The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1420 - 1420 Meeting Victoria Again

Chapter 1420 - 1420 Meeting Victoria Again

1420 Meeting Victoria Again

The first Immortal Queen of the Celestial King Planet!

It turned out that Levana used to be such an ambitious cultivator!

Jordan smiled lightly. Unfortunately, he was a man. The reason why he disguised himself as a woman was to avoid Gerald’s pursuit. One day, when he could get rid of Gerald, Jordan would no longer have to pretend to be a woman.

As such, there was nothing he could do about being the first Immortal Queen.


Just as Jordan walked out and was about to return to their Fairy Academy with Emily, someone suddenly ran over quickly.

This person was dressed in tight gray clothes, just like the yoga clothes worn on Earth. Compared to Hestia’s gorgeous clothes, they were slightly inferior. However, the woman’s figure was curvaceous. When she ran, the indescribable way her body moved made many men unable to remain calm.

However, what Jordan was concerned about was not her figure, but her face.

Jordan was all too familiar with that face.

It was none other than Victoria, whom Jordan loved and hated at the same time! Jordan was stunned when he saw Victoria again. He was more shocked to see Victoria than to see Emily and Rong Bingshao.

After all, too many things had happened between Jordan and Victoria.

Jordan had once loved Victoria deeply. For her, he did not hesitate to travel through time and space. Similarly, he also hated Victoria for being with his uncle.

However, now that they met again on the Celestial King Planet, Jordan felt that those things in the past did not seem to matter anymore.

Jordan no longer hated Victoria. He only hoped that he and Victoria could cultivate safely on Celestial King Planet.

Victoria obviously knew that Emily was back and came for her.

Victoria excitedly ran towards Emily. “Emily, you’re done with the test? What’s the result?”

Emily jumped up happily. “Sister! I have cultivation talent. I’m in the first tier!”

Victoria was ecstatic. “Really? Oh my god, that’s great!”

Victoria held Emily in her arms. She was already very happy that Emily had any form of cultivation talent. After all, on Earth, she had tested Emily with immortal water. She had no mutant aptitude at all. As for mutant aptitude, it largely determined whether a person had cultivation talent on the Celestial King Planet.

Emily chatted with Victoria for a bit before introducing her. “Sister, let me introduce you to a friend I just made. She is a tenth-tier talent, Dawn! Like me, she’s from the Fairy Academy!”

Actually, Victoria had heard from Levana that there was a person who had obtained a tier-ten talent.

Victoria glanced at Dawn. Just like everyone else, even though Victoria and Jordan were once lovers, Victoria did not recognize that the person in front of her was Jordan.

Victoria respectfully greeted. “Hello, Dawn. It is an honor to meet you. Congratulations on obtaining a tier-ten talent. In the future, at the Fairy Academy, if possible, I hope you can help take care of my sister.”

Jordan seemed to have a thousand things to say to Victoria, but he did not say anything in the end.

Jordan only nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

Victoria thanked Dawn.

Hathor also asked Victoria. “Victoria, have you been cultivating your Celestial Heaven Technique every day?”

When Victoria first entered the Howard family, Hathor didn’t even look at her. He looked down on these people from the low-level Planet Blue and didn’t think that Levana would be able to pick out any high potential seedlings.

However, after the talent test, Hathor discovered that the disciples chosen by Levana were all quite talented. Only then did Hathor change its attitude towards them.

Victoria respectfully replied. “Thank you for your concern, Clan Master. I have been cultivating the Celestial Heaven Technique every day. I don’t dare to slack off.”

Hathor nodded. “Yes, you cultivated slightly earlier than Dawn, but the two of you can be considered to be in the same batch. I predict that the time between you becoming disciples, scholars, and grandmasters won’t be much different. Hehe, this batch has many talented people. You can get to know each other. For a long time in the future, you might become competitors in the same period.”

Victoria looked at Jordan with hostility in her eyes.

Jordan knew that Victoria had always been a strong woman. He did not expect to become her competitor one day.

Victoria looked at Hathor again and said, “Clan Master, I heard that in half a year, it will be the Federation’s biennial Hunting Competition. Master said that Clan Master will usually choose some of his disciples to be his assistants. I am also very interested in hunting. I wonder if Master can let me follow you and be your assistant?”

Hathor said, “Oh? You haven’t been on the Celestial King Planet for long, but you know a lot of things. Well, I need a few disciple-level people. In half a year, you’ll almost reach the disciple realm. Although your looks are a little mediocre, it’s not impossible to bring you out with a little makeup.

“However, you’re too young. In half a year, you’ll still be underage. If I bring you to hunt, the other families will probably scold me for using underage girls.”

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