Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1659

1659 The Arrival of An Embodier? Divine Dao Spire, Give Me An Explanation

“A man as terrifying as him can’t be allowed to live, or it will be an obstacle for the Central Heaven Universe.”

“Fortunately, he’s here. It’s time to reel in the net,” Heaven Maiden You said.

Both the Vine Demon Crown Prince and Wu You did not show any rejection of her suggestion.

“I’ll go contact the other sky-prides and Prodigies and tell them to retreat,” the Vine Demon Crown Prince said.


“Very well.”

“Too bad I can’t defeat him with my own hands,” Wu You said coldly.

Heaven Maiden You glanced at Wu You. She did not say anything because she knew and understood the pride of a man.

In her opinion, if Wu You could not kill Chu Kuangren this time, he would never get another chance for the rest of his life. The difference between them was too massive.

“Maybe the strongest in the Nether King Tribe, the Nether Kind Heaven Daoist, would have a chance to rival him,” Heaven Maiden You thought.

Then, she looked into the distant land and saw the cultivators from her own universe, exploring and searching for the so-called Opportunities of Fortune.

“For the sake of the plan, all of you would have to sacrifice.”

The ‘reel in’ that she referred to would not only murder all the Prodigies from Pan Gu Universe but also those from Central Heaven Universe.

It was a small price for Central Heaven Universe to pay. and both Heaven Maiden You and the great one behind her deemed it a worthy risk to take.

Somewhere in the secret realm, Chu Kuangren continued to explore the place with his team.

He had also refined the Kunlun Mirror during the exploitation, and albeit not completely, he was able to use it with no problem.

After traveling for more than a thousand kilometers, they ran into a company of soldiers from the other universe, slaughterings the cultivators of Pan Gu Universe.

Chu Kuangren and his team could not ignore it.

“It’s Chu Kuangren!”

The leader of the soldiers was shocked by Chu Kuangren’s arrival. His expression turned grim, and he got nervous.

Chu Kuangren’s name had circulated among the cultivators of the other universe rapidly in the past few days. He was the man who killed Chen Feihu and Chen Feilong and easily defeated the Vine Demon Crown Prince and Wu You.

There was no way his name was unheard of after what he did.

As the sword qi swept forward, the cultivators from the other universe were all killed.

Chu Kuangren barely moved as the sword qi was fired automatically using his thought.

The cultivators from the other universe did not stand a chance.

The sword qi reaped their lives like a scythe mowing the lawn.

The scene stunned the remaining cultivators from the other universe.

“He’s a monster! A monster!”

“Even the strongest Prodigy of the Spiritual Sword Tribe doesn’t have such high Sword Dao cultivation!”

“Of course! He’s the one who killed two of the strongest Prodigy of the Spiritual Sword Tribe!”

A bloodbath stained the land and the river red.

It took a few seconds for Chu Kuangren to kill a majority of the cultivators from the other universe.

“Chu Kuangren, when our Embodier arrives, he will annihilate every single one of you!” the last soldier shouted.

Chu Kuangren frowned when he heard the dying soldier’s last word. “Embodier?”

As far as he knew, the portal was not powerful enough for an Embodier to pass through.

Could it be that the people from the other side had a way to break the limitations?

Ye Zhu was baffled as well. “If their Embodier arrives, things would be bad.”

The strongest cultivators from Pan Gu Universe that entered the secret realm were just Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals. There was no way they could fish an Embodier.

Then, a streak of light approached.

It was Hua Xi.

“I’ve finally found you,” Hua Xi said and sighed a breath of relief when she saw Chu Kuangren.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Kuangren found her arrival surprising.

Why would she come chasing after him now after he mocked her a few days ago?

“We just got orders from the great ones. We are to destroy the Divine Dao Spire,” Hua Xi said.

“Divine Dao Spire? What is that?”

“According to the information that the great ones got, the Divine Dao Spire is something that can allow the Embodier of the other universe to pass through the portal,” Hua Xi explained.


Ye Zhu’s expression changed. “We are to destroy something that could enable passage for an Embodier? It sounds a little ridiculous, isn’t it?”

Hua Xi continued, “According to the news, there are seven Divine Dao Spires here, each with a respectable number of soldiers guarding it. Six of which have a Five Qi-realm or even a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals as the spire guardian. The last remaining one has the weakest defense, so we are to go for that one.

“Brother Chu, you’re the strongest among us, so the great ones are hoping that you can lead us.”

Chu Kuangren finally realized why Hua Xi sighed a breath of relief when she found him.

The last remaining Divine Dao Spire was said to have the weakest defense. However, since it was something that could allow an Embodier to pass through the portal, it should be everything but weak.

Hua Xi and the other Prodigies did not have enough confidence, so they decided to go to Chu Kuangren.

“I understand.” Chu Kuangren agreed with a nod.

With that, he and his team followed Hua Xi to a mountain peak.

The sky-prides and Prodigies of Pan Gu Universe had already gathered there.

“Brother Chu, please lead us and destroy the other universe’s scheme!”

“That’s right! You’re the strongest among us!”

Everyone tried to flatter Chu Kuangren when he arrived.

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was also among the crowd. He was hiding in the corner, watching as the crowd surrounded Chu Kuangren as if he was the sun!

The jealousy was eating him up.

He should be the one in that position, but whenever Chu Kuangren was involved, he would always lose the spotlight.

No one else could outshine Chu Kuangren in possibly all aspects.

“Hmph. Chu Kuangren, I will replace you one day!” The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist grunted softly.

Beside him was the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden. She shook her head exasperatedly and looked at the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist with a pitiful gaze.

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was powerful. After all, he was a Peerless Prodigy.

He was also a smart person and a master at scheming. Before he appeared in the public’s eye, he used the Immortal Ranking to erase and weaken the sky-prides and Prodigies’ power while he further strengthened his foundation to make a grand entrance.

Unfortunately, Chu Kuangren appeared, and everything the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist did served as a foil.

Even the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden had become a pawn that Chu Kuangren controlled.

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden sighed helplessly.

Chu Kuangren was the bane of the Immortal Hall as he was much more difficult to deal with than any other Human Emperor in existence.

‘Maybe he could really overthrow the Immortal Hall and regain the glory of the Human Emperor,’ she thought.

Even though it seemed impossible, Chu Kuangren was a man of many miracles.

Suddenly, the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden sensed the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist getting nervous. It was as though his greatest enemy had arrived.

Surprised, she then heard Chu Kuangren’s voice in her ears.

“Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist, how are you doing?”

Chu Kuangren looked at the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist and the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden with a faint smile. The ridiculing gaze was brazen, especially when he looked at the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist.

“What is it? Want to have a go at me?” The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist got even more nervous.

“Why would I fight you here? Now that we’re facing invaders from another universe, internal conflict should be avoided. But before we begin, I want you to give me an explanation.”

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