World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s might!


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The girl’s eyes were filled with doubt as she asked, “What’s the plan?”

“I’ll join the fight!”

With that, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake peeped out from behind Locke’s sleeves.

Being a divine rank Battle Beast and all, the moment it appeared, its might caused the surrounding Battle Beasts to tremble.

However, they quickly calmed down and fought the Poison Wasp Swarm once more.

“Young man, are you a Beastmaster?”

A middle-aged man walked over and looked at him in surprise.

“Of course.” Locke nodded.

“But based on the clothes you’re wearing! You’re still a student!”

A woman chimed in.

“It’s fine. I’m very strong.”

“Haha, it’s great to see you so confident. At least you can lighten their burden!”

“He’s so responsible at such a young age. Such a commendable young man!”

After stuffing the lucky fruits into the girl’s hand, Locke proceeded towards the battlefield.

“What do you mean?! He’s just a student who had just gone through the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony!”

As soon as the girl’s words came out, everyone was shocked, and soon, an uproar followed.

“Not good, this kid is messing around. Everyone, stop him!”

“Wait up kid, this isn’t a place you should be. Hurry up and find a place to hide!”

“That’s right, it’s too dangerous here. We can’t take care of you!”

Locke was stopped by someone.

He was not in a hurry. Logically speaking, Locke should be hiding.

After all, he was just a student who had yet to graduate. He did not have any combat experience, and it was fair to see him as a hindrance.

It was normal for people to not trust him.

However, the beast coiled around his arm was a divine Battle Beast, and Locke was full of confidence.

“I’m a Beastmaster.”

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake stuck out its tongue. Locke did not bother to explain, and in an instant, he had bypassed the person that was blocking him.

Seeing Locke’s behavior, the middle-aged man who was blocking him frowned. He was at a loss at what to do.

It was already too late to stop him. Locke had already entered the fray.

In their opinion, Locke was on a suicide mission.

However, since the youth was unafraid of death, they just let him be. After all, they had already tried to stop him.

Not long after.

Locke was already at the center of the battlefield.

He was facing the Poison Wasp Swarm directly.

“Damn it! who let this kid in here?”

“Someone, get him out!”

A 6-star bronze Beastmaster shouted loudly with a displeased expression.

The Poison Wasp Swarm was already a handful to deal with, and now, some deadweight had appeared to drag everyone down. How were they supposed to endure this?

The sooner Locke was sent back, the sooner the group of people would be able to fight freely.

Locke was at a loss. Did he really look that weak?

Did he really need everyone’s protection?

Locke immediately decided to go all out, and a small snake detached itself from Locke’s arm.

It quickly slithered out.

Originally, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake was only half a meter long. However, after detaching itself from Locke’s arm, it immediately expanded.

One meter!

Two meters!

Three meters!

Seven meters!

In less than three seconds, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake had grown to seven meters long.

It was like a giant python from the Amazon forest!

Its two heads stood tall and proud. It scoured the entire battlefield, and it was a majestic sight to behold!

Hiss hiss hiss!

The moment the Twin-headed White Jade Snake appeared, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone could not help but take a deep breath. Although they were clueless about the Battle Beast’s quality, they were certain that it was not low!

In the next second, the surrounding Battle Beasts began to tremble as if they had seen a ghost.

“Damn it! Why is my White-headed Eagle trembling? Could it be that the Poison Wasp Swarm is too strong?”

“No, it’s because of that snake!”

The group of bronze level Beastmasters looked over as well. They noticed that their Battle Beasts were worshipping the snake, and they could not help but feel surprised.

What on earth was going on?

Could it be a high-quality battle beast?

While everyone was dumbfounded, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake moved under Locke’s command.

The horn on one of the snake’s head emitted a white light, and soon, a white sphere in the shape of a bead was fired out from the little snake’s mouth.

It moved at a breakneck speed.

A thunderous explosion followed.

The white sphere flew into the swarm of Poison Wasps and exploded in an instant. The entire process took place in a fraction of a second.

“Flash Bomb!”

This skill was obtained from the Lesser Light Magic Crystal.

It had enabled it to use light magic!

A small ball of the light element was spat out once more, and it was directed in a certain spot!


The small ball exploded with a deafening blast.

White smoke wisped out of the wasps’ bodies as they fell down one after another.

They fell down in clumps, and it looked as if it was raining white.

Soon, a small pit was formed on the ground. Blood was smeared across the ground, and its shape was reminiscent of a mandala flower.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake had killed over 3 thousand Poison Wasps with just the Flash Bomb alone!

“As expected of a divine rank Battle Beast. It killed a large number of Poison Wasps with just one skill. Its efficiency is much higher than all the other battle beasts here combined!”

“This was only one skill!”

Locke nodded his head in satisfaction.

On the other side, everyone was utterly stupefied by the white snake’s display of might.

“What quality is this battle beast?”

“It’s definitely not ordinary!”

“I’ve never seen such a powerful skill!”

“It’s too terrifying. This skill killed at least a few thousand poisonous bees!”

Looking at the poisonous bee corpses on the ground, everyone was stunned.

What shocked them even more was that there were Beast Eggs lying on the ground!

“Lil’ White, hurry up and collect all the Beast Eggs that dropped!”

Lil’ White was the name Locke gave the Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Lil’ White stuck out its tongue and quickly followed Locke’s instructions. Its small black horn glowed with a faint light. In an instant, a black sphere appeared in front of Lil’ White.

It was like a black hole.

Lil’ White had entered it and disappeared immediately after.

Just as everyone was gasping in surprise…

Lil’ White had returned. It had already completed its rounds, and it had moved so fast that it left afterimages in its wake!

In less than a second, it had collected all the Beast Eggs that dropped and it placed them in front of Locke.

Spatial Movement, it was one of Lil’ White’s skills!

It could create a spatial node and use it to achieve short-distance travel. Its speed was extremely fast!

Once it had placed the Beast Eggs in front of Locke, Lil’ White resumed its battle with the Poison Wasps.

The Flash Bomb skill from before had killed over 3 thousand Poison Wasps and produced 6 Beast Eggs!

The Beast Eggs were light blue in color, and the patterns on them were reminiscent of white clouds.

Those were Sky Series Beast Eggs!

In other words, there was a high chance that the Battle Beasts that hatched from these Beast Eggs were able to fly.

The value of flying Battle Beasts was much higher than ordinary Battle Beasts.

Five eggs alone were already worth five million!

“As expected, being a Beastmaster is the most profitable job in the world!”

While Locke was counting his profits…

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake displayed its might once more.

In the blink of an eye, the little black horn on the snake’s head emitted a dark black light.

Instantly, a black ball suddenly appeared among the swarm of Poison Wasps and slowly expanded!

It was like a black sun hanging in the sky!

However, what it radiated was not light, but darkness!

Seeing the sudden appearance of the ball of darkness, the swarm of poisonous bees attacked the black ball in tandem.

However, in the next second, the wasps sank into the black ball and they were unable to break free!

“This… this… What on earth is going on?!”

“Are the Poison Wasps attacking the black ball?”

“No, that black ball is like a black hole, constantly attracting Poison Wasps into it. The Poison Wasps were sucked in!!”

“This is definitely a Spatial Series skill. The black ball is a type of gravity attack!”

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