Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1307 1301: Void Wyrm, The Warden

Chapter 1307 1301: Void Wyrm, The Warden

Back at the gathering spot of the Neo-Dawn Starfield's most powerful subjects, the gaze of everyone was centered strongly on Wei Wuyin. While questions ran rampant, not a single person said anything. The heartfelt anxiety kept building as the two-the Emperor and the Serpent-grew closer and closer, occupying every faculty of thought and focus.

"I can at least enjoy this a little."

If the World Beyond knew that Wei Wuyin, a mere mortal at the Star Core Phase, wanted to enjoy a confrontation with a Heavenly Treasure's Spirit Beast, they would certainly find it laughable. However, to the Heavenly War Spirit, she was concerned that Wei Wuyin may take it too far.

Unfortunately, she could no longer interfere as the Void Wyrm finally seemed to have noticed the tiny, nearly insignificant speck of flesh, bone, and blood before it. It proceeded to slow down, its draconic eyes curiously observing Wei Wuyin1 s location and then moving to Baby Defiant and the Neo-Dawn Starfield.

From its questioning gaze, Wei Wuyin could see the exact question posed by its recently awakened gaze: "How could this itty-bitty creature emit such Void Energy?"

Relative to the Neo-Dawn Starfield, Wei Wuyin was like an Absolute-sized Solar Star in comparison to a Dwarf-sized Solar Star. It was nearly incomparable!Strange.

How did it miss it before?

What the hell was going on during its years of slumber that a mere mortal could have such absurdly dangerous, forbidden levels of Void Energy? Its very existence threatened the stability of the World Within the Fold!

It had to be eliminated.


The Void Wyrm didn't hesitate; its elongated body twisted slightly, and as if time, space, and the concept of distance itself were bypassed, the tail-end of its body swiped at the mortal flea. It was a casual, effortless strike.

Enough to annihilate a tiny-sized starfield instantly!

After launching the strike, feeling confident of ridding the World Within the Fold of this danger, the staunch feeling of rampant desire swelled within its heart and blood as its animalistic instincts began to supersede its primary duties. It had awakened in a lethargic state.

Earlier, the Void Wyrm had noticed the gigantic burning mass in the distance, and its senses alerted it of a great violation of its existence. The scent of Void Energy permeated pervasively throughout. It could barely fathom how it had allowed this to happen. It slowly trudged toward the anomaly, not out of caution, but simply because it had felt extremely weak and fuzzy-minded.

How long was its slumber?

Why did it enter slumber?

What was the last thing it remembered?

These questions swirled in its thoughts, gradually grasping each answer with every eclipsing second.

"Eight thousand two hundred and forty-six years, eight months, and nineteen days."

But the last two questions remained fuzzy and hard to discern, only the relaxing feeling of being bathed in a bright warm light enveloped it. Shortly after that comfortable feeling was felt, as if time had passed in an instant, it was immediately before nine beings that caused his senses to release shocking alarms. There was one in particular that caused it to experience a great feeling of irritation and urgency.

The chestnut-skinned, golden-robed, speck of flesh humanoid creature.

Unfortunately, it didn't have much time to think through all this accurately, especially after its duties were noticeably neglected, and there was a literal starfield with a scent of Void Energy. It had to rectify this before those three found out. To do so, it decided to simply perform a hard reset on the area.

Essentially-total eradication!

And now, its predator's animalistic instinct and memory were triggering after unleashing that strike. Was it due to that insignificant creature? Was it prey that it had hunted? The confusion compounded, but the ravenous urge to devour remained. It moved to slurp the shattered fragments of the creature's body and its Void Energy, hoping to use it to recover to its prime state.

The Void Wyrm's thoughts were enhanced by Time Energy, circulating at unfathomably fast speeds, so this allowed it to feel, think, and recall all before the strike had even hit its target. In its mind, the flea-sized mortal was already dead.


Alas, its belief and reality would not coincide.

Wei Wuyin stood in the same spot, unmoved by a single inch, with his right palm outstretched, pressed against the scaly skin of the Void Wyrm. There were bulging veins on his right hand, clearly indicating an exertion of strength, but besides that, there was little else. A single tiny figure was holding the tail of the Void Wyrm that was thousands of kilometers in height. The sight was very similar to an ant holding an oak tree!

Wei Wuyin's brows furrowed slightly. Then, he exerted strength through his palm, arm, torso, and legs! As the power gathered in reverse, using Chaos Mana as solid, condensed ground, Wei Wuyin pushed!


The single act generated world-rending, almighty strength, inducing an explosion resembling roaring thunder on the most silent night. All forms of energy, essence, mana, gravity, light, space, and time were pushed away by this single act! The sheer strength could snuff entire starfields!

The Void Wyrm's eyes widened slightly, and then it felt a wave of irresistible power flow through it. Then, it moved! It was forced back!! Its 180,000-kilometer-long body was forcefully moved!

While it was only for a single mile of space, the very fact it was pushed any degree of distance by a mere mortal was an inconceivable occurrence in its mind! But Wei Wuyin didn't stop there, after shoving the Void Wyrm, his leg slid back just a little, and then his right hand slowly formed into a fist.

As it formed, the center of his fist was exerting such horrific levels of gravitational force that a single particle of mass concentrated at its center to an absurd limit, generating a Black Hole! It was tiny, sufficient to be held in the palm of a hand, but it was trying to drag in all the energy, essence, mana, and light that was blown away earlier!

Wei Wuyin enclosed his fist tightly, sealing the Black Hole in his palm. With a light breath, Wei Wuyin kicked off, closing that one mile of forcefully attained distance, and in the same location that he shoved, he launched his right fist forward!



Wei Wuyin's strike had cracked the scales of the Void Wyrm!


The Void Wyrm felt a wave of pain throughout its body. Before it could even react, that one mile of distance was outdone, sending it over two hundred miles back in an embarrassing flailing mess. From afar, it was similar to seeing a snake being tossed aside.

Wei Wuyin didn't even glance at the Void Wyrm. Instead, he was staring at his fist, absolutely thunderstruck.

"Woah." The Heavenly War Spirit breathily exclaimed from her Egg Form. What type of physical power was that?!?!

Wei Wuyin was similarly in awe. While he had fought against He Bojing, the He Clan's Earthly Saint, with his fists as a Timelord without losing, he had to rely on the Draconic Transformation to achieve such a feat. That fist...

Wei Wuyin did not doubt that he could kill He Bojing with this single fist!

"I had an idea that I'd experienced a monumental change, but I was so focused on consolidating my cultivation base that I hadn't had the time to measure it. I didn't think..." He was rendered speechless as he realized the various factors that had changed from his time against He Bojing to now.

Not only had his True Void Dragon Bloodline reached the Mystic-Rank, but he had also formed his Stellar-Paragon Astral Physique, obtained Little Defiant, and reached the Star Core Phase. While it wasn't explicitly stated, each of those achievements contributed to a greatly improved quality and quantity of physical energy.

"Try it again!" The Heavenly War Spirit urged excitedly.

Wei Wuyin's silver eyes fiercely blazed with light. How could he not be excited as well? The Void Wyrm was still twisting chaotically in the Dark Void, trying to adjust its position and disperse its power. Unfortunately, its typical means of using the spatial and temporal power to diffuse any force was ineffective against Wei Wuyin's physical power. Every blow contained traces of the Minor Laws of Time and Space.

Wei Wuyin kicked off!

In a blink of a Heavenly Treasure's Spirit Beast's eyes, he flickered directly next to the Void Wyrm's upper body. Its eyes instantly caught on to his figure, but it did little good as Wei Wuyin kicked at its tail almost immediately!


Three scales cracked!!

Wei Wuyin didn't stop; he kept up with the Void Wyrm at each step he took, striking in a myriad of ways at its gargantuan body, causing endless cracks of its numerous scales to spread. Back in the Neo-Dawn Starfield, besides the most extreme experts, everyone else only saw the Void Wyrm slowly down before being sent flying through the Dark Void. It got further and further away.

But after a while, the Void Wyrm began to make its way back even faster.

Wei Wuyin was sending it back toward the Neo-Dawn Starfield!

"I almost forgot..." Wei Wuyin chuckled heartily as he shoved the Void Wyrm back. The creature that nearly killed Evergod with a single strike was being manhandled by a mere mortal!

After getting it in a good position, and testing out his newfound strength, Wei Wuyin stopped and waited for the Void Wyrm to adjust. After it flipped about for a while, it finally regained its balance. This brief moment was enough for all the cracked scales to instantly heal and for the Void Wyrm's physical position to anchor to fixed space.

"You won't be able to move it any longer. It anchored itself in space," the Heavenly War Spirit pointed out.

"Oh?" Wei Wuyin took that as a challenge. Could it truly not be moved? The aura around him began to suppress heaven and earth beneath his presence! He resembled a young Emperor appointed by the heavens themselves.

"Move!" Wei Wuyin commandingly roared!!!

The Void Wyrm's position stuttered slightly as it retreated!

"See," Wei Wuyin gestured to the Void Wyrm as if to say: "It moved."

"That's cheating; you used a Minor Law and your abnormal Spiritual Strength!" The Heavenly War Spirit complained. While it had never challenged Wei Wuyin, the fact that he had disproved her instantly left her feeling frustrated. "Moreover, it's still lethargic from just awakening!"

Wei Wuyin laughed, "I'm only attacking because it's weakened. If not, would I dare do this?" After saying that, Wei Wuyin immediately became serious. Whether it was his demeanor, it no longer was as relaxed or unrestrained as before. It was about time for the Warden of the World Within the Fold to act.

The Void Wyrm's eyes no longer contained the disdain and casual dismissive attitude from earlier. This tiny creature had an unimaginable amount of physical strength within it. While the punches, kicks, and shoves hadn't brought it any pain, the fact it could crack its scales and cause it to retreat with a single shout meant it was a threat to the stability of the Endless Void Mirror, even if the Void Energy was set aside.

Instinctively, it began to act in accordance with its predetermined purpose.

Wei Wuyin could feel its gaze was actively effusing raw, primal killing intent, not his desired response. He knew that this wasn't enough. It simply wasn't.

"Let's test this out then." No longer playing around with punches and kicks, Wei Wuyin decided to access a power he hadn't used in a long, long time. With this, if he couldn't exceed the power of an Earthly Saint, entering the Worldly Saint level, then he'll have no choice but take another path.

The world went silent.

The Void Wyrm went blind.

It could no longer sense the world.

From Wei Wuyin's body, a Worldly Pressure began to unfurl outward!

"!!!" The Void Wyrm's body moved by instinct. It opened its great maw, revealing a world of chaotic space, and lunged at speeds that even Worldly Saints couldn't react to! It was as if distance, time, and space had just been completely ignored!

Before Wei Wuyin could bring forth his Worldly Domain, the Void Wyrm swallowed him whole!


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