The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 21 - Leaving a Message in Dream

Chapter 21: Leaving a Message in Dream

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Linghe and the rest were bursting with energy. After the nourishment from Ji Fengyan’s elixir, their previous weary state was swept away, and they were dying to do a 360 degree somersault on the spot.

Only Ji Fengyan was smiling and staring at these agitated people, as she lazily yawned and said, “Fine, since your wounds have started healing, you guys should hurry up and pack up this place, otherwise you’ll all have to sleep in the yard tonight.”

Despite Ji Fengyan’s words, Linghe and the rest were unable to stop the excitement stirring within them. Every one of them mustered all their strength and started clearing up in no time.

Ji Fengyan leisurely sat on the steps of the yard as she watched the guards carry brooms and cloths to start cleaning and she instinctively touched her lower belly.

It was easy to treat the ordinary body, but what about her inner core that was split by lightning?

Since a young age, Ji Fengyan had dedicated all her energy to cultivating this inner core, she was just one Heavenly Tribulation away from Immortal ascension, but in the end she did not survive the tribulation, her inner core was crushed—and it was so tragically crushed. Judging from this amount of damage, based on her past years of cultivation speed, it will take at least eight to ten years for Ji Fengyan to return her inner core to the previous state.

At the thought that she needed to start over from scratch, Ji Fengyan was so nauseated she wanted to vomit blood.

If she knew who the bunch of bastards blasting the buildings beside the mountains were, she would definitely send them to hell!

While grieving for her crushed inner core, Ji Fengyan raised her head and looked at the dark night sky. Ji City’s Feng Shui was good, unlike in the 24th century, where there was concrete everywhere, there was still spiritual energy in the forests, and they were still undamaged. At such a place with clear mountains and beautiful waters, she would be able to recover faster.

Linghe and the rest were quick and efficient, in only a short time they had already cleared out an empty yard, allowing Ji Fengyan, who had tired herself for a day, to rest. Ji Fengyan also did not argue, after continuously using the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck talisman, and using her spiritual powers for elixir refinement, her worn-out inner core was already meeting its limits. She quietly got onto her bed and fell asleep easily.

The guards in the yard were still continuing their cleaning. It may be due to the awesome effect of the elixir, as they felt energised the entire night, only when it was dawn, did they finish cleaning and went to find a place to sleep.

That night, Ji Fengyan slept uncomfortably.

In her dreams, lightning struck and thunder roared. Uncountable bolts of lightning forced her through a path with no escape, in her dreams, she avoided so many lightning tribulations that there was almost no difference in sleeping and not sleeping, as she would find no rest either way.

“Brat, hurry and get up! How do you still have the mood to sleep in such a good place!”

In the midst of lightning and thunder, Ji Fengyan suddenly heard the shout by her master who had already passed on. Instantly, she woke up and rose from the bed in shock.

Ji Fengyan was a little lost at the sight of the unfamiliar yet familiar environment in front of her eyes, she lifted her hands and touched her cold cheeks, a feeling of stickiness came from her face. She then realised that she had sweated in her dreams and her clothes were already soaked. She scurried down the bed, while looking at the dawn breaking, she changed her clothes and headed out.

“Was that old fellow leaving me a message in my dreams? Wow, how capable! He still had this skill even after I have transmigrated,” Ji Fengyan recalled the shout in her ears, which felt surreal, unsure whether it was a hallucination or not.

Even though it was an uncomfortable sleep, after Ji Fengyan woke up, she felt that her entire body was much lighter and her inner core that had depleted quite a lot yesterday, also recovered some of its spiritual energy.

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