World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Waiting To Launch The Plan!

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Some time had passed, and Locke’s parents were still recovering from his pleasant surprise.

They no longer probed Locke about the ceremony.

There was no longer any need.

In any case, they were at ease.

After all, he had so many magic beast eggs in his room, and Locke had a divine Battle Beast, and it was the genuine article at that!

Looking at how promising their son was, they placed their complete trust in him, and finally relaxed.

Meanwhile, Locke stayed in the room and summarized the results of the day.

He had hatched a divine rank Battle Beast — the Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

After a battle, it had grown quite a bit. However, it still needed a little push to level up.

As such, there was no need to worry about money.

After all, he did not need to spend any on the little snake for the moment.

At the same time, Locke had also gained a certain understanding of the little snake’s skills.

It was a Battle Beast that specialized in using light and dark magic.

Light-type skills were purely offensive, and the attacks were very powerful.

On the other hand, its dark-type skills consisted of compressed black holes, and space travel.

Both were powerful abilities.

Regarding this, Locke had only this to say:

‘As expected of a divine beast.’

As for the two Beast Eggs that had yet to hatch, Locke needed more money before he could raise them. Otherwise, they would not possess the rose gold quality.

So, he needed to hurry up and start earning money!

With everything now thought out, Locke sorted out his emotions and headed out once more.

He randomly strolled on the outer city’s streets to see if he could find that girl.

‘Since she has already made some money for the day. She has probably already closed her stall and gone home by now.’

However, Locke was purely just trying his luck.

He would not be bothered even if he failed to meet her.

Ten minutes later…

Finally, Locke met the girl on another street.

Just like before, the girl was selling her lucky fruits.

Noticing that Locke was looking at her, the girl immediately stopped the sales and went directly to Locke’s side.

Locke could not help but praise the girl’s observation skills.

She knew that Locke was a very powerful person.

When the patrol team questioned her earlier, she kept Locke’s secret.

She knew that the man was asking about Locke, but she did not say anything.

At the same time, she also saw that Locke had obtained many Beast Eggs in the previous battle.

However, she was not jealous at his gains.

All she felt for Locke was pure admiration, and in that moment…

She noticed that Locke was looking for her.

‘There must be a reason for this’, she thought. Perhaps she might even form a relationship with him through this.

She did not ask for much in life. As long as she could support herself, it was enough. Therefore, even if Locke did not pay her, she was willing to do whatever he requested.

After all, Locke had saved her life!

As such, she chose to come to Locke’s side on her own volition.

“Big brother, are you looking for me?”

“My name is Taylor. If there’s anything you want me to do, I’ll do it to the best of my abilities.”

Locke nodded and mentally sighed.

Most kids at Taylor’s age would not be this mature.

Forget emotional intelligence, or empathy.

Not being childish was already a huge plus.

As such, upon noticing how sensible Taylor was, Locke was very pleased.

Moreover, through the girl’s eyes, Locke could see that she could be trusted.

A moment later…

Locke assigned the task to Taylor.

He had also emphasized how important it was for her to do it properly.

In fact, the reason Locke had requested for her help in the first place was because he was certain that it was doable for her.

After giving him a nod, Taylor headed off to a different street.

What Locke requested was very simple.

He wanted to host a simple auction. Although it was called an auction, it was more akin to a gambling den.

The rules were very simple.

To give an example, normal Beast Eggs cost a million Federal Coins on average. In these auctions, Locke would attempt to guess the quality of the Battle Beasts within it. If he had managed to guess the qualities correctly, he would then auction them off at high prices.

If he guessed wrong, then, he would sell the eggs at low prices!

Naturally, the bidders could also participate in the game. As long as they can guess correctly, they were allowed to buy the eggs at the low price of 100 thousand coins.

However, would Locke, the person who possessed the All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution Path System, allow this to happen?

Of course not.

Everything would be under Locke’s control.

Back to the point, Locke’s request to the girl was very simple.

Taylor had been doing the lucky fruit business in the area for a long time now. Although the people she had come into contact with were ordinary civilians, Taylor was very smart. She knew exactly who had money in the area like the back of her hand.

Naturally, her role was to spread news of Locke’s auction.

Bluntly put, she was advertising for Locke.

With Taylor’s speaking skills, she would definitely be able to attract all the wealthy citizens of the area.

Once that was done, the rest would be up to him.

However, there was one thing that Locke did not expect. Taylor had already disappeared in the sea of people before he had issued her remuneration.

From the looks of it, both sides trusted each other!

Once Locke was done, he returned home.

Some time later…

The atmosphere in the house was joyous.

There were delicious dishes on the table, and there was a much wider variety than usual.

The bearded old man1 had also bought two bottles of good wine, as if to celebrate.

Ever since Locke advanced to the third year, his family began to live frugally.

The old man had also cut down on his alcohol consumption.

However, from the looks of it, he was about to go all out that day.

Locke smiled.

It should not be long before he could launch his auction.

Once the auction was over, he would buy an apartment in the inner city and improve his family’s living conditions.

All that was left was to wait for the start of his plan.

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