Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 21 part2

Zheng furen secretly nodded. Qi Xiaojie was indeed a guniang who knew proper etiquette. Her husband was being kind. But as a man, he didn't think too much and purely wanted to help her.

However, she was an unmarried guniang after all. If she dubiously stayed at Zheng fu and the news was spread out, wouldn't her reputation be ruined?

Zheng furen nodded and smiled. "That's good then. I'll have someone send you back to the inn!"

Qi RongYue nodded, "Thank you, furen!"

Qi RongYue and her yatou left. From beginning to end, she didn't take another glance at Yin Yixuan. This made Yin Yixuan's heart feel very unpleasant.

Zheng ZhongWen did not know who Qi RongYue was. But from her voice, she should be a young guniang. He tugged at his shufu's hand without letting go. He asked anxiously, "Shufu, can my eyes really be cured?"

Zheng daren patted his hand. He smiled, "If Qi Xiaojie says they can be cured, then they can be cured."

He didn't know when he started to believe in Qi Xiaojie. It seemed as if she could certainly do what she said.


"Laoye, this is a card sent by Yin fu." The butler handed the card to the Qi Laoye reading books in his study.

Qi Laoye took it and hurriedly read it. He had a cheerful expression on his face. He handed the card to the butler and said, "Bring it to furen's place. Have her make preparations."

After waiting so long, the day was finally here. Two years ago, Yin daren said to him that after Yixuan obtained a scholarly title, he would come to finalize the engagement. He thought it was next month. Although the metropolitan examination ended, the court examination was pushed to next month due to the Emperor's illness. He didn't expect the Yins to come at this time.

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