World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Mana Meditation

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During the night…

Locke and his family were happily having dinner.

Under the gentle glow of the lights, the shadows of the trio constantly swayed back and forth.

They were living at the edge of the city, and their power grid had long been destroyed. Moreover, they were also under the constant risk of foreign beasts invading, all because the federal government had decided not to repair it.

Therefore, once night fell, every household would light up their kerosene lamps.

Locke’s mother was the first to break the silence.

“Hey, Big Beardy, which top academy do you think is the best in the Federation?”

“I think Hymn Academy isn’t bad!”

“But, Hymn Academy is too far away. It’s in Miami! I think that Key Wesker’s Dragon Academy in Atlanta is a good option too. It’s in our city, so it’s geographically favorable.”

His parents quickly settled on the topic of the top learning institutions.

Noting their excited expressions, Locke smiled and stayed silent.

First of all, Locke definitely needed to enter an academy to further his studies. Although it might not bring a significant improvement to his performance, it was important that he gained a name for himself.

Just like in the Great Gatsby, despite Gatsby’s endless wealth, in the eyes of the rich, he was always just a nouveau riche.

He was regarded as nothing more than a counterfeit alcohol seller!

It was the same in this world. Many people clearly had great strength, but no one was willing to admit it.

They simply refused to give them their due respect.

Therefore, Locke had to go to an academy to further his studies.

After obtaining a top spot on the social ladder, he would have the necessary backing to do anything he wanted.

Locke smiled and listened quietly to his parents’ discussion. After all, he was able to attend any institution he wanted.

All that was left was for each academy to provide him with their own set of conditions.

If all of their offers were similar, Locke would consider the old principal’s suggestion instead.

After all, the old principal had done him a favor.

To Locke, the academy was just a formality.

The key was the people that he would meet!

Time passed, and dinner was already over.

Locke returned to his room, sat on the chair, and took out the two divine rank Beast Eggs.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake also appeared on the table.

It just sat there, and stared at Locke with much fondness. It seemed to like its master very much!

Locke started planning.

He fell into deep thought.

Locke’s current strength was only at bronze-tier. It was impossible for him to control two Battle Beasts at the same time.

‘Should I hatch one of the eggs first or wait for Lil’ White to level up before giving it some more thought?’

‘Should I just follow the plan from before? Should I hatch one of the eggs, and switch Battle Beasts depending on the situation?’

In any case, there was no doubt that it was better to hatch more Battle beasts!

Locke looked at the Beast Egg once again.

[ System name: All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution Path System ]

[ Battle Beast name: Child of the storm ]

[ Battle Beast quality: Green ]

[ Battle Beast type: Skill-based ]

[ Battle Beast attribute: Wind ]

[ Battle Beast level: Level 1]

[ Battle Beast growth progress: 100% (able to hatch)]

[ Battle Beast talent: None ]

[ Battle Beast skill: None ]

[ Hidden Evolution Path 1: Strength-oriented evolution. Next form, [Wings of the Sky ]. It can release gale force winds that will cut through anything. The highest quality it can evolve to is the purple rare rank! ]

[Hidden Evolution Path 2: Magic-oriented evolution. The next stage, [Wings of the Sky ]. Upon unfolding its wings, it will fill up the sky with feathers. Each feather is like a high speed bullet, and eventually, they will become a torrent of steel. It can evolve to rose gold divine rank at most. ]

“This is the one!”

Locke recalled how majestic the patrol team looked while riding on top of a huge bird.

It was a very useful tool for traveling!

The Child of the Storm had obviously fit those conditions, and it was also useful in combat!

After making his decision, Locke returned the Beast Egg to his inventory and started to look up the relevant information regarding the various top-tier academies within the Federation.

Owning a rose gold Battle Beast was essentially the same as obtaining an admission letter to a first-rate university. This applied to top academies as well, and they would rarely encounter any difficulties in their admission to higher level institutions. Not to mention, Locke possessed not just one divine rank Battle Beast, but three of them!

The top institutions were Locke’s only target.

After all, the difference between the top universities and first-rate universities was not insignificant. It was like comparing heaven and earth.

Be in in terms of faculty strength, the environment, resources, or even connections, it was the same. The top universities were an existence that had completely eclipsed the first-rate universities.

Just think about it.

With Locke’s current strength, he could easily make his way to the top.

The top academies were filled with the most talented individuals in the world. Furthermore, Locke did not think that he was perfect. Therefore, rather than dealing with ordinary people, it was better to make a name for himself in the top academies instead.

Other than the excellent conditions, there were also many special benefits that first-rate universities did not possess.

Due to the terrifying amount of resources needed to establish a top academy, there were only a few top academies throughout the entire Federation. As a result, the students they admitted were also the best within the Federation.

In Locke’s own words, if you want to f*ck a woman, make sure she is a genius first.

Moreover, many important figures had graduated from top-tier academies. With this layer of connections, it would be easier to deal with any problems in the future.

There were no downsides in choosing a top-tier academy!

All that was left was to wait for the academies to give him their offers.


Locke still held full discretion in choosing the academy he wanted.

Locke went ahead and took out the Mana Meditation Technique from his dimensional inventory.

Aside from the 2 million federation coins, his principal had also provided him with a Beast Egg.

However, he planned to auction the egg off, together with the other Beast Eggs.

It was not particularly valuable to him.

The last reward was the Mana Meditation Technique.

Locke was curious as to how useful the technique was!

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