One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 293(END) - Side Story Seven (5)

Chapter 293: Side Story Seven (5)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Di Qiuhe was overwhelmed by this lovely surprise, he stroked He Bai’s head clumsily and faltered, “Bai, you… you… …”

“I’m leaving soon.” He Bai interrupted, he patted Di Qiuhe on the shoulder an said, “I know no one can hurt you any more, my job is done here. I should go back home now, going back to my Childish Di, he must have gone mad waiting for me.”

Di Qiuhe clenched his arms, he didn’t know what to say.

He Bai turned back and saw a corner on the plaza, Di Qiuhe made him a snowman right at that corner.

“I’m spoiled by my Childish Di in the other world, he needs to deal with it bu himself.” He Bai continued, his voice was so soft, “If you are really looking for a relationship, try open your heart and look for a He Bai who isn’t spoiled by Di Qiuhe, I’m sure that He Bai will fall in love with you.”

Hearing He Bai ask him to look for someone else, Di Qiuhe cracked a smile and asked, “So… is this really a dream?”

He Bai shook his head and smiled, “I don’t know either, I don’t know what game the God is playing with us… Qiuhe, please take care.” He Bai honestly didn’t know whether this was a dream or a parallel world or his previous life, he had no idea. But he did know he should go back to his Childish Di, that was the only way for both this Di Qiuhe and his Childish Di to find happiness, and of course for himself.

With that He Bai closed his eyes and fell onto the ground.

“If you don’t wake up today, I will smash all your cameras and our photo wall at home, and… and all of your photo albums!” He Bai heard the familiar voice with a familiar tone, “And I won’t let you run around ever again, you are only allowed to have a good time with my presence.”

“Sounds good.”

“You better walk the talk, young man.” Di Qiuhe continued this talk, and the next second he raised his head to make sure it was the man lying in bed who just said that, and tha apple in his hand fell on the floor.

He Bai saw that and shook his head disapprovingly, “tut tut tut, no more fruit for you for a week.”

Di Qiuhe stared at He Bai for a while and reached put his arms to hug him tightly, “You know how long you were in a coma for? A whole week! A whole bloody week! How lazy are you! I’m telling you now, no more jumping out of your comfort zone bullshit, no, it ain’t happening any… …”

“I miss you so much Childish Di.” He Bai hugged Di Qiuhe tightly, “Your beard… oh my, so spiky, ouch, Qiuhe, when was the last time you shaved?”

Di Qiuhewas choked, but he decided to get naughty, he went all the way to kiss He Bai feverishly and asked, “And whose fault is that? Who failed to keep his promise?”

“Mine, I guess.” He Bai admitted his mistake and kissed Di Qiuhe back, “Also, Qiuhe, I’m sorry.” He Bai said sincerely, he won’t take any trip without Di Qiuhe any more, he wanted to spend every minute with this Childish Di for the rest of their lives.

Di Qiuhe didn’t expect He Bai would admit his mistake so quickly, he found it a little bit hard to believe, so he put on a poker face to let He Bai know how serious he was about this, “Bai, I mean it! This is really scary for me, just to think I might lose you forever is unbearable for me, don’t play all cute on me and run away!”

He Bai smiled sheepishly, “I mean it too, do you want me to buy a lock so you can lock me up at home?”

… …

“Let’s have one more honeymoon soon, yeah? Winter is coming, let’s make a snowman?”

Di Qiuhe was not used to such a soft spoken He Bai, “Don’t act all cute, I won’t fall for it.”

He Bai touched Di Qiuhe’s face gently, “Qiuhe, I miss you so much, and I miss the buns you always make me for breakfast, I’m so spoiled by you, you need to be held accountable and be responsible for me.”

Di Qiuhe couldn’t resist kissing him back, “I will make you buns every day.”

“But you haven’t in my dream.”

“What? That seems to be a stretch here, I call foul play.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Di Qiuhe kissed He Bai feverishly, letting him know how much he was missed.

He Bai kissed Di Qiuhe back, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment yeah, where there was his Childish Di, where there was home. He just wanted to be this person’s puppy no matter which universe, which world, which life he was in.

To return to the Di Qiuhe in the previous life.

Di Qiuhe woke up this morning having a headache, he seemed to have a really long dream last night, but he couldn’t recall a thing.

“Mr. Di, are you feeling better today? The lunch meeting is about to start, do we need to reschedule it?”

The assistant’s reminder dragged Di Qiuhe back to reality, he replied “no, I’m fine.”

The lunch meeting was a big success, Di Qiuhe took the drink his assistant just bought him and left earlier to avoid paparazzi, but he bumped into someone in the lobby, to his surprise, the one apologized sincerely and picked up his drink from the ground.

“Oh, coo, we are having the same drink.”

A slender hand held the drink and passed it to him, Di Qiuhe nodded and took the drink. Suddenly the dimple on the person’s left cheek caught his attention, something flashed across his mind, he grabbed the person’s hand, tightly.

“Sir?” the man looked at Di Qiuhe with concern, his smile faded, he reminded in a friendly manner, “Sir, your hand should be on the drink, not this hand.”

Di Qiuhe definitely had seen some judgement flashed across the man’s eyes, how interesting.

Di Qiuhe took off the sunglasses and took a glimpse at the camera hanging from the man’s neck, “So, you are a paparazzo?”


“Here I am, take as many photos of me as you want.”

“Say what now? Could you please let me go first? I’m no paparazzo, there seems to be some misunderstandings here.”

“On one conditions though, if you can fulfill that condition, you can take as many photos of me as you want.”

“What? Wait, why are there so many people now?”

Di Qiuhe strode away from the lobby while dragging the man, he shook his head at his driver and walked to a small lane, he turned back and said to the man, “Why? Because I’m Di Qiuhe.”

The man was furious, he screamed, “I don’t care! Let go of me! I need to go to the mountain for my night view shooting! Not in the mood to play some stupid game with you.”

“Well, too late to say no now.” Di Qiuhe curled his lips and held the man’s hand tightly. Now he could recall he seemed to have lost something important in his dream, he was now on his way to get that back.

It was never to late to fall in love.

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