saying that Gu Chengze did not hold a wedding because he either could not afford it, or he was unwilling to.

“In the end, you’ll be the one at a disadvantage! After all, it doesn’t matter even if a man gets a divorce once. Once a woman gets a divorce, her value will immediately depreciate!”

Bai Sheng did not think much of it. “Aren’t you being too serious? A wedding is not the only benchmark to measure the happiness of a marriage. This is just a formality!”

“Those who call a wedding ‘formality’ are all poor men who can’t afford a wedding. Such men are the least ambitious! They clearly don’t have money, so why are they talking about formality? They can’t even give formality!”

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