The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 16 - I Don’t Lack Handsome Men

Chapter 16: I Don’t Lack Handsome Men

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Ji Fengyan, “…”

Lei Min looked at Ji Fengyan and scoffed, “Ji Fengyan, I have misjudged you. I took pity on you when you were living so miserably at Ji family those years, so I visited you often, hoping that they would treat you kinder, who knew… you would turn out like this after these few years.”

Ji Fengyan, “…”

This bastard’s way of overrating himself is applaudable.

The young boy on the bed slept uncomfortably in his pain, while his eyebrows continued to frown, and his low groan reverberated through the silent room, interspersed with Lei Min and others’ grim expression.

There was now a greater detest in Su Lingsheng’s gaze when she looked at Ji Fengyan.

No one had imagined that such an ugly young girl would stay alone with another man in the room while fully aware of her engagement. Such a behaviour was promiscuous and embarrassing.

A smile flashed across Lei Xu’s eyes and the grim expression on his face faded. Rather, it was replaced with a forgiving smile, “Fengyan, you have indeed gone overboard in this matter, but your Uncle Lei is not unreasonable and unforgiving. Taking into consideration your young age, I will pretend not to know about this and I won’t forgo your marriage with Min’er.”

In an instant, Ji Fengyan had become an ‘easy’ scum, Lei Min’s detest and Lei Xu’s ‘magnanimity’ really made Ji Fengyan lost for words. The two guards standing outside the door were already bristling with anger as they witnessed the pair of Lei family’s father and son trying to smear Ji Fengyan’s reputation. Countless times, they wanted to step forward to explain the situation, but Ji Fengyan used her glance to hint them to stand back.

A grin suddenly appeared on Ji Fengyan’s small face. Even when faced with the pair of father and son’s tarnish, she was not at all angry, instead she turned, sat down on the edge of the bed and gently reached out her arms to smooth out the frowning eyebrows on the young boy, completely ignoring the pair’s ‘magnanimity’.

“Since Uncle Lei has found out, I have nothing much to hide. Liu Huo is not injured and needs to rest. I hope that Uncle Lei you guys can stop disturbing us okay?” Ji Fengyan gently gazed at the unconscious young boy, and after she looked up, her eyes were suddenly filled with detest for them.

Lei Xu and Lei Min were stunned. Even if she was a fool, it was possible to tell that Ji Fengyan’s relationship with the boy on the bed was unusual.

Previously, Lei Min was only guessing, who knew—Ji Fengyan would admit to it so shamelessly!

“Ji Fengyan! Do you still remember our engagement!” Lei Min instantly felt a raging fire burning in his chest. He had never imagined himself being treated in this way by such an ugly girl.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders indifferently. “Didn’t you say that this engagement was more of a joke just now? Now that you have your beautiful Su Lingsheng to accompany you, I also have my Liu Huo beside me, it’s more straightforward for us to take this chance to explain things clearly.”

“You!” Lei Min glared at the fearless Ji Fengyan. He had never thought that she would become like this.

The young girl who was full of respect and love for him at the Ji family those years had completely disappeared now.

“It’s getting late. Liu Huo still has to take his medication later. Come, send these guests away.” Ji Fengyan impolitely gave the order for the guests to leave.

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