The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 11 - Trouble Walked In

Chapter 11: Trouble Walked In

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When Ji Fengyan saw Linghe’s “shy” expression, she knew the answer. Without any sound, she put her hand into the Space Soul Jade and took out a shiny gold bar.

As Ji Fengyan placed the gold bar in front of Linghe, Linghe’s eyeballs almost popped out.


Their Miss actually had gold bar?!

To the poor subordinates like Linghe, they could even have nibbled the bark. The gold bar that Ji Fengyan was holding on to was like a dream to them.

“Miss… This gold bar—where did it come from…” Linghe mumbled.

Ji Fengyan turned to him and laughed. “You don’t have to know about it. Just take it.”

The gold bar was left by her grandmaster. She was unsure whether this world could use gold but looking at Linghe’s reaction, it would not be a problem.

“That’s… That’s too much… I don’t dare to take it…” Linghe uttered. His hands were even shaking.

“Just take it first. Go to the city to buy some food and basic necessities back. Oh, I have a list here. Check if there’s any shop that sells herbal medicine and check if you can get them,” Ji Fengyan ordered and passed the list which she had written while on the horse carriage to Linghe. Those herbal medicine was written based on her memories of her previous life, so she was uncertain if this world had them.

Linghe held onto the list and scanned through. He could not help but felt curious.

Why did their Miss ask them to buy loads of Chinese medicine back?

However, he did not dare to ask much, so he commanded two guards who were less severely injured to follow him to the city to purchase the items.

“Miss, what are we supposed to do with this guy?” a bodyguard asked, as he carried the pretty boy who was sleeping like a log, and he walked towards Ji Fengyan.

Ever since Ji Fengyan performed two Five-Blow-Thunderstruck to turn those slayers into embers, no bodyguard dared to look down on Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan raised her head to look at the pretty boy who was carried by the guard and the smile on her face slowly turned stiff.

After the young guy swallowed the elixirs, the condition of his injury was more stable. But the injury on his back, which was struck by the lightning was still very frightening. Every time Ji Fengyan saw the bloody-red scars, she felt a sense of guilt…

“Cough, I will find a room to let him rest first,” Ji Fengyan replied and stood up, slapping the dust off her clothes and ran to the messy yard to search for a temporary shelter.

Yet, the search made Ji Fengyan feel helpless and dumbfounded. This deserted house could totally compete with a torn-down temple.

Ji Fengyan could barely find a room that could be stayed in. She tidied up the place and requested the guards to bring and spread the quilt before putting the young boy who was sleeping soundly onto the bed.

After rubbing off the dirt on the young boy’s face, anyone could see how pretty was.

Ji Fengyan was admiring the young boy’s ‘beauty’ when a sudden ding resounded. Before she was able to stand up, three unfamiliar figures were already standing outside the door.

“I guess this is Ji Fengyan, right? It’s been a long time since we have met and you have grown even prettier,” a middle-aged man who at around the age of 40, wearing fine clothes said, and he laughed while looking at Ji Fengyan.

Beside him stood a guy and a girl. The guy seemed handsome and he appeared to be in his twenties while the girl was beautiful. She stood beside the handsome guy, shoulder to shoulder.

Ever since the guy entered the room, his wrinkled eyebrows did not change and his look on Ji Fengyan was odd.

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