World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Crimson Beast Egg, Fire-type Weapon!

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After spending half an hour, Locke’s parents had finally come to terms that Lil’ White was a divine Battle Beast.

At the same time, since Lil’ White was Locke’s contracted Battle Beast, it would not attack anyone without Locke’s orders.

Due to this, his parents were constantly playing around with the little snake.

Very quickly, Locke’s parents had become familiar with the little Battle Beast.

Nevertheless, Locke had not mentioned his second divine Battle Beast to his father.

After all, based on their initial reactions…

It would probably be too much for them to bear.

At the same time.

Locke’s gaze landed on the red Beast Egg lying on the table.

His ability to see all Hidden Evolution Paths was akin to having clairvoyance.

As long as he was in contact with a Beast Egg, he was able to accurately tell what kind of beast laid within.

Locke placed his hand on top of it.

Soon, its information appeared.

[ System name: All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution Path System ]

[ Battle Beast name: Fire Elemental ]

[ Battle Beast quality: Blue ]

[Battle Beast type: Equipment ]

[ Battle Beast attribute: Fire ]

[ Battle Beast level: Level 1, Stage 1]

[ Battle Beast growth progress: 100% (can be hatched)]

[ Battle Beast talent: Flame’s Favor ]

[ Battle Beast Skill: Flame Transformation ]

[ Hidden Evolution Path 1: Strength-oriented evolution. Next form, [ Flame Spear ] . It can unleash powerful flame attacks, and when it pierces its target, it will burst into flames! The highest possible evolution it can reach is orange quality! ]

[ Hidden Evolution Path 2: Magic-based Evolution. Next form, [ Skyfire Illusion ]. It will unleash inextinguishable flames and it can change to any weapon of your choosing. Moreover, its attack prowess and precision will greatly increase! The highest possible evolution it can reach is rose gold quality! ]

Locke was surprised.

‘What’s going on? Regardless of the person who hatches it, this Beast Egg would still hatch a blue elite rank beast!’

As expected, had Locke not obtained a divine rank Battle Beast and obtained this instead, it would definitely delight his parents.

It was worth the money spent, after all!

Furthermore, based on what the System had shown him, it could also evolve into a divine Battle Beast!

Seeing this, Locke could not help but gasp in surprise.

‘When did divine rank beasts become so worthless!’

‘Three Divine Beasts within a day?’

Even Locke himself was caught completely off guard by the situation.

How much money would this cost him!

Immediately, Locke shifted his gaze onto one of the Hidden Evolution Path.

Naturally, it was the second hidden evolution route.

Hidden Evolution Condition 1: It must be about to hatch!

Hidden Evolution Condition 2: High Temperature Flame Crystal x 3!

Hidden Evolution Condition 3: Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeball x 1!

Hidden Evolution Condition 4: Scorching Lava Spirit x 1!

At this point, Locke’s interest died. Every item was exorbitantly expensive.

Based on Locke’s current finances, he could not afford it for the time being.

He would only be able to afford it once he had secured a stable source of income!

Nevertheless, he had decided to keep the egg. It would be of great use in the future, after all.

“Locke, believe in your luck. Hurry up and hatch this Red Beast Egg!”

His mother suggested.

Since Locke had already obtained a rose gold Battle Beast, his future would definitely be bright.

However, one million federal coins was still more than what they could currently afford.

On the other hand, their financial situation would definitely change within the next few years.

As such, his parents would not be dejected regardless of the type of Battle Beast that hatched.

On the contrary…

They wanted to hatch the Beast Egg to celebrate the occasion for their son.

“Yes, son, just treat it as a means to celebrate.”

“Yes, that’s right. I really am wise. I’ve thought of this ahead of time, so I purposely bought an extra one for you to celebrate with.”

Locke was left speechless at this scene.

Had he not been able to see the Hidden Evolution Paths of Lil’ White, Lil’ White would never have evolved into a divine beast.

In that case, this scenario would never have happened.

If he were to hatch the red egg now, he would definitely obtain a blue quality Battle Beast.

Sure, it would make his parents happy.

However, blue was still blue, not purple, orange, and not rose gold.

It was still going to be tossed away in the end.

Locke also understood the occasion.

However, it was not the right time to hatch it.

After a moment’s hesitation, Locke placed the red Beast Egg into his dimensional inventory.

Then, under the surprised gaze of his parents, he pushed open the door to his room.

“Mom, dad, come and take a look. You said you wanted to celebrate with a Beast Egg, right?”

Upon opening the door…

A pile of Beast Eggs was revealed before the trio’s eyes.

There consisted of all shapes and sizes, and their vast amounts had threatened to fill up the room.

As Locke’s room was very small, it really could not withstand the densely packed magic beast eggs!

The scene was too shocking.

The two adults could not move their eyes away, nor could they find the strength to speak…

“This… Oh my god, what are these?”

“Ah, this… This is too surreal. Could these be toys?”

At this moment, the two parents were finding it hard to speak coherently.

Locke smiled.

While leaning against the wall, he stated, “These are all Beast Eggs. There are more than 60 of them. Today, a swarm of Poison Wasps invaded our city and I just happened to be present. It was my little snake that displayed its might and exterminated the Poison Wasp Swarm, and because of that, these are all my spoils of war.”

“Mom, dad, if you want to hatch a Beast Egg to celebrate, then just choose whichever you want. After all, there’s more than enough to go around.”

Although Locke’s parents were already in their later years, as long as they had the necessary requirements, they could still hatch Beast Eggs.

However, what kind of ordinary family squander a million federal coins just to hatch some eggs!

The parents immediately shook their heads.

Their expressions were also a mix of emotions.

“No, each egg is worth a million coins. How can our family afford it? It’s better not to open it!”

“I can’t take it anymore. I need to lie down on the sofa…”

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