The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 858 - 858 A Heavy Blow

Chapter 858 - 858 A Heavy Blow

858 A Heavy Blow

“Who is this girl in red?” The officer was very curious.


As soon as she walked out, the Butler, Lin Xujie, and the other Men in Black greeted her respectfully.

This scared the officer immensely.


Was this girl their master and the owner of this house?

Isn’t she too young?

Although the girl was tall and looked to be about 15 or 16 years old, he could tell that she was a beauty. However, her facial features did not seem to have fully developed. Her face still had a childish look. Her real age was probably even younger than 15 years old. She was probably only 12 or 13 years old!

If she was really only 12 or 13 years old, how would she have such a big house?

There were guards and servants, and her family business was probably also extraordinary.

But this was completely impossible!

Perhaps the owner of this house was someone else, perhaps her parents?

But …

In short, the officer was very suspicious.

Lin yuelan walked out slowly and looked at the villagers who had just left yesterday. She was expressionless, but her sharp eyes flashed.

Her eyes swept over Lin Sanniu and the Lin family behind him.

Li Cuihua had called the Butler a dog and even looked like she was going to beat him up, but when the Men in Black came out, she was so scared that she immediately hid behind Lin Laosan.

Seeing Lin yuelan come out, her face seemed to show that she was angry but didn’t dare to say anything.

Lin yuelan’s clear voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

She asked coldly, ” may I know what everyone is doing in front of my house today? Is this another demon hunt?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the villagers immediately shook their heads, indicating that they had nothing to do with this.

Seeing that everyone was shaking their heads, Lin yuelan turned to Lin Sanniu and asked coldly, ” third uncle Lin, you were the one who called me out just now, weren’t you? May I know why you called me out?”

Lin yuelan’s aura was very strong. Every time Lin Sanniu met her, he would be frightened by her aura. Then, he would comfort himself by saying, ” this person is my weak eldest daughter. No matter how much she changes, I am still her father. She can’t do anything to me.”

It was this kind of comfort that gave him the confidence to face Lin yuelan.

Lin Sanniu took a deep breath and said sternly, ” I want the house and the money today. Hurry up and move out.” He said it as if it was a matter of course as if these things already belonged to him.

The officer was at the back and was confused.

Hearing the girl call this person third uncle Lin, he was even more confused about the relationship between this family and the owner of this house.

Out of curiosity, he asked the person beside him, ” what’s the relationship between these two? ” He was referring to Lin Sanniu and Lin yuelan.

When the villagers saw that the officer had not left and had come to watch the show, they immediately replied in a panic, ” they’re father and daughter!

“Father and daughter?” When the officer heard this answer, he was very surprised. “but why does it look like they have such a bad relationship? And why is this child calling the man third uncle Lin and not father? ”

The villager replied, ” it’s because this child has cut off all ties with Lin sanniu’s family!”

The officer nodded in understanding. “Oh, I see!”

In that case, the elderly couple was Lin sanniu’s parents. At the same time, they were also the child’s grandparents!


Could the owner of this house really be this child and not her parents?

The officer was shocked!

If it really was this child’s, then where did she get so much money at such a young age?

The officer was still confused when he suddenly thought of someone.

He had only heard of this person’s name but had never seen him in person!

This person was the jinx of the Lin family Village, who had caused an uproar in An Ding County for the past six months.

It was said that this girl was abandoned by her family because she was accused by a Taoist to be a jinx to her husband and family. Even her biological parents wanted to harm her secretly.

Later on, for some unknown reason, this woman changed greatly.

It didn’t take long for her to become famous for her eight stones per mu production farming method and her invention of a variety of farmland tools, such as the threshing machine and the grinder…

And so, she became rich.

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