Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1818: Cleared Path

Chapter 1818: Cleared Path

He thought for a few more minutes and took out a bunch of energy capsules.

All of them are full of death elemental energy. He didn't hold back and brought out all the reserves he had.

"Both of you, keep on hitting on the spot. Even if the roots directly distribute the energy themselves, we would still be able to damage exactly one point.

I want to test it out."

The other two didn't object and started attacking a single point one after another. As soon as the staff strike and the arrow were released, Sam threw the death energy capsule at that same point.

The roots successfully managed to distribute the staff strike outside, but before the structure could recover, the arrow strike was also needed to be absorbed, which put too much pressure on that one point, the damage in the roots increased by a lot.

And finally, even before that could work, Sam threw the death energy capsules. The explosion of death energy is basically a vitality drain.

The distribution by then is already very small since the roots are trying to recover, but the death energy is absorbing all the vitality neutralizing itself.

So, by the time all the remnants of the death energy explosion are gone, the roots are far from being healed completely.

And at that exact moment, Akhil continued with his other attack.

Noah who is controlling the vines was stunned for a moment and cursed under her breath.

She knew that these roots wouldn't cause deathly harm to the players. In fact, if possible she didn't want to resort to any deathly means to stop the players. But it just so happened that even such a behemoth of a trap is not exactly troubling Sam that much.

She couldn't shake his head and control the roots a bit more differently.

No, she started directly all the vitality to the point where all the attacks are landing. She ignored the vitality distribution in the remaining areas, making them a bit stagnant.

Sam smiled at this and muttered.

"I know you would do that."

He didn't hesitate and all of his shadow undead came out of his shadow as they moved to different directions and started hacking the roots at a rapid pace.

Noah was caught off guard by this, before she could redirect the vitality, Sam threw almost half a dozen death energy capsules at that one targeted point forcing a drain to appear once again.

Now if Noah ignored that one point and forcefully directly vitality to the rest of the roots, that one point will crack open and if she doesn't, the rest of the roots might distribute and disperse the hacking of the shadows, the only problem is they won't heal like normal.

Noah was in a dilemma and had to make a decision.

She gritted her teeth and hoped that Shadows are not powerful enough to completely cripple the roots there and the roots are strong enough to endure for a while.

Sam turned to Arkiv and said.

"How fast can you shoot?"

"Faster than you can imagine."

"Prove it."

Arkiv shrugged and started shooting arrows in all directions meanwhile only Akhil and Sam are focusing on the targeted point.

Within minutes, Sam managed to increase the stress on the roots and almost turned the tide.


Noah took a deep breath, as she sensed the level of stress the roots are going through.

"These assholes."

She cursed the trio and Kumar knew that she is very frustrated.

"So, are you going to do that?"

"What choice do I have? That is the only way to stop them."

She turned to the clan members and passed a different order.

"Attack the roots from the outside. It would disperse the attacks to the inside and hit those three. You need to be faster than Arkiv."

"Wouldn't that create a clash between the attacks?"

Clan leader asked curiously. He understood the concept of the vines a bit after witnessing what it did just now.

Noah looked at him and asked something else instead.

"Are you not angry that I laid such a large trap without your consent? You are more concerned about the clash?"

"Results are all that matters. I would be furious if you fail to stop that kid even after doing all of that."

Noah nodded and said.

"They would indeed clash, but the clash is not actually a bad thing. You will see what will happen if the energy is forcefully dispersed in the middle of the roots."

"Okay then."

Just like the clan leader said, the clashes indeed started happening as the elders and other clan members attacked the roots from outside.

Sam who is looking at the whole thing from the crystal table is surprised by two things.

One is the speed of Arkiv. He shot so fast that not a single attack made its way through. If Sam didn't have the crystal table, he wouldn't even know that the attacks are being made from opposite ends.

The second thing is that the energy explosions are happening in the middle of the roots and he was able to see them through the crystal table.

Only to his surprise, the exploded energy is once again seeping into the vines and roots.

He didn't know what kind of reaction is happening within the vines which made him a bit cautious.

But he still continued with the attacks as usual, he even finally saw the first crack in the roots.

In the direction of the clan grounds the roots at the center were dead as the vitality surge couldn't tackle the drain created by the death energy. This made the roots involuntarily absorb the death energy and soon they fell.

One of Sam's shadows slashed the roots and now there is an opening with much more area of contact with the roots.

Sam decided to use it to his fullest as he threw death energy capsules once again. He will definitely destroy these roots bit by bit.

But only his process has to be stopped as he sensed something.

A vine came out of nowhere like a sharp whip and cut through the air behind him.

He barely dodged it and looked at the spot it came from.

An opening appeared in the vines there and a humanoid tree came out of there with vines as arms and extremely sharp as they tried to hack Sam.

Sam is surprised, to say the least. He didn't expect the vines to suddenly become offensive.

He saw not just one, but more and more humanoid trees coming out from different directions. Some of them even took Arkiv's arrows and are still moving forward.

And their powers are also varying. Some of them are attacking purely physically some of them have elemental attacks.

Fire, lightning, shadow energy, metal, earth, water, ice. All kinds of attacks are being delivered by these weird creatures and this made Sam feel a bit of trepidation. It is not that he is not confident at winning. But looking at the current scenario, it is impossible to not waste energy while dealing with it.

His shadow undead went from hacking the roots to fighting these humanoids. It is not easy to deal with them, but they are not a proper match for the undead and were dealt with easily.

But Sam's progress slowed down a lot.

"This is going to take a lot out of us and a lot of time at that."

Akhil said with a frown.

"I have a plan. Just finish half of it at one point. I can take it from there."


Arkiv and Akhil started their new moves. The energy output from each attack increased significantly. He didn't care much about energy conservation at this point. They knew that it would take a lot of energy, but it is not exactly enough to completely empty their tanks.

Time passed.

More than an hour later, Sam finally saw the opening he needed.

The roots in the direction of the clan grounds were destroyed halfway through. He is also able to see what is happening there.

The clash of energies resulted in the absorption of it and this energy is actually creating extra growth on the roots creating these tree humanoids that are making their way toward Sam and the rest.

After Sam reached that spot, he stood up and let his soul out. The souls started getting attached to the roots as well as the humanoids. Instantly they wrestled with Noah's mental energy to gain control over this.

Since the area of contact is larger, Sam managed to occupy a large portion of the roots good enough to lead them on a path to the clan grounds.

He didn't hold back, but he is sure that in a long term, his soul wouldn't be a match for Noah. As a player, her mental strength is nothing to scoff at. The only thing that he could take advantage of is the fact that he managed to catch her off guard.

As the wrestle for control went on, Sam took advantage and attacked the vines. They cannot draw vitality, they cannot absorb the energy, this is a perfect time.

Akhil and Arkiv followed as they finally cleared a path out of these roots.

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