World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Show Is About To Begin!

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Maybe the person on stage was just that good natured.

‘Why didn’t he think through it properly!’

‘Is he not aware of the kind of bet he has placed?’

‘There is an 85% chance of hatching a green Battle Beast. With such a high chance of failure, how could he make the claim with such calmness?’

After all, if his prediction was off, he would need to sell it away for only 200 thousand federal coins.

Many people had subconsciously treated it as a way to earn 800 thousand federal coins.

They were leaping with excitement. This was no different from picking up money out of nowhere.

Everyone was clear on the rules.

Soon, someone raised his hand.

“1.2 million!”

A man shouted.

Soon, others followed.

“1.3 million!”

“1.5 million!”

It is worth noting that blue rank Battle Beasts were usually valued at 1.8 million coins!

Therefore, this was only the appetizer.

“I bid 1.9 million!”

“Hah! You want to buy this Beast Egg for a measly 1.9 million? I bid 2 million!”


‘Someone actually bade 2 million?’

This had already exceeded the market price of an ordinary blue rank battle beast.

However, the enthusiasm of the crowd did not decrease.

This was because this was no longer a business transaction, but a gamble!

To put it into perspective, although blue quality Battle Beasts were only worth 1.8 million coins to these people, they had also been given the chance to purchase a green quality Battle Beast for only 200 thousand coins. Of course they would be completely willing!

Moreover, the probability of this was 85% !

Therefore, no one hesitated, and they raised their hands one after another to announce the highest price they could bear.

“2.1 million! I won’t raise it anymore!”

Finally, no one else raised their hands. With that, the first Beast Egg of the day was sold at a sky-high price of 2.1 million!


Locke brought down his gavel.

With that, the deal was settled.

Soon, a man came up from below the stage. He rubbed his palms constantly, and he made no attempts to hide his greed.

He walked to the Beast Egg and attempted to hatch it.

Before he could, however, Locke stopped him.

“You don’t have to pay beforehand, but at least allow me confirm that you have that much money on you.”

It was very simple.

The Beast Egg was right before them, and yet, the customer had not paid a single penny.

If Locke were to hand him the egg without confirming beforehand, it would not end well if the customer lacked the promised funds.

Therefore, the person who bade had to show his sincerity.

The man did not hesitate. He quickly slapped two million federal coins on the table.

Then, he went ahead and hatched the Beast Egg.

In the mind of the man, the Beast Egg before him would only spawn a purple rare Battle Beast, or even a green normal Battle Beast, and the thought of a blue elite Battle Beast had never crossed his mind.

If it was a blue quality Battle Beast, then it would mean that he had paid 300,000 coins more than its usual price. It was too expensive!

However, things did not go as he had planned.

The desire in his eyes was immediately extinguished.

“Blue quality Battle Beast!”

“It really is a blue quality Battle Beast?”

“That’s impossible!” The man shouted, unwilling to believe the sight before him.

“A bet is a bet. This is the rule of the auction!” Locke put away the 2.1 million federal coins on the table and stated seriously.

Locke’s eyes were dead serious.

Furthermore, with Locke’s accolade still fresh in his mind, the man dared not cause any trouble for Locke. As a result, he left silently.

He had incurred a loss!

However, he had no choice but to swallow this bitter fruit.

The auction continued.

Even when he was auctioning normal Beast Eggs, under Locke’s skillful manipulation, he was able to sell them at reasonable prices.

When it came to high quality Beast Eggs, Locke had broken records over and over and again.

So far, Locke had sold 13 blue quality Beast Eggs, and all of their selling prices were very high!

Locke had made a killing.

Despite selling only 46 Beast Eggs, Locke’s income had already exceeded 67 million federal coins!

In other words…

Through the rules he had set, the value of his eggs had already exceeded the default value of selling 60 Beast Eggs to the federation.

Very soon.

Locke’s eyes were fixed on a Beast Egg.

It was a green Beast Egg, and its pattern had indicated that it was a Forest Series Beast Egg.

It was similar to Locke’s first Battle Beast, as his little snake had also belonged to the Forest Series.

“I bet that this battle Beast Egg is purple in quality! What do you think?”

Locke’s words spread to every corner of the bar. As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd immediately became heated.

They even felt their mouths and tongues turn dry!

Purple quality!

The outer city was like a slum. Even the richest among them did not have high standards.

To them, purple quality Battle Beasts were an uncommon existence. It was only natural that they paid more attention to it.

The prestige of the patrol captain was something that the people here often saw.

It was all because he possessed a purple Battle Beast.

It was said that he had only obtained it after hatching several Beast Eggs.

So, of course, excluding his own power, his luck had also played a huge part in his prestige.

As such, when Locke announced his prediction, how could anyone not be shocked?

It was definitely breaking news.

However, since it was just Locke’s prediction, most had treated it as a joke, and nothing more than a gamble.

In other words, it was their chance to make money!

This time…

No one in the bar made any noise.

Everyone treated it as the most practical deal!

It was a deal that they would not lose anything.

Locke did not stop talking. He surveyed the bar and noticed the twinkle in everyone’s eyes. He knew what everyone was thinking.

However, it was impossible for Locke to lose the bet.

Before this, Locke had deliberately predicted wrongly a few times and lost a small amount of money.

He made everyone believe that he was also a person who depended on luck, that he was just a gambler like them.

He made it seem like he was only auctioning for fun.

Everyone wanted to get a bargain at Locke’s auction, and they all believed that they would be the lucky one to make off with the profits.

Thus, everyone began to estimate the price.

They were estimating how much federal coins a purple quality Battle Beast was worth!

Locke looked at the twelve magic beast eggs on the table, and he grinned mentally.

An instant later, there were only three Beast Eggs left on the table.

The rest had been returned to his dimensional inventory.

Locke smiled and waved his hand. “I bet that the Battle Beast in this egg is purple in quality!”

“The starting price is 8 million. If I lose here, I’ll give away these three Beast Eggs as well!”

The rules of the final auction were very simple. As usual, the highest bidder would win the auction!

If Locke had lost his bet, not only would he receive no money, he would even give away three Beast Eggs!

What kind of good thing was this?

In the eyes of the audience, Locke’s action was undoubtedly a great kindness!

Could Locke be an emissary of God?

This was no different from throwing money!

At this moment, Locke spoke again, “I will wait for an hour for you guys to gather your funds. The starting price is 8 million, and the highest bidder will get it! If I lose my bet, I will give it away for free!”

“Go! Friends, the real show is about to begin!”

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