The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1858 - I Have A Sword! (1)

Chapter 1858 - I Have A Sword! (1)

Lin Yun’s roar shook everyone’s eardrums. No one expected that he would make a breakthrough right on the spot, reaching the pinnacle of the Profound Life Stage from the Dragon Pulse Realm and injuring someone at the pinnacle of the Profound Death Stage.

“No, you don’t!” Just when Lin Yun wanted to step forth, the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint dashed over.

“I’m your opponent.” But Gu Jun, who had been keeping an eye on him, appeared before the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint before the latter even stepped forward.

The two Quasi-Saints pushed out a palm each, and their collision caused cracks to appear on the ground. This instantly created seven cracks on the spacious pier, which continued to spread without stopping.

The Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint took several steps back as Gu Jun hovered in the air.

“Stop that Quasi-Saint!” An Liuyan made her decision after a brief surprise. She changed her plan because Lin Yun would be safe if they managed to stop that Quasi-Saint. This was also dangerous because An Liuyan and Mei Zihua were still too weak to face a Quasi-Saint with their strength.

But she couldn’t be bothered about that now because the Quasi-Saint could inflict heavy injuries on Lin Yun if he had an opportunity.

“Protect the young master!” The seven Profound Death Stage experts immediately dashed forth. The grey-robed old man, who was at the pinnacle of the Profound Death Stage, roared as he pushed his palm forth. “Heavenly Nether Seal!”

A palm of ten feet that was enveloped in profound death origin flew forth, and the seven of them had joined forces to besiege Lin Yun. They didn’t want to give him the opportunity to make a move on Liu Chen.

But Lin Yun merely glanced at them from the corner of his eye and waved his sleeve. A hundred and eighty thousand dragon runes flew out and manifested into an azure dragon under the empowerment of his sixth-grade Azure Dragon Intent. When the azure dragon collided with the black palm, the black palm was easily crushed.

“What powerful Azure Dragon Intent!” An exclamation resounded from the surroundings because everyone knew that Lin Yun came from the Azure Dragon’s lineage. His Azure Dragon Intent was powerful, to begin with, let alone reaching the sixth grade. Not to mention that Lin Yun was unbelievably young.

Lin Yun naturally wouldn’t pay attention to those gazes. After the azure dragon crushed the palm, the seven Profound Death Stage experts also reached him.

“Azure Dragon Grasp!” Lin Yun suddenly turned around. A dragon roar echoed with thunderclouds rumbling in the sky, and a gigantic dragon claw flew out.

With a gentle push, the dragon claw flew out, accompanied by a dragon roar. Very quickly, the seven, including the grey-robed old man at the pinnacle of the Profound Death Stage, were forced to retreat.

The seven of them summoned their constellations with their dragon origin spreading out. But even so, they were still easily crushed by the azure dragon’s claw. When they fell to the ground, all seven of them threw out a mouthful of blood.

No one expected Lin Yun to repel seven Profound Death Stage experts with his strength. With no one stopping him, he dashed forth and arrived before the shocked Liu Chen.

Liu Chen had just swallowed a saint pellet to recover his injuries. When he saw Lin Yun dashing over, Liu Chen cursed and quickly evaded, “Damn it. This brat is too fast!”

He kept avoiding, and his pupils became even darker. This was unavoidable, and Liu Chen wore a decisive expression. He suddenly turned around before throwing out a punch at Lin Yun in a tricky trajectory.

If his blow at the seventh-stage Profound Death Stage fell on Lin Yun, it wouldn’t feel good, even if Lin Yun was at the pinnacle of the Profound Life Stage. But it was a pity that Lin Yun wore the Myriad Scales Armor.

As the corner of Liu Chen’s lips twitched, he felt like his punch had landed on an iron mountain. Not only was he incapable of inflicting any injuries on Lin Yun, but he even felt a stinging pain coming from his fist.

“The Myriad Scales Armor!” Liu Chen gritted his teeth because the Myriad Scales Armor belonged to his Liu Saint Clan, but it now became an aid for Lin Yun.

Before he could retreat, Lin Yun’s punch landed on his chest, causing Liu Chen to throw out a mouthful of blood, sending him flying away. When he fell to the ground, he clutched his chest with one hand, and his face became terrifyingly pale.

When he raised his head, Lin Yun wielded the Flower Burial Sword in his left hand. Anyone could tell Lin Yun wanted to kill him, instantly making Liu Chen panic. He exclaimed, “Zhuge Qingyun, save me!”

Zhuge Qingyun was already paying attention to the phenomenon created by Lin Yun a long time ago, but he was held up because he had to face the Quasi-Saints of five holy lands. So when he swept his gaze over, he was shocked because it hadn’t been long, and Liu Chen was already at his limit.

“Zhuge Qingyun, stay behind!” Zhuge Qingyun wanted to leave, but the Divine Phoenix Mountain’s Quasi-Saint stopped him from suddenly making a move.

“You’re courting death!” Zhuge Qingyun flew into a rage as a sun and a moon appeared in each of his pupils. As his Quasi-Saint’s aura began to rise, he easily knocked the Divine Phoenix Mountain’s Quasi-Saint flying away with a wave of his hand.

This further expanded the cracks on the ground, causing the entire pier to tremble. But Zhuge Qingyun couldn’t break free because the four other Quasi-Saints dashed over when the Divine Phoenix Mountain’s Quasi-Saint made his move.

As six Quasi-Saints clashed together, there were a total of eight Quasi-Saints fighting on the pier, if Gu Jun and the Liu Saint Clan’s Quasi-Saint were included. Under the absence of saints, Quasi-Saints were the strongest fighting force within the Kunlun Realm, and no one had expected such a grand battle just because of Lin Yun.

The surrounding wandering cultivators and holy land disciples had already retreated when they noticed the battle.

“This is too terrifying!”

“So many Quasi-Saints! It’s hard to even see one normally, and yet eight Quasi-Saints are here!”

“Look, Lin Xiao is going to make a move!” Everyone was shocked as they saw Lin Yun turning to coldly look at Liu Chen and flicking his finger. As the Flower Burial Sword flew out from the sheath, it flew towards Liu Chen under the empowerment of his Heavenly Dome Sword Intent.

This made Liu Chen widen his pupils. He wanted to avoid this attack by instinct, but everything happened too quickly. In his eye, the Flower Burial Sword wasn’t just a sword but was accompanied by a boundless sword aura that couldn’t be avoided.

As the tip of the sword stabbed at the center of Liu Chen’s brows, sparks flew instead of blood. This naturally made Lin Yun furrow his brows as he saw a saint seal on Liu Chen’s forehead. In the next moment, a powerful shockwave of saint aura exploded, and the Flower Burial Sword bounced off.

Liu Chen was so frightened that his face was terrifyingly pale, but he only took several steps back.

“I’m not dead? What a surprise. I thought I was going to die here.” Liu Chen touched his forehead, and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. This was the saint seal left behind by the Liu Saint to ensure his safety. It was powerful, and it wasn’t something he could control. It would only appear when his life was endangered.

“The saint seal of a Saint Lord!”

“The Liu Saint Clan’s patriarch actually left a saint seal on Liu Chen. He probably won't be able to recover within a decade.”

“It’s understandable. After all, the Wind Edge Lord died, and the Liu Saint could only do this if he didn’t want to lose another son.”

“It’s difficult for Lin Xiao now.” Everyone began to discuss amongst themselves when they saw the saint seal on Liu Chen’s forehead.

Lin Yun flicked his wrist and unleashed eighteen swords that were directed at Liu Chen’s vitals in a split second, but they all bounced off because of the saint seal without exception.

As blood returned to Liu Chen’s complexion, he indifferently said, “Lin Xiao, you better consider how to escape. Do you want to kill me? You can’t do it!”

When he said that, another sword landed on his forehead again, making Liu Chen scream out. Lin Yun was manipulating the Flower Burial Sword from afar, but he still couldn’t break through the protection of the saint seal, but the power of Glorymetal Spirit managed to penetrate through the saint seal.

For Liu Chen, it felt like a sharp needle had pierced his brows, naturally making him scream out in pain with his face distorted.

“Another Glory Saint Artifact!” Everyone watching this exclaimed.

“Stop him!” Liu Chen lost his composure and let out a roar, causing the seven Profound Death Stage experts to dash over once more.

But Lin Yun ignored them and manipulated his sword from afar to unleash countless attacks on Liu Chen. Although Liu Chen wasn’t injured, he was experiencing excruciating pain, and the saint seal was slowly becoming dim under Lin Yun’s barrage of attacks.

“Didn’t you say that I can’t kill you?” Lin Yun stood with his hands behind him and summoned his sword back. When he held onto the Flower Burial Sword with his right hand, he swung it as though he had a pair of eyes behind him, and his sword clashed against the grey-robed old man’s sword.

But since he had activated the glory spirits, the Flower Burial Sword easily snapped the grey-robed old man’s sword into two. Before a Glory Saint Artifact like the Flower Burial Sword, even a saint sword was no different from beancurd.

When the grey-robed old man’s sword snapped into two, he was stumped as he looked at Lin Yun in horror, “T-this is impossible…”

“Is it impossible?” Lin Yun swung his sword back at an even faster speed.

But what happened next made the grey-robed old man even more astonished as he saw his own body. His head was decapitated, and this made the six remaining Profound Death Stage experts terrified into retreating.

But Lin Yun divided himself into two and unleashed two sword ray arcs, distorting space and pulling the six Profound Death Stage experts into his sword arcs.

Blood splattered in the next moment, with countless mutilated corpses falling from the sky. This naturally enveloped the pier in dead silence as they looked at the free-falling corpses. After all, they were all Profound Death Stage experts, and Lin Yun easily butchered them.

Lin Yun didn’t hold back in his attack, immediately executing the Flower Burial Sword with his cultivation at the Profound Life Stage, unleashing an unprecedented power with it.

“This…” Seeing the blood rain behind Lin Yun, Liu Chen’s face became pale. He never expected Lin Yun to be so ruthless.

But it wasn’t over yet. Lin Yun’s sword intent suddenly exploded, reaching complete mastery of the Heavenly Dome Sword Intent. As the sky shattered, twenty-three layers of heaven shattered in the blink of an eye.

As the Flower Burial Sword in his hand vibrated, it flew out and aimed at the center of Liu Chen’s forehead. In the path of the Flower Burial Sword, the air exploded with a shockwave spreading out.

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