The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 857 - 857 The House

Chapter 857 - 857 The House

857 The House

Li Cuihua had never gotten along with her sister-in-law.

Li Cuihua said angrily, ” Liu Dongmei, I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

Liu Dongmei was also an old woman who refused to be outdone. She said loudly, “Third sister-in-law, I’m telling the truth. Why are you angry?! If you insist on getting the girl to fulfill her promise now, there might still be some hope. Maybe it’ll be too late after ten days!”

Don’t think that she was reminding her out of good intentions. In fact, she was rubbing salt in li cuihua’s wound.


Li Cuihua spat and cursed angrily, ” I don’t need your fake kindness! Aren’t you just hoping that I won’t get that big house? Hmph, I don’t believe that the girl’s promise won’t be fulfilled!”

After she finished speaking, she immediately pulled Lin Laosan, who was not as energetic and said, ” old man, get San ‘Er. We’ll go to find that girl. We don’t want to wait. We want her to hand over the house now!”

Then, she turned around and instructed Lin Daniu and the rest, ” eldest son, get everyone to go to Lin’s family garden!” She wanted the whole family to go with her.

In fact, li Cuihua made this decision because she had been goaded by Liu Dongmei. Then, in order to avoid any more trouble, she agreed to Liu Dongmei’s request to get the house now.

Then, under the shocked gaze of the officer, li Cuihua led the Lin family, and they made their way to the Lin family garden in a lively manner.

The officer was confused and decided to follow them.

When he stopped in front of a big and beautiful house, he was stunned, with his mouth wide open.

He had never thought that he would see such a luxurious and beautiful house in the corner of Lin village.

But whose house was this?

Why did these people stop in front of this house?

His doubts were soon answered.

Li Cuihua pushed Lin Sanniu out and instructed, ” call that girl out and ask her to give us the house immediately!”

Only Lin Sanniu and his wife had the right to call Lin yuelan out.

Lin Sanniu would always listen to his parents.

Even if he had to climb a mountain of daggers or plunge into a sea of fire, as long as he could win his parents’ praise, he was willing to do it.

Although Lin yuelan was also very scary to him, he was still her biological father. No matter how much Lin yuelan disliked them, she couldn’t kill her parents!

Therefore, he was fearless!

Lin Sanniu walked to the front of the door. Just as he was about to knock on the door, the door opened with a creak.

The one who walked out was Lin Fu, the housekeeper.

He looked at the crowd outside the door, led by Lin Laosan’s family, and frowned in dissatisfaction.

He asked coldly, “What are you all doing in front of my house? ” Then, he squinted his eyes and glared at Lin Sanniu, who was standing right in front of him. He then asked, ” Uncle Lin, what business do you have here? ”

The Butler addressed Lin Sanniu in the way Lin yuelan did.

Lin sanniu’s face darkened. “Get that wretched girl out! ”

The Butler was very dissatisfied with the way Lin Sanniu addressed his master. He said coldly, ” may I know who the wretched girl third uncle Lin is talking about is? Although there are many maidservants in the Lin family Court, none of them are called “wretched girl.”

Lin Sanniu was both shocked and furious. “stop acting dumb. You know who I’m talking about. She’s your master. Quickly call her out!”

Hearing Lin sanniu’s overbearing manner, the Butler immediately retorted, ” my master’s name is Lin yuelan, not a wretched girl. If you call every girl a wretched girl, I’ll have nothing to say. However, my master will not allow anyone to slander her. Now, please leave!”

The officer behind him could not understand what the relationship between the people in the lead and the owner of the house was.

Listening to their tone, it seemed that they had a bad relationship.

The Butler rudely ordered Lin Laosan’s family to leave!

When li Cuihua heard the Butler’s words, she couldn’t hold herself back. She impulsively ran in front of the Butler, pointed at his nose, and scolded,

“And what are you? You’re just that a dog by that wretched girl’s side. You have no right to make us leave. Even if that wretched girl comes out, she doesn’t have the right! Because we are her parents, her grandparents!

“As for you, since you’re her dog, you’re also our dog. From now on, we’ll be the owners of this house. What right do you have to make us leave?”

The more li Cuihua spoke, the more convinced she was of her words. Then, a wave of anger rose in her stomach. She didn’t know where it started. Seeing Lin Fu in front of her, she didn’t even think about it when she raised her hand to give him a big slap.

“Aiyo!” Li Cuihua screamed.

Her hand was caught, and the sound of bones breaking could be heard.

Li Cuihua looked at the young man who had grabbed her. The pain made her ask in a sharp voice, ” Who are you? ”

Lin xujie said coldly, ” I am Lin xujie, master’s guard!”

As he spoke, he flung li Cuihua’s hand away. Then, he took out a white silk handkerchief from his sleeve, wiped his hands, and threw it away.

It was as if the thing he had just grabbed was very dirty.

However, compared to Lin xujie’s, Li Cuihua’s dry and dark hands were indeed dirty.

The moment they saw the young man with the sword, who seemed to be highly skilled in martial arts, the people who had been watching the show earlier immediately retreated a few steps in panic, but their eyes were very suspicious as they stared at this man.

This man’s aura was so strong. Was he really just the girl’s guard?

They didn’t quite believe it.

It didn’t matter if they believed it or not, it was the truth.

Lin xujie didn’t say anything else and just stood beside the Butler.

The Butler looked down on arrogant and rude barbarians like li Cuihua. Just now, li Cuihua wanted to hit him, so the Butler said bluntly, ” if you cause trouble here, don’t blame me for being rude!”

As he spoke, he clapped his hands twice.

Then, in an instant, seven or eight Men in Black flew out of nowhere and stood in front of them.

It scared the ignorant villagers so much that their faces turned green.

This official, who had been following the crowd from behind, had never expected that the owner of this house would be the granddaughter of the unruly Li Cuihua.

However, this granddaughter was so rich, so why did she not acknowledge her family?

He was full of doubts.

However, when he saw the Men in Black flying from all directions, he was even more surprised, and his mouth was wide open.

Looking at the situation, it was not hard for him to imagine that the Master of these people, the grandchildren of these troublemakers, was definitely not a common girl.

He was even more curious now. What did the owner of this house look like?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, a girl in red slowly walked out of the door.

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