World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: A Never-ending Stream Of High Bids!

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The atmosphere in the bar had been completely ignited.

Many people treated it as an opportunity to win the lottery.

After all, the possibility of hatching a purple quality battle beast was practically zero!

Many people had never even seen a purple quality Battle Beast hatching throughout their entire lives.

Some people began to recall their time in high school. It was the only time in their life that they had caught a glimpse of the noble purple glow of rare beasts. Even then, it was extremely rare, as only a select few geniuses had possessed them.

So, would the Beast Egg in Locke’s hands create such a miracle?

No one was willing to believe it.

Instead, more people had seen it as an opportunity.

It was a chance to get three magic beast eggs for free.

That was equivalent to 3 million coins!

However, therein lies the problem. People who had such thoughts were usually customers who did not possess the money in the first place.

After all, how capable could people who take easy opportunities be!

Therefore, in Locke’s eyes, these people were just fodder to make up the numbers.

It was also because of this that everyone was excited, as they hoped to have a chance in the auction.

Gerardo did not leave the bar.

He had enough money on hand.

Gerardo was the last person that Taylor contacted. He had a lot of money. All he lacked was luck.

In Gerardo’s opinion, if his luck had been any better, he would have lived in the inner city.

There was no need to mingle with this group of people.

Loitering in such a shabby bar.

However, this was the night where his luck would change!

A purple quality Battle Beast would allow him to smoothly enter the inner city and live there.

If not, he would receive 3 million coins for free!

It was not a figure to be scoffed at.

Time passed.

Soon, an hour had gone by.

Many people had already returned to the bar.

The bar became even more lively, and the night had reached its peak!

Locke stood on the stage again.

After making a simple introduction, Locke began the final auction of the night.

After laying the groundwork throughout the entire day, Locke intended to obtain the biggest harvest in the final deal!

He had planned for everything.

He had already fulfilled his expectations ahead of time.

So, what surprise would this final segment bring him?

Purple quality Battle Beasts were meaningless to him. They were far less practical than money. In fact, as long as he had the money, Locke would be able to buy the materials needed to hatch his rose gold Battle Beasts.

This was his chance to obtain those funds.

After taking a look at Taylor, and nodding at her, he began to speak.

“Thank you for your support tonight. This is the highlight of the night. This will be our last auction. So everyone, please seize the opportunity!”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

“If it’s not purple, then it’s a free gift of three Beast Eggs!”

“If it’s purple, then the highest bidder will get it!”

“Are you ready, guys?”

Locke’s enthusiastic words had riled up the crowd below, and the atmosphere had become lively.

Everyone was carrying a bag in their hands, and there were huge amounts of money in them!

Some people were here for a purple-quality battle beast!

Whereas some had borrowed a lot of money all for the sake of earning the 3 million federal coins!

With that…

The auction officially had begun!

“The lowest bid is 8 million! Let us now begin the auction!”

Very quickly, there were people below the stage hiking up the price!

Since it was a bid for a purple quality Battle Beast, the price rose rapidly without any pause.

“12 million federal coins!”

“I bid 15 million federal coins!”

“15.8 million federal coins!”

Gerardo had also joined the fray.

“18 million federal coins!”

In this area, there was not a single person who did not recognize this unlucky rich man!

Seeing Gerardo make a bid, the crowd did not show him any respect and began to raise their bids one after another.

Normally, they would not disobey Gerardo, but this was an auction, and it was also an opportunity to make a fortune, so there was no need to give him any respect.

At the same time, if they did not seize the opportunity, the gap between them and Gerardo would only grow bigger and bigger!

Therefore, no one showed any mercy and bade!

“19 million!”

Gerardo’s price was quickly overtaken.

Gerardo in no hurry. It was still early, and he still had more than enough money.

Instead, he was curious to see if these people had as much wealth as him!

A purple quality Battle Beast was what he wanted the most!

Therefore, he would spare no expense to purchase it.

Before long, the price had reached a terrifying 23 million federal coins.

Moreover, it did not show any signs of slowing down.

“23.5 million!”

“23.8 million!”

However, the increment was becoming smaller and smaller. It seemed that many had reached their limits.

At this moment, Gerardo could not help but make another bid.

“25 million!” Gerardo raised his hand and calmly stated a number!

A wave of gasps could be heard.

This price was extremely high!

If they were to calculate it, a purple quality Battle Beast would be worth around this price.

Without a doubt, Gerardo had bid the right price.

However, this was a battle of attrition. Of course, no one would show mercy.

An old man who was sitting in the corner made a bid, “I bid 26 million!”

Gerardo made another bid as well. “27 million!”

“27.5 million!”

“29 million!”

As expected, Gerardo would not back down. He directly raised the price to 29 million!

This was already beyond the price of a purple quality Battle Beast.

However, the atmosphere was heated. He could not be easily stopped.

On the other side, the bearded man immediately called out the price, “30 million! This is my last bid. If you want to follow, then feel free to do so!”

Upon hearing the bearded man’s bid, everyone in the bar gasped.

There were many factors, however, the main reason was because most were unable to afford that much.

After all, most of the capital that the people brought was money that they had borrowed from others.

This was beyond the limits of many people.

As one of the richest person in the area, Gerardo was not one to squander money on trivial things.

However, this opportunity was too important to him.

In his eyes, the Beast Egg before him was an actual purple Battle Beast!

Therefore, Gerardo did not hesitate.

“33 million!” A faint voice sounded.

Gerardo had made his bid.

Locke looked at the scene in front of him and grinned.

The current situation seemed to have exceeded his expectations!

The price might go even higher.

After all, there were already people in the audience who were planning to cooperate and bid for the Beast Egg!

Those who did not have that enough money were already joining forces.

Then the price would go even higher!

It was a never-ending stream of high bids!

It was exactly what Locke wanted!

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