Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1111: Back To The Gate Of Hell

Chapter 1111: Back To The Gate Of Hell

Prince Tyrant’s body trembled as he was pale and had blood streaming down the corner of his lips.

However, he healed the wound and changed his complexion back to normal in the next second.

Once the dust settled, the two combatants became visible again.

Prince Tyrant stood there proudly, unstained by a single speck of dirt. On the other hand, Feiyun looked to be in a sorry state with holes and some bloodstains on his robe. Nonetheless, he remained standing and ready to fight.

“Prince Tyrant is still stronger.” Spectators took a deep breath.

“That half-demon is insane though, he only reached the next realm recently yet he managed to withstand three blows from Prince Tyrant with minor wounds.”

Prince Tyrant gazed at Feiyun with disdain and said: “You lost.”

Feiyun wiped the dust off his robe and said: “That was only three moves, we can try again for another eight hundred rounds.”

“Hmph, don’t make excuses, I am tired of fighting a lowly half-demon.” The prince uttered coldly.

Feiyun knew that the prince’s injuries were more serious than his, hence the refusal. He didn’t mind at all since he preferred others to not know about his true strength. This would only lead to older masters trying to eliminate him.

“Remember, the condition was for me to withstand three punches from you. Isn’t it time for you to carry out your end of the bargain?” Feiyun reminded.

“How dare you, you clearly lost.” The prince snorted.

“That’s not the condition of the bet. I’m alive, so I’m the winner. Don’t renege now, oh great prince of the golden crow.” Feiyun said.

“I don’t want to blabber on with you, wretched half-demon.” The prince said.

“Fine, looks like you can’t accept defeat gracefully. We can continue fighting then.” Feiyun summoned his trigram seal and the trinity cauldron. He empowered them with saint energy, causing them to become resplendent and fiery.

Prince Tyrant felt a sharp pain in his chest from the exchange earlier. His expression changed a bit before he laughed and said: “Looks like I’ve fallen into your trap. Very well, even if I beat you today, others will only call me a bully who reneged on a bet.”

“Are we fighting or not?” Feiyun was slightly tempted to go all out despite the potential cons.

“We’re not.” Prince Tyrant took off the armor and it turned into a black ball with strange runes.

He tossed it to Feiyun and said: “Take it, it’s just one set, we have plenty unlike you, poor half-demon. Remember my generosity today.”

In reality, he was regretting deeply because it was a special treasure stolen from the ninth gate of hell. It was nearly impossible to find a second one.

Feiyun caught the black ball and sent a saint energy in there to remove the prince’s divine intent.

The prince noticed this and hated Feiyun even more, wanting to torture and kill him.

“Assemble.” Feiyun commanded and the ball turned into a full set of armor and wrapped around him.

He felt as if there was a different world separating him from the current. The chest plate released hellish black fog but this wasn’t from hell.

‘A treasure wasted on him, he didn’t even know its mysteries. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to injure him.’ Feiyun thought and smiled at the prince: “You are a man of your word indeed, Your Highness, how admirable, thank you for the armor.”

With that, he turned and left.

Prince Tyrant stood there with a smile but no one heard the sound of his fists clenching tightly.


Lotus Spirit Mountain.

Feiyun returned to the peak and waited outside the temple. The others who were bathing in the spring saw him and got out.

“How was that demoness? All that you ever dreamed of?” The turtle smirked.

“It’s impressive that he’s back in one piece.” The blood dragon said.

“What are you two talking about?” The fruit became confused.

“Yeah, very impressive, she’s the market king’s woman.” Feiyun smiled and said.

“Did you… wait, what?” The turtle became alarmed: “I hope you didn’t do anything.”

“Of course not.”

“Good, because she’s untouchable.” The turtle and blood dragon thought that if he had done anything, they would be running as far away from him as possible.

“Has she come out yet?” Feiyun asked.

“Yes, she’s planning with Grandpa Yu on how to save Lotus Saintess.” The turtle said.

He then entered the bridge and sure enough, the two were talking on the other side.

He told them about the events at the market. Both were ecstatic because this was the perfect chance to attack.

“We must go right now.” The woman summoned her ship and the group traveled toward the first gate of hell.

The turtle sat on the fruit with the blood dragon coiling around his neck like a pendant. He was furious: “Fuckers, not even waiting for me. Just watch, I’ve been to the first gate before, it’s not like I’m afraid.”

As Feiyun sat on the deck, his ring glowed and communicated with the ship. This effect became more and more obvious.

The woman in blue naturally recognized this and occasionally glanced at the ring.

Feiyun planned on talking to her about this matter after attacking the first gate.

An ancient palace floated in the darkness. Only the terrifying gate could be seen with a plaque embedded with three characters: “Gate of Hell”.

Grandpa Yu gathered energy and teleported before the entrance.

“The living is not allowed here, leave.” A ferocious warning came from a ghost with long fangs and horns.

“I am here looking for a soul.” Grandpa Yu said while posing with both hands behind his back.

“The rule forbids taking souls away from hell.” The ghost didn’t immediately attack, aware of Grandpa Yu’s dreadful cultivation.

“And I am here to challenge it.” Grandpa Yu created a kun seal with both hands, throwing it at the gate.

The seal seemed to be slow but in reality, it was profound enough to crush the outer runes to hit the actual gate.

The ghost immediately ran after seeing this.

“Boom!” The palace shook violently after impact but the gate remained standing.

“It is made from Heaven Restoration Stones being refined by a thousand saints, brute force alone cannot break it.” The turtle said while landing with the fruit.

The closer to the gate, the more dangerous. Only someone as strong as Grandpa Yu could get so close without any difficulty.

Suddenly, ghastly fog emerged with fiends inside. It billowed and expanded like a rising storm.

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