Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3214 - 3214 Hanlin Manor

Chapter 3214 - 3214 Hanlin Manor

3214 Hanlin Manor

“If I was cold-blooded, I would ask you to return the money right now instead of letting it go,” Leng Yecheng said. He felt that he had done his best.

Song Meiyu wanted to interrupt several times. After all, it was five hundred thousand yuan! How could Leng Yecheng tell them not to return it? It was crazy.

Leng Changming’s family clearly had money because they even had the idea of buying a house for Leng Junce to get married.

Leng Yehua didn’t receive five hundred thousand yuan from Leng Yecheng without paying it back. Song Meiyu felt that it was unfair.

However, she opened her mouth a few times, but said nothing. She didn’t think it was appropriate.


In fact, Leng Yecheng wasn’t mean to Leng Yehua’s family, but they didn’t behave themselves. If they were nice and treated Leng Xiaoyao kindly, Leng Yecheng would be willing to give each of them a house, let alone several hundred thousand yuan.

However, what they had done really disappointed Leng Yecheng. They wanted to benefit from their relationship, but not in good ways.

Nobody was willing to treat them well! Even if anyone treated them well, they wouldn’t be grateful and would only return kindness with ingratitude.

Leng Changming’s family opened their mouths, but didn’t know what to say. In the end, Leng Changming had to leave. “If so, we shouldn’t bother you any longer.”

“Great, bye,” Leng Changyuan said.

They came to City Chang today and Leng Changyuan ought to ask them to stay in the Leng family’s mansion for a night. However, they had an argument, so Leng Changyuan said nothing.

“Dad…” Leng Xinyue was unwilling to accept the result, but Leng Changming stopped her before she could finish.

After that, Leng Changming’s family left.

Because there was only a hundred kilometers between City Jin and City Chang, they only spent two hours on the road by car and directly drove home.

After they were in the car, Leng Xinyue complained angrily. “Leng Yecheng is too arrogant. Two million yuan is nothing for him. How could he be so cold-blooded and refuse to lend it to us?”

“Right, your older brother didn’t help you at all. I don’t think they take you as his brother,” Leng Changming’s wife agreed. She was also mad at Leng Changyuan’s family.

Leng Changming said nothing. Although he was also unhappy, he understood that Leng Yecheng didn’t do anything wrong.

In the Leng family’s mansion, the Leng family were also complaining about them.

“They’re so shameless. They just came to take advantage of us,” Leng Yecheng said angrily.

“We’re not dumb. They wouldn’t succeed. Who is kind is the loser. After all, they might not return our kindness. He might want even more in the future,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

Seeing that, Leng Xiaoyao and Leng Yecheng didn’t continue.

The news that Xiaoyao Tech was smashed was known to all the staff. Although they couldn’t go to work right now, except for Shen Xiyin, they all still needed to go to the company to make a list of damaged things.

Leng Xiaoyao also specially told them to write down the highest prices for those damaged things. In addition to their financial loss, they could also write down the loss of materials.

Even if they didn’t suffer a loss of materials, they could add it to the list.

Leng Xiaoyao wasn’t being unfair. It was already nice of her that she only asked for a doubled compensation.

Everyone was mad about it and wanted to smash Tianhe Tech to vent their anger, but it was only an idea. If they really did that, they would have to pay the compensation. The loss would outweigh the gains.

The next morning, Li Mochen went back to the capital city. At about 12 pm, he arrived at the airport.

Without delay, he ordered Mu Yuan to drive straight to Hanlin Manor.

Hanlin Manor was the most luxurious block in the south district. It wasn’t far or close to the Capital University. It only took ten minutes by subway. It would just take a bit longer to get in and get out of the subway station. All in all, it took about twenty minutes.

It could be about ten minutes by taxi or car. Even if it was rush hour, it only took half an hour at most.

Li Mochen went straight to Hanlin Manor without investing because he had a house here. The house was decorated, but he hadn’t stayed in it yet.

When he was in the capital city, he normally stayed in his siheyuan in the east district. He preferred traditional buildings because he was more familiar with them.

“Boss, why do you want to go to Hanlin Manor?” Mu Yuan asked curiously.

“To see a house,” Li Mochen replied.

“Do you want to stay in the house at Hanlin Manor?” asked Meng Fan. Why did Li Mochen suddenly want to move to Hanlin Manor? They felt that it was more comfortable to live in the siheyuan.

“Leng Xiaoyao needs to buy a house and asked me to do her a favor. The house over there is always empty. I’ll take several photos and see whether she likes it. If she likes it, I can sell it to her,” Li Mochen said.

Mu Yuan and Meng Fan were surprised. Right after Li Mochen got off the plane, he urged them to go to Hanlin Manor simply because Leng Xiaoyao wanted to buy a house?

He really cared about Leng Xiaoyao a lot. After all, Mu Yiyang was still waiting for him!

There was no special relationship between them yet, but Li Mochen already cared so much about Leng Xiaoyao. If they were boyfriend and girlfriend, would he be even more willing to serve Leng Xiaoyao?

That was Mu Yuan’s and Meng Fan’s thoughts, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

“Boss, do you plan to give it to her or charge some money?” asked Meng Fan. He was trying to figure out Li Mochen’s relationship with Leng Xiaoyao.

“Even if I give it to her, she won’t take it. I’ll sell it to her at the lowest price,” Li Mochen said.

He wouldn’t care even if he gave it to Leng Xiaoyao for free. After all, Leng Xiaoyao had done him a big favor. A house was hardly enough to return her kindness.

However, he understood that Leng Xiaoyao wouldn’t take it if he gave it to her for free.

Mu Yuan and Meng Fan, on the other hand, were shocked, because it meant that Li Mochen had thought of giving it to Leng Xiaoyao for free.

This time, Mu Yuan and Meng Fan were sure that Li Mochen had special feelings for Leng Xiaoyao.

The capital city was very big, and it took an hour and twenty minutes to get to the south district from Hanlin Manor.

No wonder Hanlin Manor was the most luxurious block. It had the best security and was green.

There weren’t many houses in Hanlin Manor with there being only about a hundred, but it occupied a large piece of land.

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