The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 29 - Sky-high priced ore

Chapter 29: Sky-high priced ore

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Even the store owner shook his head as he heard Ji Fengyan’s choice.

This piece of rock had been kept in the store for half a year and all along, no one gave a price because its size was too huge and its properties could not be determined. Initially when this piece of rock was first sold in the store, Su Lingsheng had come before but even she was unable to tell the stone’s properties, causing the stone to be left in the store for all this time.

Ji Fengyan’s decision to pick this stone, to others, was practically a joke.

However, Su Lingsheng was very pleased with this outcome. After Ji Fengyan had made her choice, she also started choosing among the other stones. She was born with an extraordinary sensitivity towards ores, so she was certain that her choice would never be wrong.

Finally, Su Lingsheng picked a palm sized stone and lightly tapped that piece of stone using her fair and delicate finger, casually saying, “I shall choose this piece.”

The store owner immediately approached the stone and eagerly stuck a red label on the stone chosen by Su Lingsheng.

“Since you have chosen first, then according to the rules, I shall open mine first,” Su Lingsheng said.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders to express her indifference.

Instantly, the store owner arranged someone to open Su Lingsheng’s stone. Su Lingsheng’s stone was not big, under continuous grinding, a corner of a dull gold ore was quickly revealed.

Almost at that instant when the ore was revealed, the entire store started bustling!

“Gold plated ore! Dang it! It was actually a gold plated ore!”

“Oh my god, it’s been so many years since I have seen a gold plated ore!”

The entire store bustled, no one had expected that Su Lingsheng’s piece of stone would in fact be a gold plated ore!

A gold plated ore was of supreme-grade among all the rare ores. In the entire capital, the production amount of this ore was at most half a cart every year, and they were mostly supplied to the royal family. If one or two pieces of this ore was found on the normal marketplace, it would also have a sky-high price!

Even in Ji City, only three pieces of gold plated ore had appeared in a century, and each of them was sold at a sky-high price!

Even though the entire stone was not extracted, everyone was almost certain that Su Lingsheng had won this round of betting!

It would almost be a fantasy if any stone contained a rarer ore than the gold plated ore.

Ji Fengyan was definitely going to lose!

Su Lingsheng’s gold plated ore was not large and was only the size of a thumbnail but just this gold plated ore would have already been worth tens of thousand of gold!

When the store owner held the gold plated ore in his hands, his eyes were dazzling. One must know that just the value of this piece of gold plated ore had already exceeded the entire cost of his store.

“Miss Su, your gold plated ore for you,” the store owner handed the piece of gold plated ore to Su Lingsheng with his trembling hands.

Su Lingsheng casually placed the gold plated ore on her palms, and provokingly looked at Ji Fengyan. Everyone’s cheers had already proved her victory.

“Boss, may I trouble you to tell her the value of this piece of gold plated ore,” Su Lingsheng complacently said.

The store keeper gulped, “I also do not dare to be careless about the value of Miss Su’s gold plated ore. I can only say that it is around 13 thousand gold.”

13 thousand gold?!

For a small place like Ji City, this was an astronomical figure!

Many people had never seen this much gold coins in their entire lives!

Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan full of satisfaction, “Now it’s your turn.”

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