The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 15 - You Think I’m Blind?

Chapter 15: You Think I’m Blind?

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“Fengyan, even though Lingsheng is the daughter from the Su family, she is a capable official serving the eldest princess and cannot be compared to ordinary women. She is willing to marry to a lower status because she respects your identity as a terminator. If it was someone else, it is highly improbable for her to be willing to do so.” Lei Xu slightly frowned, and the smiling expression on his face faded.

“You also know that although there is much glory in being a terminator, it also brings much danger. While you are out fighting enemies, who knows how much revenge you will attract from the demon clan. Min’er and Lingsheng are willing to place their lives at stake for you, so you should not decline. Female terminators are originally already rare, and many female terminators become lonely at old age because they are afraid of being too close to people and implicating them. Lingsheng is serving the eldest princess, so naturally there are also many capable guards surrounding her, so this can protect Min’er and your future children from danger. This is something other female terminators could not even dream of.”

Lei Xu’s tone gradually shifted from being helpful to an arrogant one, as if it was a charity that Lei Min was willing to marry Ji Fengyan.

“You also do not wish for Min’er and your child to live in danger in the future right? The fact that Lingsheng is willing to marry to a lower status is something that you can never wish for.”

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Xu’s face as it slowly darkened, while she laughed scornfully by herself. She looked at Lingsheng, who had not spoken a single word and was standing at the side.

Su Lingsheng was born with a charming face—although it was frowning now—her fair and clean face looked miserable and unjustly treated. For anyone who was born good-looking, even a slight frown would make people feel pity for them. Lei Min saw this look on Su Lingsheng, and urgently felt the need to embrace her and console her, unlike his displeasure for Ji Fengyan, who did not ‘know what was good for her’.

Compared to the fair-skinned Su Lingsheng, Ji Fengyan did not look attractive with her sallow and haggard appearance, which she acquired from her years of abuse at the Ji family.

“Ji Fengyan, Lingsheng had already put up with this compromise. What else do you want? Even though you and I have an engagement beforehand, you should also know that this engagement was more of a joke. Now that I am willing to comply with this ridiculous engagement, why do you have to make things so difficult? Are you really going to be so ruthless?” Lei Min looked at Ji Fengyan, his eyes filled with disappointment.

“…” Ji Fengyan stayed silent. It was a real eye-opener for her. It was her first time seeing someone turn falsehood into truth and she could not help but laugh.

Just when Ji Fengyan was about to speak and drive away these disgusting people, a low groan suddenly came from behind her.

Ji Fengyan turned and realised that unconscious young boy sleeping on her bed had suddenly moved. The sudden movement applied pressure on his wounded back and he groaned in pain.

This groan drew the attention of everyone in the room. Lei Min and others soon realised that there had actually been someone lying on the bed in this dim-lit room.

Due to the weak light shining in, Lei Min had to squint his eye to finally see a young boy lying on the bed with a deep frown.

That young boy looked extremely handsome. Even with his eyes closed, no flaw could be spotted from that perfect facial features. Under the dim light, that face with a slightly pained look could not help but make people feel so sorry for him.

When Lei Min clearly saw the gorgeous face of the young boy, he was shocked. Then he lifted his head and looked at Ji Fengyan, and laughed, “I understand now.”

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