The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 30 - Deliberately Making Things Difficult

Chapter 30: Deliberately Making Things Difficult

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When it was Ji Fengyan’s turn to open her stone, everyone’s eyes were on her, their eyes filled with ridicule and contempt.

There were not many stones that could be compared to a gold plated ore worth 13 thousand gold in the entire Ji City. No one believed that the stone behind Ji Fengyan would have a higher value.

The store owner looked at Ji Fengyan, and different from his enthusiastic treatment of Su Lingsheng, he said to Ji Fengyan in a perfunctory manner, “this customer, your stone’s base price is 100 gold, according to our rules, the cost for opening such a huge stone is three gold coins, are you sure you want to open it?”

Then he sized up Ji Fengyan, who was dressed plainly, using his gaze with a profound meaning.

“I’m certain,” Ji Fengyan said decisively.

“Then may I trouble you to pay first,” the store owner rudely said.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows, and looking at the store owner who was making things difficult on purpose, she smiled sarcastically, “I have to pay beforehand? If I’m not wrong, this Miss Su also did not pay beforehand just now.”

The store owner looked at Ji Fengyan impatiently, “Miss Su is our store’s regular customer, and she has a very high status, so naturally there is no possibility of her defaulting her payment, but this is your first time here, moreover whether you can fork out this 103 gold coins is still up for discussion. Our store does not accept defaults, please cooperate.”

Everyone waited to see Ji Fengyan being disgraced. If she could not afford this amount, there was no possibility for her to continue the bet with Su Lingsheng and definitely had to give up and lose directly.

Everyone from all directions looked at Ji Fengyan with ill intentions, as if they were all waiting for her to lose to Su Lingsheng and crawl within the city for a week.

A smile formed on Ji Fengyan’s face as she did not say anything else to the store owner’s deliberate act. Just when everyone thought she was going to concede defeat because of the 100 gold, she suddenly removed her purse from her waist and threw it on the table with a loud thud!

“Take it yourself!” Ji Fengyan glanced at the unscrupulous store owner. This money was left after Linghe had spent some yesterday, so Ji Fengyan conveniently took some, who knew it really came to use.

The store owner certainly did not think that this unattractive looking and plainly dress young lady would really be able to take out the amount of money. While still doubtful, he opened the purse and the entire pouch full of gold coins made him dazzled and stunned.

“Now can you open it?” Ji Fengyan asked emotionlessly.

The store owner gulped secretly, he had originally wanted to curry favour with Su Lingsheng, but he did not know he would fail at it, as he silently took the 100 gold and, like a well-behaved puppy, stepped back so he could allow his employees to open the stone.

Su Lingsheng glanced at the purse and scoffed nonchalantly.

The enormous stone was quietly moved away by the employees as they resolutely started grinding. The powder from stone flew everywhere, but the bystanders in the store did not think much about it. Never in their minds did it occur to them that such a big piece of rock could contain any valuable ore. They were all waiting for the outcome of Ji Fengyan crawling out after she had lost.

Su Lingsheng also did not look at the stone rather she was looking at Ji Fengyan proudly, as if she had already won the bet.

But as the stone was slowly ground, the whispers in the store instantly turned to silence.

A dull blue shone faintly from within the stone as its powder continued to fly up.

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