The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 7 - With a Beauty at Stake, We Must Definitely Save Him!

Chapter 7: With a Beauty at Stake, We Must Definitely Save Him!

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“Save the person first!”

To cover up her guilt, Ji Fengyan quickly squatted down and helped the child up.

As she supported him up, she had a sudden realization and was astonished.

That was an extremely gorgeous boy.

Even though his face was covered in dirt, it was unable to mask his delicate facial features. His originally fair face was even paler due to blood loss and his wrinkled brows showed how much pain he was feeling while unconscious.

In her previous life, Ji Fengyan had seen many good-looking boys, but never did she see one so handsome before. Compared to this boy, all those handsome boys she had seen in her previous life completely lost. Just from these current looks, when the boy grows up, he will definitely be devastatingly beautiful!

Ji Fengyan devoted herself wholeheartedly to immortal cultivation, and she loved anything that looked magical, be it an object, or a person. The child right before her eyes honestly melted her heart away.

It’s just a pity that an immortal young boy will only look like this at the most.

“Uh, bring this child onto the horse carriage first. When we reach the city, we will then treat him,” Ji Fengyan snapped out of her daze and said.

Now that the bodyguards decided to always act upon Ji Fengyan’s words, they did not hesitate and immediately carried the unconscious child into the horse carriage.

Following that, Ji Fengyan got onto the horse carriage.

Looking at the unconscious child, she was more or less a little sorry for him. Out of the blue, she wondered whether the Space Soul Jade left by her master would still be with her when she time travelled to this world. She instinctively closed her eyes and searched within her deep soul and was elated when she found the Space Soul Jade that was attached to her soul.

The Space Soul Jade was an immortal cultivator’s storage, which was able to store anything. However, in the 24th century era when immortal cultivators were rare, there were also very few Space Soul Jades. The piece that Ji Fengyan had was passed down from her Grandmasters and there were many useful items within.

Ji Fengyan immediately searched for the pill that could sustain life in the Space Soul Jade. Who knows if this world’s physicians can save this child from the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

Just when Ji Fengyan closed her eyes and searched in the Space Soul Jade, the boy lying beside her had slowly opened his eyes even though he still looked very much in pain. With his eyes narrowly opening, his irises reflected the image of Ji Fengyan’s delicate face. As he frowned, a malicious look that did not suit his age flashed across his eyes, but within the next second, he fell back into a state of unconsciousness.

Ji Fengyan did not detect all these.

Ji City was situated at the east borders of Lei Yan Kingdom. it was built on the hill, surrounded by waters and had a scenic landscape. Ji City was considered only a remote and a small city in Lei Yan Kingdom, its size was not much bigger than a village and because there was only a route to the center of the city, its economy lagged behind other cities and there were not many residents living there.

Although there were several mountains around Ji City, it did not have plenty of resources, the only products they had originated from their ores, which were also hard to find. Even so, there were limited products made from the ores and was insufficient to attract large groups of businessmen to this city.

As Ji Fengyan’s horse carriage slowly reached the outside of Ji City, the burly man looked up and saw the gates in the near distance. The only two sluggish looking guards were sitting on straw mats and leaned against the walls. They did not look like how guards should have looked at all.

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